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YDimmu Borgir.


Metal Heads of the North, Rise!


As founder of the Children of Odin, I call upon people of Nordic ancestry, especially musicians, to find their true heritage in Asatru / Heathen / Pagan affiliations and iconography. Satan is a Hebrew personification and part of Judeo-Christian culture, not ours. The Roman Lucifer has heralded a revolutionary reaction to the hypocrisy and injustice of modern societies, but our destiny demands more. I love the metal bands of Europe, but I'm tired of the blood, death, decay, and misery in the videos. Show me feasts in Valhalla, not all this outland-inspired negativity. It's lonely at the top, but superior spirituality never makes one unhappy.

Imagine a video depicting young Nordic men vanquishing sleazy outlanders who are trying to jive-talk or abduct young Nordic women. Imagine a video showing Nordic people seeing off outlander friends who are returning to their rightful ancestral homelands. Then the outlanders arriving home, embracing their true heritage, and building a new life. Then, years later, the Nordic people visiting their old friends, as tourists. All this with smiles and hope for the future.

Satan has public attention now, but let's show them Yggdrasil, Odin, Thor, Tyr, Baldur, Frey, Freya, Kvasir, and Frigga before Satan becomes cliché and loses inertia. Be proud and rejoice in your Nordic heritage. There is far greater fulfillment in being pro Woden / Wotan / Odin than in being merely anti-Jehovah / Christ. Let us not just walk angrily in the shadow of spirituality from the Middle-East. People of Nordic ancestry everywhere, Rise!

Below are links which clarify our Quest.

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