The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Sep 1972 - Oct 10 1982

September. See Ravi Shankar with Mike Dowd. He and I are the only ones in our crowd who like sitar music enough to go. I smoke ginseng root before leaving. We are pleased to be in the sixth row at Symphony Hall. Nice crowd of well-dressed people. Lots of professors and mature women. Ravi looks just like Larry Fine of The Three Stooges when he glares at me because he thinks Mike is asleep, actually meditating. Following the great crescendo is a standing ovation with many Huzzahs and Bravissimos like Europe in the time of Mozart.

Fall. Do the Flea Market in Norton.

October 6 NH with Ed. Clark's Trading Post, The Flume, Echo Lake with waves, Franconia Notch, Baboosic Farms. At some point we have a good race with a couple in a white 911, hitting 110 mph.

Oct 11 Ma visits at Eliot Street. After dinner we drive around Dover with Pa, visiting Bretton Road and Miller Hill.

Oct 12 Pa takes Ma out to see the Primrose and the Northbridge House. Eve. Dinner at Chin's Village with Ma and Pa. Cranberry Freeze and Subgum Har Kew.

October. Salem with Pete. Salem Armory. Essex Institute.

October 18. Age 26.

Fall. One night with Pete and Janet, hit 115 mph in 911 threading through traffic on way to see Jim Weigner play drums with his new group at a club in Nashua? Cute girl singer. Average 100 mph all the way back. Ride up in old station wagon through cow pasture to top of high hill in Brookfield with Pa, Hector, and Harry Smith.

November. Do the "Three Days at Plymouth" Thanksgiving Flee Market.

December. Start using Pierre Cardin Cologne. Do Earl Peterson's Flea Market in Attleboro. See Rollie Engstrom and Taylor. West, Bruce, Lang at the Orpheum?


Winter. Visit Salem with Ed. Essex Institute, Salem Witch Museum. Then Gloucester. Hammond Museum. Climb Prospect Hill with Hector. Bob Boutelle shows Pa and I around Royalston on a very cold, sunny day. Deep snow. Flurries. Frozen deer carcass hanging in barn with pile of deer legs beneath. Hector enjoys himself a lot this day. See John Mayhall at the Orpheum.

Spring. Pa buys the Artemus Lee Mansion in Templeton. Twenty six rooms, with a General Store, barn, and carriage house. Total is 220 feet long. There is a slave cellar. The broker, Henshaw is a water witch. His grandfather was excommunicated for helping the Underground Railroad. Ma has zoning problem. Can't build on less than two acres. See Harvey Mandell and Sugar Cane Harris play on the Fenway?

Summer. I spend a good part of the summer reclaiming the gardens in Templeton. In Germany, Pill sees people ski on grass. On the street she has a strange experience. She sees a man who looks like a friend of hers named Milton, an alcoholic radio announcer in the hospital for a minor illness in the U.S. She suddenly comments to Hudson, "I think Milton will die." They later learn that Milton died at precisely that moment.

July. Offer Mrs. Cole $50,000 for the Governor Bullock Mansion in Royalston. She refuses, intending to start the "Royalston Academy." Instead I buy fine old federal house, I call "Ravenhurst" because of all the crows (23).

Beaver Pond Facsimile

There is also a beaver dam and large pond. Begin restoration. I later discover that this house too was part of the Underground Railroad. Friends include John Gurdak, Don Langlois, Joe Wagner, Marie Gangolf, Gene Mustakangas, Ernie Cook and wife, Mike Anderson. Go to Eastham. Visit Rick Bjerrum.

Fall. Visit Templeton Mansion with Ed. See Roy Buchannan, Captain Beefheart, New York Dolls at the Orpheum. 

October. NH with Ed. Franconia Airport. See Black Sabbath at the Music Hall. Visit Teddy Bear Lounge. This evening marks the beginning of the grand period of my involvement with sexy women in Boston. This will last until 1988. Write first of the "Granada County Chronicles" ~ "During the course of this here shit-dig each of these gentlemen is going to be smoking seven or eight cigars..."

October 18. Age 27

November. Visit the Two O'clock Club. See Pink Floyd at the Music Hall. Jethro Tull at Boston Garden.


Winter. Visit Ricky and Charlene in Eastham where Ricky and I observe huge rusty ship frozen in the ice at a great distance. Sell the Templeton house.

March. While Pa is visiting Ma in Florida, Hector seems sad and bored, so I take him for adventure at Lookout Farm as snow is melting. This makes him very frisky. For every mile I cover he covers twenty, sniffing trails and chasing sounds in splendid canine fashion.

May. Have begun to get more serious about many of my values and goals. Childhood is long past. I have outgrown socializing with aimless people. Ten years ago I resolved that it's not my job to be the conscripted fencing partner for anybody's ongoing transference reaction. Itt's not only wearisome, but a very poor use of time. There are far bigger fish to fry. Destiny beckons. While performing a timely and significant fire ritual, using a three foot metal brazier on the back terrace at Eliot Street, Billy Raferty comes racing out of his house and gestures jokingly with his garden hose and then, thankfully, goes about his business. Just as the flames flicker out, the sky suddenly grows intensely black in a way that I have never seen before or since, even in movies. A very impressive omen, no doubt, of much to come.

The Silver Years

Summer. Shack up with Karen for a couple of days on two occasions. Finally read The Satanic Bible (24) at Quabbin Gateway evenings while working on house. Cute girl Terry Cook is the owner's daughter. Hit 90 passing a 442 after loosing off-the-line at a traffic light. Coming down into Chestnut Hill, I let them pass me. Humorous guy riding shotgun leans out flashing wallet and yells, "State Police, Pull over!" See Bob Johnson perform at Cambridge Common. Talk with him in the roped-off area where I always sit. See blues man, James Montgomery several times. Talk with him on one occasion. Also see George Thoroughgood, who becomes my role model for playing bottleneck in open E-chord tuning (25). Think of asking him to give me lessons, but am living too far away. Ma has a fire get away from her in the yard. Fire trucks come. Win race from 60 to 90 mph on Route 9 with a red De Thomaso Pantera.

October. Become briefly enamored of Alexis DuBruell, but she is engaged. A few months later her father tells me she broke up with her fiancee and joined the Womens Army Corps.

October 18. Age 28.

Fall. Beat a Corvette hitting 115 mph on Route 9. Boston Museum of Science?

November. Full day with a very wicked naked woman named Beth McClelland. Witch name is Zabeth (From Elizabeth, remove the masculine component, Eli, and what remains is the pure feminine essence, Zabeth, Queen of Witches). With good reason I name her the Fire Witch. One of the most desirable women I have ever seen ~ slim, voluptuous and firm, with long legs, very white skin, auburn hair, bright green eyes. Also very unpredictable and cruel. After this first time I try to tell myself "never again" but remain her unquestioning slave until 1993. Only one of many, I am sure.

December. Stop seeing Debby Benoint because Beth demands celibacy (one sided). Relationship with Debby is rocky anyway, but why I agree to this I will never understand. Decide in future not to tell Beth about other women. Move into Ravenhurst. Lose 25 pounds in three months, eating cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.


Winter. Go out with Raven. She has the flu. Go out with Stacia. Begin a year wherein I am dazzled by the glamorous women on La Grange Street. Beautiful ladies in long fur coats. Cadillacs everywhere. Interesting girls on the scene include Cricket, Lolita, Rice. Good Sanatra music while watching large snowflakes outside the window with Donna in the dark paneled 663 Club. 

Prime rib at Jacob Wirth's, a restaurant unchanged since the 1860s featuring fine beer and German food. Popularly known as Jake's. Hildegarde, a blonde stripper from Germany, sneaks up behind me, hugs me around the neck, and smothers me with kisses all over my face. She calls me "Leipshin." [Jerome's, at 666 Washington Street and later called the Naked Eye Cabaret, becomes the mainstay of my social life until I resume skiing in 1988. During this period I spend $15,000 in this one club. I get to know almost all of the really beautiful dancers. I always have one girl with whom I cultivate a brother-sister relationship to keep me informed about the girls who interest me romantically. I actually date very few strippers. I bed even fewer, because they almost always want money. Thankfully there are other women I see in Boston.] Chap at party tells me how he slit head open of guy who raped his girlfriend.

April. Scratch my eye on Forsythia bush working outside. Cheap sadistic nurse on graveyard at Athol Memorial refuses treatment. Next morning drive to special eye clinic in Turners Falls. 

Spring. Pa buys sixteen room brick federal house in Uxbridge. I advise against this. Start buying mega vitamins from my friend George Lindsay (26).Begin dating beautiful blonde Mickey Woods, "the Skinny Witch of my Heart." Although I seek to avoid entanglements with these big-city women, going out more than once with certain special ones leads me to love. It takes me many years to learn not to do this, as my romantic feelings for Venus and Katy will show ahead. See Kiss with Journey, both on first tour, at the Orpheum. See also Lynard Skynard with Golden Ear Ring.  Keep up easily to Corvette hitting 90 mph across top of dam in Royalston.

Summer. Ma and Nickie apparently share a dream. Ma dreams that a kid on a scooter bike kicks Nickie in the mush. Nickie is yelping in his own dream as Ma awakens. Later the kid's father calls up to complain about Nickie chasing the kid on his scooter bike. Ma notices that Nickie has a mate, like him but with white fur on her chest. When mate comes to visit, she scratches on the screen door. One time Ma has Nickie tied to her wrist. Boat goes by and he pulls her almost into the river. Hudson visits Yale for 50th Class Reunion and has a heart attack the next day. Pill stays at Ho Jo's for a month while he recovers.

July. Boston. Interesting incident with voluptuous stripper walking up La Grange Street in a sheer black negligee. Talk with Stacia, who got beaten up a day or two earlier. I am flattered by the way that she brags to the other girls about our having gone out. This is a woman who was married to one of the Devil's Deciples and once had sex with forty seven men in one day in Los Angeles. In Natick the world's finest animal, Hector, goes through transition after living approximately 112 dog years.

August. Date beautiful 6'1" redhead, Lisa from Los Angeles. Looks like 1930s movie star in slinky blue dress and white high heels. Walking with her on my arm up Washington street, little colored boys yelling, "Hey, Mamma! How tall are you?" Much too good looking for an old hound dog like me, but I don't mind. We go to her place in Brookline.

October. Climb Mt. Monadnock with Pete and Valerie. Using Puma White Hunter as a field athame, silently proclaim my Magickal Dominion over lands to the South.

October 18. Age 29.

"One who farms out most of his spiritual activity to a clergyman can be likened to the man who would hire someone else to romance his wife. There are simply some things that one should do for himself. Spiritual activity is probably the most important of these. The man who does not perform independently in this regard is a spiritual gutter crawler. He who strives towards a transcendental ideal will achieve things intellectually and spiritually as much beyond the average as the average is beyond the baboons" invites Dirk the Sun Warrior, one outspoken Freethinker of the New Aeon.

Samhain Eve. Perform first formal Magickal Ritual of Lust, for Mickey Woods.

Ne~ 0 OYN

November. Mickey takes me to the Nile Restaurant. In the back room, the prefigured lust is actualized. Large auction of Neolithic American artifacts at the Fitchburg Planetarium. Feel good when I overhear Pa bragging to the young host that I organized the whole thing myself. Actually the auctioneer helped me considerably, but I did all the cataloguing. On the way to Cambridge with Egyptian tablet, visit with Mickey in the 911 out front of Good Time Charley's, the notorious bar on La Grange Street. Cops drive up and park right behind us.

December. Boston. Visit Pete and Valerie for the last time. Reach the point where I have grown disenchanted with planned social life in general. I find all such activity, no matter with whom, to be nihilistic and tedious. This does not, of course, pertain to lady friends or the spontaneous, often informative, conversation that arises with nice people everywhere in the normal course of business, shopping and travel.


January. At the Four Leaf Window in New Salem, north of the Quabbin Reservoir, talk with James Montgomery again. Meet various pretty women. One night talk with drummer of the Boomtown Rats [The singer is Bob Geldoff - Live Aids Concert years later]. Talk with singer for Iron Butterfly. That night the wind chill factor is 57 degrees below zero. Luckily I get a ride from New Salem with Terry Cook and the Iron Butterfly guys, to Quabbin Gateway at 3:00 AM. Without this ride and two others I would have frozen to death. Thank you, Gentlemen. [Only later when I see TV show about the Butterfly do I remember image of the tall guy sitting in the middle in the front seat. He's the one who, after critiqing the government, disappeared and was found as a skeleton two years later in a ravine in California].

February. Get Vega GT deluxe wagon in trade for cash and the 911. Pa writes sarcastically to me about it from Florida, "Welcome to the Chevy family of cars."

April. Boston.

May. Nickie goes through transition. Ma's problem relative to zoning comes to an end with a variance. In trying to sell one of her lots there arise new problems: a real estate broker lies, telling everybody that she still cannot build on the lot, people dump tree trimmings on her property, people twist her "Lot For Sale" sign around backwards. Hereabouts also in Florida, a minister's son deliberately slaughters a white German Shepherd in his car. After a jail term, the kid heads up a group guidance therapy program. Also a guy who drags a bull to death behind his truck gets only a $50 fine. Senator Hudson Sours goes through transition.

August. Boston.

September. Begin selling Tiffany type leaded shades out of my car. [This turns out to be one of the most enjoyable occupations I have ever engaged in. Unfortunately I am being undersold $100 per unit by a guy who has people making his product. When I drop the price just to sell them out, I sell five in three stops].

October. Enjoy foliage while peddling shades in Worcester area.

October 18. Age 30.

October 20. Beth visits from Salem with beautiful raven-haired Rachel. This is preceded by one month mandatory celibacy for me. This episode marks an important turning point. I admire these beauties who know themselves so well psychologically and who enjoy sex just for its own sake. So superior to the cheap women I have dated who try to use sex as a way to trap a husband while hiding behind all the prudish moralizing which accompanies their hypocrisy and shame. Witches like these are as much above the average woman intellectually and spiritually as humans are above chimpanzees.

October 29 Do photos of myself as Magician.

November. Run into Pete while visiting Rick Bjerrum, now Pa's upstairs tenant, when I go to Eliot Street to do my laundry.

December. Buy The Annotated Dracula. [Begins three years of book buying].


January. Peddle Tiffany in Brattleboro the day after a blizzard. Finally join the Rosicrucian Order. Begin a balanced program of general study. Begin reading from Man, Myth, and Magic. At last I finish reading The Lord of the Rings.

Hereabouts buy and begin reading The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe. Begin reading Magick in Theory and Practice. Also the Carlos Castaneda books and the Sherlock Holmes Stories.

February 22. Portal 1 R+C.

c. May. Nickie's family visits Ma's house. That is to say, one day three dogs just like Nickie show up in the yard.

Spring. Pa buys saltbox house in Uxbridge. Read Nana.

Hereabouts begin using "star position" as a Yoga exercise and the charging of apple cider vinegar and honey elixir with abdominal Chakra on Full Moon nights.


Ne~ 1 OYN

June 25. Portal 2 R+C.

Summer. Get Real Estate Brokers License. See amazing collection of Halloween stuff owned by Gary Moise. Begin reading The Captains and the Kings. Antique dealer Foster from Pennsylvania proves to be very loud and self-important.

August Begin reading Sepher Yetzirah.

September. Meet John Delaney and Bill Taylor. Thumb over to Greenfield in the rain to pick up new gold Scirocco with orangey brown interior. Nice car except for over-steer. Boston. Shop for clothes. Visit huge flee market at Brimfield.

October 18. Age 31.

October 30. Beth visits with two other Witches. This also preceded by a month of celibacy for me. Lunch served by me. Stark and solemn precession on the Elvin Road. I am naked. The 18 year old blonde Britt with her smooth ultra white skin is naked walking ahead of me swishing her exquisite shapely buttocks unmercifully to tease me. She looks back occasionally with a deliciously wicked smile. Beth and Rachel are robed in blue-green. Naked activity in the pine grove. Eve. Dinner. Fire ritual with many hours of naked activity. Hearty breakfast next morning. They leave c. Noon. I am exhausted and rest for two days. I later came to think of this episode affectionately as the HBTT Working ~ Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble ~ because of the Three Witches involved. [Years later when the movie "Witches of Eastwick" comes out I am reminded of this, especially by the hair colors involved, which I requested of Beth. Perhaps there is some ancient precedent here which I am merely fulfilling].
(XXX Rated- I swallow so much pussy juice on this occasion that I can identify nuances of all Three Witches in my perspiration the next day. Episode keeps me singing happily to myself for three weeks despite bad residual soreness). Atrium 2 CW.

November 1. Portal 3 R+C.

November 21 Fly down to see Ma for four days. She is very tan. House is small but nice. Location on river is awesome. Wind whips water into little white caps. Blue herons nesting in trees. We drive out to Indian Town. Population belt goes out much further now. Thanksgiving turkey dinner in Palm Beach after driving all over Hypoluxo, which looks pretty much the same.


January 2 Britt calls. We talk a long time. I visit her in Salem for three days. Dinner at Lobster Shanty. Incident with Werebear.

Winter. Begin building personal library. Start work on Scroll A.

Somewhere hereabouts begin reading 777.

February. At the Two O'clock Club meet Lovely Linda, one of the most desirable women I have ever known. Like a more smoldering and wicked version of Susan Lucci. Her boyfriend is a mobster. While I am waiting for her, I buy a drink for Melanie, former Miss Nude World, who the Harvard Crimson has voted one of the five most desirable women in the world (27). I like Linda much better. I name her the "Tiny Dainty Linda-Bear." Favorites this season also include the very passionate Angel and the mysterious Vanessa Blake (28) who I call "Nessa the Honey Witch". When she goes shopping she wears sunglasses and a big hat like a movie star, so nobody will recognize her. Two day power failure sees me reading Emile De Givry by candle light, getting my water from the stream, sleeping on the kitchen hearth, and pruning my apple trees whose tops are accessible only now because they are bowed over with snow and ice. Coming back to house with long handled saw seems like a terrible trek on a frozen planet Mars. The darkness and cold in Royalston has me begin to look into Oregon and other areas as alternative places to live. Begin to unlock the mysteries of Alchemy.

February 21. First Degree R+C.

March 10. Try physical clairvoyance.

March. Britt visits for three days

June 9. 10:00 PM. Second Degree R+C.

Summer. Read Peyton Place. Meet John Walton and Mr. Budrose. Meet the lovely Kate Deegan.

September 18. Third Degree R+C. Read Lavender Green Magic.

September. See Kiss at Springfield Civic Center. First pyrotechnics.

Fall. Read The Well and the Unicorn. At a night club owned by a friend, Pill has a song that Ned wrote for Effie played on the organ and recorded (29).

October 15. Start writing the Journal which here follows.

October 16. Joyce Mathews becomes my special "tawny ole Cheshire Cat".

October 18. Age 32.

Fall. Ma sees George Bush at the supermarket.


Adventures of E. F. Mannuson

Part II


What now follows is the personal journal begun October 15, 1978. This has been severely edited to remove truly boring or incomprehensible material, thus rendering what remains a manageable book of medium length. Terminology has sometimes been simplified for the average reader. Original commentary is in (parenthesis). Commentary added later will appear in [brackets].


"Westerners need not seek so far to the East for their spirituality nor aid and abet missionary monoculture. Nobody should adhere to a tradition which has clearly failed. Religions based upon false values and unnatural principles are not worth following. The vile dispiriting nihilism of wandering internationalists is a poor substitute for the spiritual integrity of being rooted in one's own ancestral tradition. In the West there are many fine natural religions being reborn. These represent diverse ethnicity. One must seek, however. They will not come to you."

Oct 15 Write Ritual of Consecration. Consecrate Ritual Dagger.

Ne~ 2 OYN

Initiation as Gesith in Seax Wicca.

Atrium 2 CO.

Oct 16 Boston. Roast beef at Jake's and two beers. Meet blonde in Pizza place. One beer at 776 where I see Donna with some guy. Cruise. See Donna leaving 776. Go to see Vanessa for last time [I think], one beer. Go back and run into dainty lovely Linda and give her a kiss. Meet little brunette Cathy. Go up to room with her. Another couple render situation problematical. Bow out. Run into blonde Kathy, go out- nice date.

Oct 28 Britt and Rachel visits for two days with stylish 18 year old Gretchen Van Roon who enflames me immediately. Samhain Ritual.

November Enter the world of Ars Metallica. Study Benvenuto Cellini on the art of metal casting to prepare myself for dealing with the bosses of sweat shops in Providence relative to the casting of my line of Pyramid of Cheops paperweights.

Nov 17 Boston. Go to see Vanessa - not working. Meet Susan and Sandy McQueen, talk briefly with Jane. Buy several drinks for Linda. Pinch Linda.

Nov 27

4 = 7 R+C

Dec 1 Railroad Lounge, a local club featuring good quality rock groups - "Fifth Wheel." Watch drinks for Kate Deegan.

Dec 6 Returning from Providence, go to Boston. Meet Goddess while having roast beef at Jake's. See Linda dance. See Joyce [Mathews] dance. Talk with Joyce - very nice girl.

Dec 8 Form Ravenhurst Company.

Dec 19 Boston. Roast beef at Jake's. Goddess praises me. Neither Joyce, Nessa, or Linda working. Meet Gina and Jasmine.

Dec 29 Railroad Lounge - "Precious Metal." Dainty Debbie [Goslin]. Laurie working as bartender.


Begin reading The Silmarillion.

Jan 10 Boston. Rib at Jake's. Meet girl from Westford. Go to Good Time Charley's. Ellen makes big fuss as I walk in. 776 closed. Meet blonde who speaks of the "Bourgeois". Mousetrap closed. Meet Jennifer from Nashua. Talk with blonde, who I met some time ago in pizza - "stick with strippers." In Jerome's, crazy girl [Venus] acts like cat.

Imbolic. Formal adoption of chivalry.

Ne~ 3 OYN

Feb 2 Boston. Raw rib at Jake's. Meet Liza. Mousetrap open but Nessa working in Revere. Susan at Picadilly. I check, but can't find her. Then I meet Maria (Face of the Moon). End evening with Venus.

Mar 1 Boston. Rib at Jake's. Maria is busy, but keeps talking to me in passing. Meet Trish. Get into conversatiom with girl at Jake's. Drink with Liza all evening (Champagne $130). This expenditure is noteworthy since I am $200 away from being flat broke. She tells me Joyce has left. Go to Charley's for last call.

Mar 19 Accident. Providence. Boston. Have shrimp at Four Seas. Drink with Jasmine. While drinking with Venus (in pigtails) Jasmine reprimands me. Drive to Revere to see Linda. Can't find Nessa. Meet blonde from NY at Charley's.

Mar 30 See girl at Jake's. Have shrimp at China Pearl. Meet martial artist in Chinatown. See "Dracula" at the Baystate, where Ma saw Duke Ellington c 1936. Find out Liza has retired. See Donna dance. Drink with Venus. Steal one with Trish while Venus dances. More with Venus. Meet Dorrie. More Venus. Charley's. More Venus. Run into Ed Zalesky and a friend of his. Pizza pie. Head home at 4:00 AM.

Apr 19 Receive thank you letter from Ralph Lewis, Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, for a gold plated pyramid paperweight I sent as a gift.

May 5 Sit eating lunch looking east on top of Tully Mountain. K+C of HGA.

Ne~ 4 OYN

At bottom of Tully Mountain, talk with land owner. He has little dog who looks like an Arctic fox and who loves me very much.

May 8. Boston. Dinner at China Pearl. Ask Jasmine on back stage for a drink afterwards. In interim, Joyce reappears. I find out that Liza is only on vacation. I have Jasmine wait and she is mad. Drink with Joyce. Drink with Jasmine. Venus shows up. Tells Jasmine I'm a "pimp" and "easy". Drink with Joyce all evening ($148.00) except to go over to Charley's. During this Venus shows up again and I talk to Dorrie and Trish.

May Railroad Lounge. Meet angry barmaid and friend Rosie.

June 2 Receive letter from Frater Buletza on the subject of holographic brain scans. Wrote to him with idea about how to photograph brain wave patterns holographically. He replies telling me that researchers have been working on this very method for almost two years already.

Midsummer. Consecrate Wand.

June 27 Boston. See Nancy at Jake's. Dinner at China Pearl. Feel bad all evening. Talk to Maria, who doesn't "want to go on" stage. Meet Marie. Run into Kathy from Tampa. At Charley's sit with gap-toothed sanguine girl, see Farah-type girl but feel too sick. See Marie dance.

July 25 Boston. Eat at Jake's. Kiss Dorrie who seems friendly. Find out Joyce has quit. Pork strips later. Meet nice barmaid Debbie.

Aug 28 Providence. Boston. Shrimp at China Pearl. Find out Joyce is making costumes, Maria has quit, Venus has quit because she doesn't like the people. Drink with Trish. Drink with Jasmine and agree to be her slave sexually. Run into loud blonde at Charley's and brunette with nice teats. Place hands on Debbie's hips while Jasmine razzes me from the sidelines.

Sep 21 RR Lounge. See angry barmaid. Friend Rosie wearing teasingly tight jeans.

Sep 26 Rachel visits for three days.

October Visit White Mountains in Schirocco. Too foggy. Sell Schirocco at a loss quick to get food money. Buy 1973 Dodge Charger.

Nov 2 RR Lounge. Meet girl in green sweater. Tell Rosie how sexy she is. Angry barmaid gets me a drink. Meet Jamie, a groupie. See brunette with glasses - gives bad tease. Try with another brunette, also with glasses. Try with "young elite".

Nov 9 Boston. Rib at Jake's. Meet redhead. Drink with Dorrie. Meet Tammy Her face is exactly like actress Jane Seymour, body more zaftig. Meet Gina. Drink again with Dorrie. Become persona non grata via angry bar maid [Clear this up with boss later]. See how the other half lives ~ visit peep shows and stores. Talking with blond in Charger, accidently lock bumpers with Chevy.

Dec 8

Adeptus Exemptus 7 = 4 R+C

Dec 21 RR Lounge. Meet Susan.


Jan 4 Burlington. New England Aquarium. See lobsters with rare pigmentation, huge trout feeding on crayfish.

Beacon Hill

Hancock Tower. Beacon Hill houses look like little match boxes. Run into Joyce. Rib at Jake's. Drink with Maria for last time. Drink with Joyce - give her my card. Drink with Dorrie who says she will go out later if she gets a call. Finally buy a drink for Ginger who gets me very horny. Fight off whores at Charley's like last time. See Gina. Find out from Debbie that Tammy quit. Get horny seeing Melanie dance. Joyce tells me Liza had operation and is not in school. China Pearl.

[Winter (30).Go international and begin working on large commercial -industrial real estate deals. Within a few months my listings total $3 Billion. I have about 1/3 each from owners, brokers, and attorneys. Many listings are from Mitchell Realty in the Empire State Building. Ed Mitchell is 82 years old and a self-made multi-millionaire. He dealt with "young Vanderbilt" in the 1920s, and in the 1970s flew with the Hunt Brothers aboard their personal jet. Ed introduces me to A. J. Kaplan from New Jersey, who also sends me many good properties. By Autumn my average listing is $15 million. This does not include oil refineries (Barbados, Canada, Mexico, Rotterdam, Virgin Islands) which would skew the average too much. Many are calling me, but nobody is buying anything because of high interest rates (18% at peak). Like sitting on a gold mine with no shovel. Before circumstances persuade me to stop initiating new deals in Spring 1981, I have a lot of excitement, fun, and a few close calls. Some deals drag on well into 1982. Most of the cover sheets for these are still in my old green file cabinet. A few examples here. Sequence is approximate from memory:

Two Oil Refineries from H. Gertz in Palm Springs. One owned by him at $60 million and one he is brokering at $600 million. I combine them onto one spec-sheet with my letterhead. Make the mistake of sending it to a broker I don't know very well. Three months later sheet comes back to me with another brokers name on it. When I call him, there are so many brokers in between that he can't even trace the deal back to me.

Land in Panama. 20,000 acres with 20 miles of ocean frontage. This also from Gertz. Listings and commission offerings he sends are signed by him, but photocopies. Richard Myco from NH has a customer. We are all set to fly down to Panama, but Gertz refuses to give me an original signature. Myco walks from the deal and his customer with him. I warn everyone about Gertz for the next few months. Myco won't even talk to me he's so disappointed.

Skyscraper First Avenue NYC. Owned by the Shah of Iran. Price $125 million. I have this one from Ed Mitchell. Hear on television that Shah's assets are frozen by the U. S. Government. I call Ed. He says to keep sending it anyway, because it's under contract and the buyers have the legal right to pull out any time they want. It would then be available for any buyer I procure in the interim.

Apartment Complex Fort Wayne Indiana. Listed at $9 million. Receive written offer. Call up, but property has been sold two weeks earlier.

Finance Deals. Good sources for huge loans. One day I have just sat down to a hot meal at my kitchen table. Broker calls wanting $50 million for the Mexican Government. I tell him that they have a reputation for defaulting. He says that it can be somehow guaranteed. I want to eat, so I ask him to please call back later. He says maybe he will, but does not.

Morgan Guarantee Trust Company Building at 37 Wall Street. Prestigious listing, but lousy deal.

Whacker Building Chicago. This one from George Gewanter in NYC. Owner asking $38 million. I get deluged with calls, but too late. This is a very good offering which George sells within two weeks.

Harbor Plaza Boston. Listing from Joe Gerosa. Prospect calls offering $19 million. I tell him owners will never accept this. He says to convey the offer anyway or he will do it without me. I call up. Property sold for $28 million two days earlier.

Shrewsbury Gardens Massachusetts. 180 unit apartment complex. Carl Braun sends me this. Listed with 6% commission. Large REIT approaches me saying they have to dump $100 million into properties by the end of the year to qualify for a big tax reduction. They cannot buy property in this price range, however, when any commission is over 1%. Braun will not settle for less than 6%. REIT suggests I go around Braun because he has only an oral non-exclusive agreement with the seller. They offer me $20,000 to broker it, working directly with them and the owner, Ranaan Katz. As a matter of honor I refuse, even though I need the money desperately. Two weeks later I find another buyer all set to purchase even with the 6% commission. I call Braun, but the very temperamental Mr. Katz, has taken the property off the market.

Crude oil deals. On one occasion after rendering myself the procuring cause on a huge transaction (Two spot deals and a five year contract. My commission would be $9.73 million) I am threatened by the other broker to back off, because I'm not registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (oil is a security?). I call the SEC and talk with an attorney, who explains it all. I didn't know about the regulation. It was not my intention to do anything illegal. Because the registration fee is too high, I decide not to work on oil deals any more. My Arab source, Dr. Mohammed Ghani was checked out recently by an oil-man associate of mine from California and is legitimate. He's small, but gets three contracts a year from Petromin. I call Ghani and tell him what happened, but advise that he can still deal with me by supplying oil contracts to enhance my refinery deals and keep the entire oil commission for himself. I'll still get paid legally on the real estate end. A little while after this an associate from Georgia informs me that the clicking we hear means that my phone is tapped. He knows that it's not at his end, because his phone was tapped recently, and he took care of it. I know he's right because I've been hearing this sound for quite awhile now every time I use the phone. Eventually it stops. Was this my Uncle Sam?

Oil Refinery in Canada. Bankrupt. Price $850 million. I have three possible buyers. Trustee in Chicago returns my call. Says he already has a sales agreement, but wants back-up. Agrees to all my terms including Loehmann Formula commission starting at 6%, and will get back to me if deal doesn't go through. Unfortunately for me, it does.

Humorous publisher writes an ad for a guy who sends me listings from Texas: "J. R. Ewing, move over! B. K. Pinson has office buildings for sale in Dallas".

Hartford. High-rise office building clad with gold mirror. When I go to see it I am so delighted and proud to be involved with such a thing. It looks just like a beautiful cut and polished gem.

Deal involving "5 metric tons" of gold. Supposed to be transferred from a German bank when I produce a buyer who will put money down in a Swiss Bank. Somebody else brokers it ahead of me. Deal turns out to be a scam based on phony seller somehow getting the interest on the buyers down payment sitting briefly in the Swiss Bank. The gold exists only on paper.

Twin Towers Albany NY. Co-broking agent with buyer is going to pick me up on the way out. Doesn't show up. Property sells immediately. Talk to owner's attorney who sympathizes, but cannot reveal anything about buyer or procuring broker. This deal marks the beginning of my realization that it is very difficult to get paid in these situations without having exclusive-right-to-sell agency].

Mar 10 Sell silver in Winchendon. Call Handy and Harmann early. Silver has plummeted. Get to buyer apparently before he finds out because he wants to give me yesterday's price. I do not argue. Small transaction, but 1200% profit. Boston Museum of Science. Rib at Jake's. Put down guy with smelly cigar. One drink with Ginger. Celebrate with Joyce all evening outback. Really notice Renee for first time. China Pearl.

Hereabouts write Granada County II - "We gonna dress you out like an old sow hog tonight, giblets and all..."

March Letters to mistresses.

Mar 28 Dinner at Mac Donald's. Joyce comes over. Kick clown out my way when Joyce is dancing. See Anita and girl with very shapely hips, each for the first time. See Dorrie in Devil suit. Drink with Melanie. Shoot Ginger down.

Apr 29

7 = 4 Confessio R+C

Telephone conversation with Joyce..

May 2

8 = 3 R+C

May 29+30th Boston. Visit Radical Libertarian meeting on the Commen. Meet Dirk and Heidi Lokison. They join me for rib at Jake's. We speak of many things and agree to meet again in future. Sailors everywhere. Aircraft Carrier JFK in port for Tall Ships Parade of Sail. Talk with Joyce early. Melanie says Hello. Talk with Dorrie twice. She is very busy with officers. At one point on stage she is wearing a captain's hat. Just like something in a WWII movie. Talk with Joyce. Sleep in car in Underground Garage. Demons from exhaust fumes haunt my sleep. Walking out into the clean morning air of Boston Common is one of the nicest things I have ever experienced. Breakfast at Mug n' Muffin. See Tall Ships mostly just masts above all the heads blocking my view, etc. Talk twice more with Joyce.

Around this time Ma sells the lot to the South of her house.

July Conception of Grand Ritual of Purpose.

Aug 11 Bibliomancy - "Love" but forget Joyce.

Sep 3 Tarot divination.

September Monique calls collect. Explore Doane's Falls area. Temporarily stop R+C attainment at 8 Monograph 18, because of money.

Sep 25 Broken tooth for Leroy. Hear John Bonham died. Loud Beatle group at Natick Mall. Boston. 776 reopened. Inquire about Linda. See Donna, now fat. See Donna again in 776. Finally seems interested now that I'm not. Debbie tells me Maria got married, Joyce in Frisco for two months. Meet Crystal. Meet Rotter. Rib at Jake's. Meet whore on way for comb. Swiss girl is back as barmaid. See Erica first time. Talk with Jasmine. Talk with Linda (now Rachel), and when she acts cold with me tell her to "beat it!" Actually cazy about Linda. Just trying to hide the hurt I feel by acting tough. Go to Charley's and talk with small dark angry girl. Go out with Cindy. Small dark angry girl comes into room as we are leaving.

Oct 3 Tarot Divination.

Oct 4 First date recorded of work on Scroll E.

Oct 6 Britt visits for three days.

Oct 27 Begin Scroll T.

Samhain Lust Ritual for Venus.

Nov 10 Work on Three Scrolls.

Nov 22 Discontinue same because I need books.

Nov 22 Call Monique.

Nov 26 Visit New London Connecticut (30). Buyer, Alan Lane, wants New London Mills for a seafood processing plant. Show this with Peter VanStrumm of H. Pierce Company. 400,000 square feet with rail on Long Island Sound. On the way down I hear that Russia invaded Poland this morning. It's very cold when I arrive early and walk around this huge complex. All brick with high grass and windswept cattails along choppy dark green salt water. Inside, the morning sun is streaming in through the tall 19th century windows. Massive boiler face looks like the front of a steam locomotive painted gold, only twice as big. Peter and Alan look like two dwarves standing next to a huge alchemist furnace. Owners representative, Mr. Eiwens, has flown in from Belgium and later meets with Peter and I at the Hartford Hilton. On a beautiful warm day about two weeks later, Peter, Alan, and I meet with bankers in Hartford. You can see the Connecticut State House through the office window. This deal would mean a big commission for me, a free office at New London Mills, and approximately $200,000 a year for procuring seafood contracts (4% of gross sales estimated to be $5 million annually). In the interim I have lined up three prospective sources: Salmon from Alaska, shrimp from he Philippines, and a request from a consortium in India for cheap seafood to help Bangladesh. Alan can't get the financing. Try a cheaper place in Plaistow NH owned by Rudolph Gudrieau. Rudy comes down to Royalston with his cute girlfriend and we sign an agreement set up like a co-broke, since he is licensed in New Hampshire and I am not. As the deal progresses, it comes to light that the price of the facility is exactly equal to the indebtedness, leaving nothing for commission. Rudy has been sent to alimony jail 60 times and is a very hard man to reason with. Deal falls through. Next I try to get Alan into Naumkeag, a large old brick facility in Manchester. Just as we're beginning to make some progress, Alan begins to act hostile and impatient with the owners. I explain to him that all this isn't about who has the most balls. We are only trying to make money. He agrees, but too easily, so I really lecture him to emphasize the importance of being genteel. I explain that the owners of these places have been rich a long time and simply laugh at fleglings who act like Al Capone. He agrees. Next we try Cadrin Mills in Blackstone Massachusetts. Really too far from the ocean, but Alan insists. Anti-Nordic Jewish attorney Arthur Lipmann wants me off the deal the minute he hears my Swedish name. I call his office more than once. The secretary tells me he's busy one time too many. I tell her to put him on the phone or I'll come to Boston and kick down his office door and walk in. She puts him on. I confront him with his bigotry. When the smoke clears, I'm still in the deal, but will work only with Lane and Joyce at Blackstone New England Corporation who sent me the listing. That's OK with me. Deal drags on and on. At one point I have an interesting talk with Alan's mother-in-law and ask her if Alan has any history of sabotaging himself at the last minute on big business deals. She says yes, he has been doing it for years. It turns out that Alan has falsified financial statements. Lipmann and his financier are going along with this knowingly. Alan is so charismatic that any of us would follow him to Hell and back. He simply gives you the feeling that if you stick with him, you will get rich. The financier is even going to lend Alan money to buy a suit to wear at meetings. I begin to see the whole thing turning into a conspiracy to defraud lenders and decide to get out of the deal. Lane owes money to angry people from NYC who have been calling Blackstone. Three months later I call around to see what happened. Joyce tells me that one day Lane simply disappeared with his wife and her mother. She does not suspect foul play, only flight to avoid creditors. How different life would have been if this deal had gone through.

Dec 4 Call Monique.

Dec 5 Hear Led Zeppelin broke up. Boston. Debbie tells me she never heard of Rachel. Rib at Jake's. Girl resembling Linda waiting as usual. Say Hi to Dorrie who doesn't know me at first, I have gone from lion's mane back to surfer style haircut. Joyce comes over - "you just love doing this to me". At 66 meet witchy blonde with smooth hands. Talk to a very emaciated, gift-seeking Venus. The lust ritual worked, however. Call Monique four times from pay phones. See Venus dance. "Amusing" fatso hassles me while Venus drinks with greaser. See blonde named Liza dance. Talk to Melanie "Red Riding Hood". See Erica dance. See Gina dance, request drink after, she flashes teats at me and goes to drink with another. See Anita dance with same end result. Apparently some intigue here of which I am unaware.

Dec 6 Monique calls wondering.

Dec Court action in Orange over commission split on restaurant sale. Win the case and outside the courthouse feel good to receive hearty congratulations from Gerry Godin, probably the most the successful broker in the area.

Dec 16 Consecrate Firecandle, Chalice, Bell.


Begin reading Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Mar 20 Boston. Buy Doomsday Books about nuclear war survival. Rib at Jake's. Find out Venus quit dancing for art school in New York. Meet Lady Dawn. Monique too tired. Return and drink with Lady Dawn. Abalone at China Pearl. See nymph wearing white panties edged with red (Sarah H) [Could this be Sarah Hitchings?] and Samantha. Meet Romana who escaped from Romania via Switzerland to England. I assure her that we will protect her.

Mar 29 Karen DuBoyce calls. We talk 4 hours.

April Karen calls again.

April 22 Resume work on Scroll T.

May Meet Wendy at Depot, actually the Railroad Lounge. Patty too.

May 15 Karen calls.

May 29 See doctor. X-ray. Talk with Tonie at Theosophical Society. Dirk Lokison and I discuss Libertarian revolution over rib at Jake's. Champagne with Romana. Dorrie joins us. Find out from Loraine that Liza is back. Meet Cathy with dead looking eyes. We almost go out. Back to see the now visibly befreckled and angry Romana.

June Devastation of Gypsy Moths. You can hear them munching. They eat every leaf and needle off every tree in the area. I go for walk. It is like Winter, but hot, with the sun higher in the sky. Most trees recover.

June Comprehension of evolutionary dualism

Ne~ 5 OYN

June 13 X-ray results show that I have emphysema. "Island" at Depot. Talk to Wendy and Patty.

June 30 Work on Scroll E.

July 2 Work on Scrolls A+T.

July 18 Beer at Cinnamon's. Ask Darlene out. Sit down back with Maureen. Talk to Wendy early at Depot.

July 31 Depot.

Aug 15 Depot.

Aug 16 12:50 PM Finish main work on the Three Scrolls.

Aug 25 at 8:20 PM finish Esbat celebrating commencement of Ars Magna

Ne~ 6 OYN

The Golden Years

Sep 11 Depot, Hanger 1, Rusty Nail in Sunderland. Meet girl at Rahar's, Sheehan's.

Sep 17 See brown fox cross road at end of Tully Dam at late dusk.

Sep 20 See wolf on Elvin Road, probably the New England coyote who leads wild dogs in livestock raids from wilderness area behind my house. Reports of Mountain Lions in this same area. On my land are beaver, crane, bobcat, porcupine, woodchuck, black bear, deer, geese, ducks.

Fall Read The Sound of Thunder.

c October 6. Trip to Hogback Mountain in Vermont.

Samhain. Salem. One of the most intense experiences of my life. One month celibacy precedes this. Spend all day without relief in close attendance to Beth. This to increase my libidinous energy for later. c Midnight serve as "Dionysian Altar" in Samhain Ritual performed by her with twelve other Witches ranging in desirability from moderately cute to ultra nice. At first only I am naked, but long before the climax all the women are too. Feel very privileged to be selected for this and want to do it every year from here on. Hope to host this event in the pine grove with sleep-over on shag rugs in my kitchen. [Turns out unfortunately to be the first and last time. In November Beth tells me simply "All men once before any man twice." Reminds me of what I once said to Valerie Sherman about the climbing of mountains].

Nov 4 Climb hill behind house and see Monadnock.

Nov 7 Visit Berkshires in storm. Meet Candy in North Hampton. Eat at Foodsmith. When I offer compliments to the chef, I am told that he worked formerly at the Everglades Club in Florida. Talk with James Montgomery again at the Rusty Nail.. Depot.

Dec Full Moon. Become persona non grata at the Railroad Lounge.

Dec 25 Karen calls.


Jan 14 Finish reading Merlin's Ring.

Feb 20 Return in triumph to the Railroad Lounge.

Feb 26 Meet Dave Van Ronk in North Hampton as we are leaving after a fine concert at Smith College. A very likable person. Not at all like some of the things I used to hear about him in the Club 47 days. For me this is an important event.

Mar 6 Depot. Talk to Patty.

Mar 13 Depot. Talk to Patty again.

Mar 19 Talk to Karen Murphy at Cinnamon's.

April 2 Trip to Rockingham, Brattleboro, and North Hampton. Talk with Candy.

April 9 Flat Street in Brattleboro.

Apr 16 Depot. Talk to Star Cummings.

April 19 Hike to south. See Carolina type country. Two and a half feet of snow one place. End of Fimbul Winter.

April 26 See first serpent, bright green, of season. Hike north and see Devastation of Anderson, trees cut down. Australian type country.

May 8 Chinese shrimp in Keene. See Aces and Eights in Sullivan NH {Tell the singer about Depot hoping he will play there..

May Finish construction of large stone circle in lower field. [Later this will be called Lower Ravenshenge].

May 29 Talk to Gurgieff follower in Depot. At hot dog stand learn from soldier about Churches of Satan in Germany.

June 15 Make fool of myself at Cinnamon's. At Sheehann's, while enjoying good South Chicago type blues, meet a teacher-poet. She is married and in possession of a special double Yardbirds reunion cassette.

June 17 Finish reading Cousin Bette.

Midsummer. Britt and Rachel visit for two days. Sabbat Ritual.

July 4 Great Depression style carnival and fireworks in Athol.

c July 23 Joyce Neteshine tells me I must behave. Stop to visit Depot for one Sombrero. Visit Gary Moise and we fire carbide cannon just after dark while his children frolic. Sheehan's.

Aug 8 Auction off much junk with Ron Lewis in Orange.

Aug 15 Keene Air Show. First time in plane. Open Wacco biplane, wearing WWI style leather cap. We hit 250 mph.

Aug 21 Hardwicke Faire. Pathetic spectacle of little boys fighting for nickels hidden in sawdust.

Sep 11 North Hampton. Tri County Faire. Funhouse.

Sep 17 Springfield. Big E. Living corpse beckons at entry to Funhaus.

Last Quarter of 1982 Important work on Natural Law [Beginning on index cards of what later becomes part of the books Evolutionary Psychology and World Libertarian Revolution].

Sep 24 Shrewsbury JHS to locate future Model RR Show. Deerskin. Dr. Weis. Talk with secretary. Meet Dirk at Jake's. Prime rib. He supports my plans for the WLO. His parents Lars and Greta join us on their way to the theater. It turns out that Lars is an advanced initiate in several secret societies and when I mention some of my own affiliations he comments that this is very unusual for one my age. I tell him about my Libertarian writings. He is impressed and I am so delighted by his response that I ask if he would write a description of me for the book. He agrees. While the ladies talk, I return to Naked Eye with Dirk and Lars for a brief interlude. Talk with Debbie. She doesn't remember Rachel but Liza still around. See Lola and later we talk. Melanie is now barmaid - Porky. See Venus who avoids me. See Venus dance. With ultra long hair she resembles Elfin Witch princess. Lars really enjoys all this and seems very taken with Venus. He says that he hasn't had an evening like this since he lived in Berlin during the 1930's. Later see funny impish girl who I had forgotten - waiting on tables (formerly danced and had red-trimmed panties). Retire early. Except for not ending up with a date, this is one of the best and most well-rounded, evenings I have ever had.

Sep 30 Write "Liber Montanorum."

Oct 1 Vermont - 50% foliage. Visit Hogback Museum. Climb Hogback Mountain and consecrate rock at top. View mostly blocked by trees. Ride up and take alpine slide down Mt. Bromley.

Oct 10, 1982 Explore Royalston.



23. Find out nine years later that the house has always been known locally as "The Laurels."

24. This is the more noteworthy since I bought the book way back in 1969. Extremely interesting. Liberated Epicurean-objectivist reaction to limp-wristed spiritual monism, with the ancient fertility goat as an inspiring symbol for horny people.

25. This is some years before he tours with the Rolling Stones.

26. A staunch anti-Communist, later to be known as "Jorhevus the Linz."

27. She later becomes Penthouse Playmate of the Year under the name Coreen Alphen.

28. See story ahead told to me by Christie in 1985 about Vanessa and the "Mad Turk."

29. Same song is sung by mechanical bird in music box Ned has custom made for Effie. Lyrics are displayed on scroll. In July 1996 I send this, and lots of other "good hen stuff" to Pill and Linda.

30. This summary completed Jan 31, 1999.