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This website is a compilation of resources all of which are based upon evolutionary principles.
"Evolution Family Reader" is elementary, but has links to some of the other sites blow.
"Evolutionary Psychology" is about universal law, evolution, natural selection, transpersonal psychology, health, evolutionary spirituality, revolution. The underlying inspiration of everything else that follows here.
"World Libertarian Revolution" tells about an organization working for world peace through the promotion of absolute individual Liberty everywhere and about how the individual can survive in the meantime.
"Traditional Arcane Teachings"  deals with the Hermetic tradition of  the West. Includes Planets, Zodiac, Alchemy, Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, Elements.

"Mythology of the North" covers Nordic traditions: Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse.

"Arcane Fraternal Orders" explains spiritual progress, two systems of attainment based upon evolutionary principles, and the spirituality of revolution.
Eric F. Magnuson
December 6, 2005