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Magick and Revolution




Introductory Note

This essay below is found elsewhere and is offered again here as an introduction. The impatient reader may wonder what any of this has to do with revolution. Keep reading. There is much of value to be learned here.



Magick is the carefully directed use of make-believe, among other things, to the end of securing conditions greatly desired.

The use of magickal procedures is best confined to ceremonies honoring important ideals and events, or for the celebration of the seasons. It is usually best to achieve specific goals in life without the use of ritual procedures of any kind unless absolutely necessary. The ethical problems involved in trying to exert influence over other people at a distance are complex and parallel the issues surrounding the use of subliminal messages and surveillance.

Having reconciled beforehand the moral rightness of any working, the actualization of desired change in the external world can be effected within the context of magickal procedures thusly:

1. By ordinary, mundane methods, including all those known to profane science.

2. Through the manipulation of ancient archetypal imagery to inspire one's own subconscious mind to bring about the desired result. The latter day term for watered-down versions of this is "psychodrama."

3. By inspiring the subconscious minds of others, either present or at a physical distance through telepathy, or in the future, utilizing their expected clairvoyant reaction to things enacted now.

4. Directly, at a distance, by telekinesis.

5. By any combination of the above, including total astral projection.

6. By other methods utilized by certain individuals, not necessarily understood even by them, which "might" be working anyway, even accidentally. These also in combination with any other methods.

7. By necromantic processes, which the author must urgently warn against. Case histories abound.

Revolution Magick in this context is simply any or all of the above procedures applied to the goal of massive societal change. Those of Nordic ancestry see the following:



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