Mythology of the North

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The Greatest of All Quests


 Worldwide Liberty 


All educated people of Nordic, or any ancestry, will agree wholeheartedly with what follows.

The Greatest of All Quests is that the evolutionary expression of all living things on Earth flourish unimpeded. The task consists in the eliminating, through education, of all devolutionary forces on Earth. This means the actualization of absolute individual liberty, now lying dormant everywhere.

This is not to suggest that there should ever be one country, or even a confederation of countries. It is preferable that there not be. Separate sovereign Libertarian nations trading in a free world market can be less easily subverted back to collectivism.

The Quest is the eventual triumph of a totally free planet consisting of separate Libertarian republics, time frames here being determined by the degree of understanding and will to liberty of individual peoples throughout the world.

Hail Odin!  Hasten Ragnarok!


Eric Fenris Magnuson 


4:31 PM, November 10, 1995 

The Witch House 

Lake Wildwood, California 


Free Mankind