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People of European Ancestry, Rise!



"Life is harsh. It leaves only one choice, that between victory and defeat, not between war and peace." ~ Oswald Spengler


Workable societies must be based on workable principals. It is natural for people to feel more at ease among those of their own race and ethnicity. In all of history there has never been a multiracial or multicultural society which did not self-destruct because of the unnatural mixing. The globalist bankers, who work for tyranny and monoculture, want everyone to mix so they can lend money to the governments who must deal with the inevitable social problems.
People have the right to grow up among their own racial kinsmen. Racial outlanders are an unjust encroachment upon the liberty of indigenous peoples. Interracial marriage advocates speak about variety, but the breed-up program, in the long term, will obliterate human variety by making all races into one race. Imagine the tedious gray landscape of universal sameness. The globalist bankers want to destroy race and culture because they know that one world government, giving them global finance monopoly, will be more acceptable to people with no racial or ethnic identity.
People of indigenous European ancestry are at present the predominant race in all of continental Europe, the UK, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, but this is changing fast. In most of these places, because of subverted politicians and misguided clergymen, we are being invaded by those of other races, often from Third World countries. The globalists promote this joyfully. They know that parasitic immigrants will support their one world monopoly plans. If we want to survive racially and culturally, then it is well past time for us to stand up and take back what is ours.

After stopping racial influx, there are three ways to deal with displaced people in residence:
1. Mass Relocation
The best method, but sometimes problematical because countries of origin are often reluctant to accept people back because of learned cultural differences or racial impurity.
2. Mass Sterilization
This method causes the least economic upheaval, but the cultural benefits are delayed for a very long time, and there will be vengeful troublemakers in the aftermath.
3. Mass Extermination
Very sad. All people are unique and have potential for excellence over time if allowed to develop at their own rate in their rightful ancestral homelands. If death, in some cases, turns out to be our only solution, then let us do it with chivalry, quickly and cleanly, without causing unnecessary suffering.

This doctrine is an appendage of "Libertarian Nationalist Revolution" linked below
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