Of Heroic Destiny: The Journal

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Dear Filmmaker

New Screenplay
Of Heroic Destiny
WGA Registration # 1071412

Like to see this as an epic motion picture? Sixty four actors are ready to test. The screenplay is currently only fifty eight pages, but will happily be expanded to feature length when there is appropriate interest. To send a private business letter, visit the Heroic Destiny Productions homepage.


Short Logline:


Epic historical thriller about the rise of Nazi Germany.  A Swedish SS officer opposes Third Reich policy and attempts to change it anonymously from within.


Long Logline:


The life of a Swedish Pagan SS officer who tries to change Nazi policy anonymously. Meticulously accurate. Chronicles the rise of the Third Reich as a sprawling historic epic. Explores the arcane basis of Nazism. Filled with Norse Witches, hip musicians, secret societies, high Nazi officials, Nuremberg Rallies, and free-enterprise historical insights.

Roy C. Peterson
January 3, 2014
9:08 A.M.