The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 5


Chapter 5

May 25 1986 - Nov 19 1987

May 25, 1986 Go back to compare tables and request discounts. Meet Alice.

May 26 See Hands Across America on TV. Anti-Darwinist weaklings are a deep sickness in our land. See boyism celebrating itself at the ditch of shame.

May 27 Visit Knotty Pine. In 1+1/2 hours, see only 10 % of antiques.

May 28 Return. Spend 6+1/2 hours more. Buy swirl art glass vase, six sided cut glass toothpick holder, gold on cobalt vase, cobalt lined silver bowl. See another blue mirror table and a blue mirror picture frame.

May 29 Visit North Meadow c 10:30 AM. Visit Essex CT. Buy Pierce Arrow Cane plus mortar and pestle from Joe DiSarro. He has seen 72 countries as a body-guard to the wealthy. Visit 85 dealer antique center in Old Saybrook. Visit chap named Ed Wheat to no avail. Decide to pass up Gillette Castle. No ferry in sight. Resist parking behind Traveler's Tower to visit lady in blue. Terrible traffic going back.

June 1 Enjoy duckling with orange sauce in dining room. Served by new girl bearing strong resemblance to Gisele.

June 2 Get sticker after having Cheshire Oil make good with a new tire. Pick-up the two blue mirror top tables from Alice.

June 3 Visit a slightly nippy Chesterfield Gorge. Meet Congresswoman Helen Burley. We talk about many things political. Visit frame shop. Go back to Knotty Pine to see Deco mirror. Meet girl who worked at Colony Mill tobacco shop last summer. Visit Lisa and pick-up another blue mirror table. Visit Barbara Willis Antiques. Lady tells me about the Three Bears umbrella stand.

June 4 Hike into Bearsden State Forest. Climb up huge rock. Hike down to cave. Visit Agway and see turkey chicks. Visit junk shop. Owner tells me about Bill Williamson. Stop at perpetual flee-market under one roof. See shaker and three red glasses. Visit miserable little junk shop in Troy. Stop at Bower's. Quite a place. Find much in common with young Bowers. Meet loaf at Troy Diner. Visit four antique places in Fitzwilliam. Talk with big blonde from Utah. Enjoy clams and orange freeze at Silver Ranch. Buy silver chalice. Visit Monadnock Ecocenter - all closed up.

June 5 Visit fireplace shop in Keene. See Efel coal stove. Return for shaker and glasses. Visit two seedy little gift shops. Stop at Deco house. Roast beef at Libby's. Seek sheets at Eagle's Loft. Meet nice girl at Teddy Bear store. Seek sheets at Rich's and Bradley's.

June 6 Meet Bill Martin at Alice's c 10:15 AM. He has a nice fur hat from the Russian Front. Buy two postcards and a glass intaglio of Adolf Hitler. I have a new hobby. Line up truck for August. Visit Deco house again. Return filter to Ray Stockwell. Back to Eagle's Loft, where strawberry potpourri resembles Mrs. Boera's concoction. Spend rest of day at Colony Mill thoroughly exploring.

June 7 Visit Godwin's seeking linens. Load car with stuff to take North. Visit Arthur Geilenberg about clock.

June 8 Pack car. 8:01 AM Delighted to hear that Kurt Waldheim, after months of silliness worldwide by reactionary Jews, has been elected President of Austria. Apparently the Chosen are not running things there.

June 9 Visit bank in Concord. Open new account. Arrive with huge load two hours late for closing on 19 Park Street. Unpack as dark approaches. Tour Gisele's house nextdoor.

June 10 Unpack kitchen stuff. As I unlatch downstairs tower window, upper sash crashes down and glass breaks. Shop at Shop and Save. Very expensive here, about $65 for what would be $38 in Keene. High distribution costs to the far North.

June 12 Have my first cable TV service hooked up [Takes years to catch up on all the good movies]. Find locks for most keys in house.

June 14 On way to Keene, visit two good antique shops, one owned by a flaky chap named Farquar. Pack car with tools and kitchen stuff. Get bagged doing 83 in Windsor again.

June 15 Unpack tools. Clean garage.

June 17 Cool blustery day like back-to-school weather with billowy clouds. Open account at Indian Head. Get to know many stores in Littleton. See Louis XV desk and a nice chair. Shop at Ruggles.

June 18 Have spent much of the past nine days in exploring this wondrous mansion of mine. Much figuring during this period.

June 19 Leave c 9:30 AM. Go too far south. Backtrack 302 to Littleton. Am accosted and interrogated by Security Officer at Indian Head. Line up facility in Plymouth. Lunch near Newfound Lake. Visit Concord National. Close PO box. NH Liquor Store. Traffic jam. Wrong way off 93, drive past Naked. See sexy buxom girl entering. Drink blackberry brandy at Bradford. London Broil at Jake's. See new blonde with nice hips at Naked. Drink with Lindasnake, who has cut off most of her hair and looks most peculiar. See girl who entered earlier dance outback. Has birthmark on rear. Later I hear a boy boasting that he doesn't want her because she is "disfigured". Drink with Zephanie - to whom I imprudently boast of my membership in nine secret societies - "Mercury card". Drink with Suzy. Blonde with sexy hips flirts with me from stage during this.

June 20 Decide to stay an extra day because of rain and exhaustion. Eat breakfast at Greek place in China Trade Center. Nice torturous looking little blonde comes in to work. Later have supper at China Pearl - pork strips and Imperial Egg Roll. Visit 66, where I steal a peek at the cripple Maria. Tell Tomi Love I'll buy her a drink when I lose some weight. Refuse Christie on grounds of her preference for masturbation. Buy swingers magazines and retire.

June 21 A cool breezy pre-war day as I walk down to University Restaurant. French Toast. Visit gift shop run by nice old Greek gentleman. Downtown madhouse for linens. In the midst of all this, buy a very special repro of the Statue of Liberty. Visit Burger King. See Leigh now as barmaid at Naked, Lisa leaving sick just before, or hopefully as, I arrive. Drink finally with Frauline Ana who is delightful and has a good heart. She suggests name for my new house "Schlossen" meaning "Little Chateau" but known locally as "Castle on the Green" and which name I eventually decide to use. See Lindasnake as I walk out and marvel at how tall she is. Return arriving just after dark. Sight pockets of fog developing in mountains south of Franconia Notch.

June 25 Visit Littleton Chamber of Commerce where I meet cute little blonde person.

June 28 Open up cellar windows. Wonderful wood smoke smell in north coal bin [Leads me to believe that maybe they once smoked hams therin]. Call Ma.

June 29 Bring up rugs from cellar. 4:40 PM Powerful hail storm. Sort out house artifacts from drawers.

July 1 Meet Katy type girl in Littleton.

July 2 Ron Clifford fixes light in hall.

July 3 Begin cleaning cellar.

July 7 Finish Hellish work in cellar. "10,000 years of decay are not dealt with in but a day."

July 8 Am befriended by a neighbor's kitten while talking with Doug Townsend. See street whores in Littleton.

July 9 Remove bricks and logs from around house.

July 10 Finally do something really enjoyable in pruning all the bushes here.

July 11 Mow lawn for first time.

July 12 Little girl says Hi to me near Hopkin's office. Adjust Museum shelves.

July 13 Adjust Pantry and war room shelves.

July 14 Hebert fixes boiler.

July 16 Open account at Savers Bank.

July 17 Pay mortgage at 9 AM. Stop in Concord during street festival. Visit First Capital. Get my Bratwurst at lunch after all, right in Concord. Get sheets and Z-14 at Jordan's in Framingham. Visit Dr. Dobrin. Check in at Bradford. Call Bert Valdison and leave message. Have Hong Shu Yoke especially prepared at China Pearl. Enter Naked. Blonde Lola is dancing. While drinking with Linda, a wild woolly baby dances and screams with delight. Learn that Ana has returned to Germany. Spend most of evening talking music with barmaid Eva. See Rose dance. Ze Fanny comes over. Drink with Silver who develops cramps. Suzy comes around. See a very strange Lindasnake wearing a peculiar besparkled little skull cap. She seems to be gravitating increasingly towards the grotesque. First she crops off most of her hair. Now she is masquerading as a wealthy Jewess. What will she do next?

July 18 Decide not to go to Keene because of impending thunder showers. Will take cruise in September. Breakfast at University Restaurant. More swingers magazines. Visit Antiquers III, a superb shop filled with expensive Deco. Talk with owner. Visit George's Folly for incense. Return to shop to photograph statue of Katy. I have loved her since we met. She is the little companion Arctic wolf in the Fimbul Winter of my Norse heart. She more than any other, including Venus, propels me towards my destiny. If only she could share it. Stop in Plymouth for fuel and enjoy hot-dog from street vendor.

July 26 Feel heavy vibration and run to the door. See huge army tank going down Main Street. My first thought is that the Russians have invaded. "Stars-and-Stripes Parade". Begin wainscoting in bedroom. Hot as Hell.

July 29 Meet Brenda.

Lughnanadh. First cool day after long heat wave.

Aug 3 Bring linoleum to Meditation Room. Tar upper roofs.

Aug 5 See Hasidic Jew wandering aimlessly about Littleton.

Aug 7 Remove frilly curtains in Ritual Chambre. Fine view.

Aug 9 Fix storm window on porch. Obviously burglarized.

Aug 11 Ken Armstrong shows up with a chap having a Crucifix tattoo on his hand.

Aug 12 Doug shows up. Visit by a kitten.

Aug 13 While priming exhaust hood, am harassed by a lisping member of Jehovah's Witnesses. Eve. Fire boiler for first time.

Aug 14 Clean gas heater.

Aug 15 Nebraska guy from Mayo tells me about women in Alaska. Am delighted and surprised to learn that 30% of people up there are Wiccan. Kid from Georgia drops by.

Aug 16 Review masonry job with Gary Nelson.

Aug 19 Patch back roof.

Aug 20 Clean house preparatory to moving.

Aug 21 Order poor man's copper at Wheeler's. Pick-up infrared security system in Littleton. Visit bank in Concord. Check in at Windingbrook. Visit Hillson's for broom, casters, etc. Eat at Idlenot.

Aug 22 First truck load up from Keene.

Aug 25 Visit Sun Foods for non-perishables.

Aug 26 Pick-up clock from Geilenberg.

Aug 27 Drop truck in St. Jay two days early. Return to Keene.

Aug 28. Coffee at Stage Cafe. Foodstuffs. Brunette at Leather Shop. Casters. See strange fabrics at Keene Mill End. Visit Colony Mill. Talk with Debbie at Cafe Guerierro. She's very pretty. Get filter from Ray. Perishables at Sun Foods. Remove silver and transfer to Plymouth by dusk. Stop for ice-cream.

Aug 29 Start boiler.

Sep 3 Gary starts on chimneys.

Sep 6 Unpack clothes. Wainscot apartment.

Sep 8 Bert calls to tell me that Dirk and Heidi went in search of his parents at Great Slave Lake in last October. Lars and Greta were on strange business connected with some arcane fraternity during the founding of the Special Orders for Valor in September. None of the four have ever been heard of since. This scares me. They are the finest family I have ever known [In the longer term, this also convinces me to never visit Great Slave Lake as I had once planned].

Sep 11 See newer Rolling Stones movie. Set up bar. Fearful girl seeking lingerie party comes by.

Sep 13 Spend early morning arranging colognes in fragrance spectrum. Sweep out ice house. Putty lawn chairs.

Sep 14 Set up wine cellar.

Sep 16 Car dead again. Finally leave Railroad Street Mobil for Boston about 6 PM. Drink with Silver all evening. Talk briefly with a very sassy, because she knows she looks pretty, Linda - in sleek black sea-serpent dress, pixie hair having grown back.

Sep 17 Buy vitamins on Washington Street. Visit Athol High and Jean Fuller, where I run into Erin O'Conner, who is no dope but is dressed like a little girl. Visit Orange Library. Lobster pie at Cinnamon's.

Sep 18 More car trouble. Buy a second battery. Visit Darwin Salls. Breakfast at Cinnamon's where I have a nice talk with Maureen Geary. Visit Jean again and explain why I had to hide my car last night. I don't forget seeing Greg Larson as I come into town yesterday - pretends he doesn't recognize me, arf, arf! Visit Marie, who shocks me with the fact that Joe went through transition in August. Nothing remains the same - the new Victorian look in Athol, the passing of old friends. Visit Keene. Renew my ties in Nashua. Visit bank in Concord. Check things out in Plymouth. See fire opal sunset in White Mountains - the whole sky!

Autumn Sabbat. Arrange China in Butler's Pantry. Sort boxes to rooms. c 11 AM Britt arrives for three days. Naked early morning ritual in the Witchinglands.

Sep 24 Doug and Dewey begin on porch. See flood basin behind Lang's stables agraze with horses. Maybe I can own this.

Sep 27 Sand bedroom shelves.

Sep 29 Move boxes to Ritual Chambre closet.

Sep 30 Wash globes. Grade under porch.

Oct 1 Visit Darling Hill and the strangely lighted fjords of Lake Willoughby. Restaurant at south end of lake is gone and girl with it. So long ago. She loved me, and I her.

Oct 3 Painters start.

Oct 5 Hang buck's head in Museum Room. He likes his new home. Visit by the Bouchards from Quebec. Meet Charley Lang and give him a tour of the house. He hadn't been in the house for 60 years, when Homer Watson was a kid and had electric trains in the sitting room. When Homer died in the late 1950s, there were two truck loads of flowers and condolences from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Oct 7 Pin garage windows. Mount shades.

Oct 8 Knockwurst for lunch at Mt. Washington Railway base station. Nice smell of wood smoke. Drive past Mt. Washington Hotel. It's good seeing Crawford Notch again now, with most leaves down. Visit icelands at top of Mt. Washington - Eagle's Lair. Amazing clouds. View of Berlin at thirteen miles. crow's reckoning, is awesome. Am impressed to learn that in 1961 a guy in a Porsche Cerrera drove up in nine minutes, averaging 60 mph, before the road was even paved. Head home through Pinkham Notch and Lancaster.

Oct 9 Plan activities for Samhain.

Oct 12 Touch up paint on Pa's diesel.

Oct 13 Mike carpets the apartment. Stain trestle table.

Oct 15 Portland Glass puts storm windows on third floor Ritual Chambre.

Oct 16 View crushed stone at Calkin's. Hike Witchinglands to west. Strange militant looking spiked plant growth. Good view of Burke Mountain near river. Excellent hidden area for ritual.

Oct 17 Hang second pegboard and more ceiling hooks in garage. Unpack. Second trip to dump with Doug in blueberry truck. Drink malt liquor all night. Retire 7:30 AM.

Oct 18 Gary calls at 9 AM and comes about 9:30 to finish work on Teahouse window wells. I finish unpacking in garage, moving a great deal into the Teahouse. 9:03 PM I am forty years old.

Oct 19 Stain Deco tables.

Oct 20 Paint first bow-back Winsor.

Oct 21 Mount vice. Hang tools.

Oct 22 Doug explodes on roof.

Oct 24 Mike lays new kitchen floor.

Oct 25 Move nails to garage.

Oct 29 Up at 5 AM but leave about 11:20. Keene. Skip Sun Foods. Lunch at Idlenot where I have nice chat with Angela. Visit PO Box. Pay registration. Get vitamins. DP- Casters 4 SF, 8 LR. Talk with brunette at Edward's - very sexy buttocks. Get sticker at Registry. Head to Boston via very complex route. Arrive c 7 PM. After London Broil at Jake's, Linda tells me about her recent trip to San Francisco. Laughingly wriggle out of future involvement with Silver - too youthful, but later Zephanie proves even more difficult, foolishly insisting on Champagne until it becomes almost annoying. Such posturing. Seek swingers magazines. Retire.

Oct 30 Decide not to visit Salem. Breakfast at University. Later head out for Haddock and cheese sandwich at Brigham's. Take long but enjoyable, erratic route on foot to Tracey's. Tux looks like monkey suit with purplish tie and cumber, plus dirty gloves, so I pass. c 6:15 Meet Ed at Jake's. It being Octoberfest, there is a choice of beers. He is strangely outdrinking me three beers to my first, and keeps running to the men's room, probably to snort cocaine, which he reports puts his mind upstairs while his penis is in the cellar. I wonder what he'll do the night he experiences his testicles frozen in a block of ice locked securely in a banded steel box high in a gray stone tower under a full moon in the Tibetan Himalayas with 1000 Buddhist Sherpa monks crowding the base solemnly chanting "let it be". This will be the night he suffers brain damage. A "lifestyle thing". Eee-yuh. When that day comes I'm going to razz the pants right off him addressing him "Hey, Brain Damage". Visit Naked. Enjoy seeing the wild woolly baby with her shaved pussy. Talk to Eva who says of Felix the Cat "He's the greatest." Am "put to the torment" by girl resembling Miss Deegan. Still no Katy.

Samhain. French toast at University. c 1 PM Visit Lyman Estate in Waltham where I tour greenhouses. Then over to Gore Place for the full tour. Spacious, but Castle on the Green is fancier. Lunch at Talk of the Town in Concord. As I leave bank am confronted by black robed figure with Death mask. This is arresting, because figure is 11 feet tall. Bank guard looks very worried. Visit tile store - just closed. Return.

Nov 3 Clear brush next to Teahouse.

Nov 5 Install Teahouse cellar windows. Dig hole in floor big enough for two "deadboys" and rake in refuse.

Nov 6 Awake to find five inches of snow on ground, The first was in early September. Am discouraged. Place green runner to tower room.

Nov 7 Hoagie at Topic of the Town in Littleton. See blonde.

Nov 10 Level Teahouse cellar floor. Begin construction of pleasure altar on west wall. Bring in wood after dark to garage.

Nov 11 As snow starts bring in scrap wood.

Nov 13 Talk to Dick, who tells me how in 1932, three boys went fishing on the dark fjord of Lake Willoghby. Only John Norris returned. The others were Homer Watson's boy, and one named Gilday who drowned. When Dick went on this lake in a boat he felt a sense of something ominous. There are many stories, and the lake is 200 feet deep. Some say it is bottomless and connects to Crystal Lake by underground chasms. The bodies were never found. Late Morn. Light snow has abated. Aft. Snow resumes.

Nov 14 Bring in cordwood from garage during a light snow.

Nov 16 Prune everything. Begin moving.

Nov 17 Finish moving.

Nov 18 Finish organizing garage. Catch two urchins squirting their little dickies on my Teahouse. This prompts me to build a WWI type fence with barbed wire contributed by Charley Lang. Meet sexy tenant while posting area.

Nov 20 Rake grass into a small mountain range, locked in for winter by snow.

Nov 22 Spend most of day snow plowing driveway. Secure Teahouse windows. Finish organizing Teahouse storage.

Nov 23 Have pleasant conversation with Ma.

Thanksgiving Day. Travel south through rain, then clouds, to Old Fort No 4. After talking with various women by the fire in the Great Hall, am seated with a nice family. C. P. Hale is playing dulcimer. At eating time we are joined by Mr. Hale. The food is excellent, the conversation lively and interesting, and my eggnog worthy of Satan himself. Before leaving, Mr. Hale's dog, apparently hungry, bites my hand - little damage. Return via Hanover where I get a better look at Dartmouth. A most excellent day.

Nov 28 A brief thaw allows me to finish construction of altar in Teahouse cellar and to level floor.

Nov 30 Rearrange bar. Begin preparing to paint upstairs rooms by V-ing cracks.

Dec 6 Stop in Littleton. No Player's. Have chocolate doughnut and coffee at Topic. Get Player's in Concord. Bank closed. Go to Bayside Expo Center via accidental detour to Melcher Street - no Dog Show. Arrive at Bradford to find that it will be closed for a year and a half.

Go to Park Plaza where I am slightly dazzled by the glamour of crystal chandeliers, beveled mirrors, and Yuletide decorations. After shaving in my very pleasant room, head for Jake's c 5 PM. New management here has reduced menu to a mere shadow of the old one. See sexy, aging witch with nice tight little ass. Face resembles Liz somewhat. Enjoy usual prime rib. Visit Naked. Talk with Melissa. Tom is now apparently daytime manager. Run into Fran outback, and returning up front, spot Fifi. Too crowded on other side to get near her. Linda admires my heather stripped trousers. Also wearing pink shirt, leather coat, silk scarf, Halston Z-14. Then she proceeds to stroke my inner thigh in order to more fully appreciate the texture of the material. I am astonished to learn that she only completed 9th grade. I would have guessed junior college. She takes advantage by drinking too fast, and having done some good cocaine earlier, is unusually effervescent and talkative. Talk is something I have been encouraging in her lately. She is going to procure a two volume record set heralding "the coming of the Beast" 666 for me. I'm going to ask about her drug use. Leaving earlier I find that there are so many lower elements out and about that one cannot be seen in good clothes without being insulted in the streets by this generation of very down-to-earth, natural, and unpretentious young social commentators. Dungarees are, of course, compulsory for all occasions. [In retrospect I should admit that my clothes were only truly in style 20 years earlier].

Dec 7 Inquire at desk from lovely Liz type girl about restaurants for breakfast. End up at Tea Court in Copley Plaza. This is the most pleasant thing I have encountered since I was last in Palm Beach. The tables are of purple alabaster with paisley upholstered chairs. Corinthian columns of colored veined marble rise to gold capitals supporting a ceiling ornamented with gold. A false sky is painted with clouds. Poinsettias in brass pots are everywhere. More crystal chandeliers and beveled mirrors add to the display. After breakfast I explore several dining rooms finding a 1920s type one [actually more Edwardian] with nice violin music and wild boar and bison heads staring ominously down from lofty heights. The excitement I felt in New York has been rekindled in me, but more so. Before leaving I talk with a woman who knew Nancy Gasper, who she believes is no longer living. Later, as I leave, my new Park Plaza, I explore mezzanine area and huge ballrooms. I am so glad to have discovered all this magnificence. Stop at Au Bon Pain for a chocolate Croissant and coffee. See a very young aristocratic girl in a long blue coat who could enslave me for life. Nice people at these hotels. If silver will rise by April I have truly arrived. Return to Naked for a drink. Talk with Fifi who has been back in Egypt for the past three years. c 2 PM Head back. As I leave Plymouth c 4:30 PM, snow is beginning and increases as I enter the mountains. Conditions become dangerous as I cross Connecticut River Valley. Stop at Miss Lyndonville for meat loaf.

Dec 9 Snows all day.

Dec 10 Install Tiffany windows in Butler's Pantry.

Dec 12 See two ultra sexy blondes who I had forgotten,- at drugstores.

Dec 13 Insulate cellar.

Dec 14 Lock myself out of the apartment. Gain entry by roofs.

Dec 15 Armand Hebert tells me of a woman who had a rat come right in through septic pipe. At 2 AM she heard she heard splashing and found a big rat in her toilet. When the rat saw her, he turned and dove down through the toilet and out. He also reports that Burklyn just sold for $750,000 to Ken Vicksi, who will use it just as a retreat. It uses 50 cords of wood with a 5 gallon per hour H. B. Smith oil fire. Also, a man named Nelson Pendleton sold the Darien Inn in 1963. It has wainscoting in the pigerey. The joy of money.

Dec 18 Have long talk with Bill Winsor.

Dec 20 Install three weather strips.

Dec 22 Cut apartment doors.

Dec 24 After a few errands in town, head up Darling Hill past the Darien Inn, following the high road until I spot the Lake Willoghby area. I decide to go there. Running low on fuel, instinct guides me to West Burke. Girl there tells me that no one has been able to find the bottom of Lake Willoughby in some places. She says she's afraid to swim there because there are fish as big as men,- trout she says. Friends of hers who have scuba-dived would never go again because they are afraid of the fish they have seen. The fish come around you I think probably this is why bodies are never found when people drown there. I proceed north to said lake now in ice, then to Barton and past Crystal Lake to home by dark. After more London Broil, unpack Breyer model Appaloosa selected earlier at hardware store.

Dec 26 Cut doors in cellar.

Dec 27 Paint green chair in coal bin.

Dec 28 Conceive design of new altar to be stained in three tones.


Jan 5 Visit Orleans, Walcott, and St. Jay in search of furniture.

Jan 6 Visit South Lunenburg and Landcaster in search of furniture.

Jan 8 Visit Dan's Wayside in Littleton.

Jan 12 Booze it.

Jan 14 Have long talk with Ipswitch girl. Meet Skinny brunette at Little Dragon where I have Sichuan Beef.

Jan 15 Enjoy placing foam on cellar pipes.

Jan 16 Update list of women who made a strong enough impression on me that I was able to remember them fondly at tho time I first compiled the list. Alas, I dated only a fraction of these excellent beauties.

Jan 17 + 18 Days off.

Jan 20 c 8:15 AM Leave for Littleton. Visit bank in Concord. Check out sheets at Jordan's in Framingham. 2 PM Nice blonde, Chris, works on my teeth gently. I become emotionally involved. Lunch at Hoolihan's. Check in at Plaza. 8:15 PM Meet Ed at Jake's for drinks. I have a Rueben c 10:30 PM. At 11 PM Visit Naked. He buys one for a new brunette. I learn from barmaid that Gisele is back dancing in Florida and Roxanne has a kid. Buy one for Lindasnake who tells me her friend wants $40 for record set heralding the coming of 666. Roxanne, she says, is with guy who acts as agent for most of the girls. Lea, the woolly baby, is gone. So is Sheena. Ed leaves. I stay until 2 PM.

Jan 22 Visit Foodstuffs. Brunette with nice ass is all whacked out by my presence. Visit A+W. Renew box. Visit Heartland and Edward's where I talk to brunette who makes me feel obedient. Snow starts. Visit elfish lady at Teddy Bear Store. Buy forest green sheets at Eagle's Loft. Return to A+W. Talk with Maureen at Stage where I have beef stew. c 2:15 PM Return through snow. Arrive 4 PM. Get groceries. Roast beef at Miss Lyndonville.

At some point this year Ma has a problem with burglars. Living room lights up. She opens window and fires into ground. Then she calls 911. Police arrive. Crooks had knocked over ladder out back making big noise in process. No arrests.

Jan 25 Meet sexy girl at fruit market.

Jan 27 Morn. Swingers.

Jan 29 Update women list.

Jan 30 Enjoy fine view, but not the shrimp, at Little Dragon.

Imbolic. Relax.

Feb 1 Learn from Ma that Uncle John died and, on her side, Gladys.

Feb 6 Talk with blonde at J. C. Penny's.

Feb 8 Clean apartment appliances.

Feb 11 Wax apartment kitchen floor. Remove snow from sub-roofs.

Feb 13 Friday. Awake to cellar soil pipe leak. Littleton. Order for labels mailed two weeks ago returned for taped stamp. Unexpected 1099.- will have to amend return. Auto insurance unrenewable.- must get new policy. Combination E at Little Dragon. A day reflecting a disgraceful. but temporary. lifestyle.

Feb 14 Valentine's Day. Back toilet clogs.

Feb 15 Check out first issue of "Express". Aft. Begin drinking malt liquor, then check to find apartment pipes all frozen. Aft. Relax.

Feb 16 Afternoon off.

Feb 17 Drain apartment water.

Feb 19 Toilet under stars overflows. Presidential range is majestic and I visit Lincoln on way to Guilford. Meet Peanut. NY Sirloin at Bonanza. Stop at Belknap Plaza.

Feb 20 Visit from town sewer chaps. Buy steel snake. Fish for smelt and muskies. Roto Rootor man and I work hard and fix all but back toilet. which is frozen up to wax ring.

Feb 21 More socks at J. C. Penny's.

Feb 24 Mount shades in Chambre.

Feb 25 Sexy postures by girl at laundromat. Hang wash on freezing porch.

Feb 26 Find that Harold Clough knows my Cousin Billy, Ralph Meany, Donny MacTavish, and Ira Tucker. He's heard of Arty Drinkwater, Bob VanIderstein, Butchy Walsh, Frank Adrisi, and Kenny Blain.

Feb 27 Steak Kew at Little Dragon.

Mar 2 Study stain glass windows for coloration upgrade.

Mar 5 Have haddock at Clamshell.

Mar 8 Finish addressing to swingers. Write later.

Mar 9 Inquire about patent for my idea about a safer cigarette. Attorney duplicates my original reasoning, and also says that FDA would probably prevent the entire thing.

Mar 10 Use chrome paint for first time.

Mar 14 Small nightmare with toilet plumbing in Grand Bath.

Mar 18 Lunch at Golden City for first time. Butterfly shrimp.

Mar 19 Hebert finally installs flu-damper.

Mar 20 Sharp rise in silver prices. Run out of propane. Light snow.

Mar 22 Paint ceiling sky-blue-purple in Ritual Chambre.

Mar 24 Place Pegasus and the Unicorn on third floor lentils. Begin sorting wood under eves.

Mar 26 Begin vacuuming of cellar.

Apr 1 Light snow most of day.

Apr 2 Hike Witchinglands. Hear beaver splashing - fear griz. Locate dry area for ritual stone circle. Same spot as last fall. Follow road up through park past attractive tennis courts. Aft. Clean bricks left messy by Gary.

Apr 3 Talk with Clyde who says we'll see $10 silver by August.

Apr 6 Mount shades in apartment.

Apr 8 Add shelf in Butler's Pantry.

Apr 9 Rake up haystacks. Make mulch pile. Pick up pine cones.

Apr 10 Talk with Mrs. Lussier for first time. Plant tulips. Seed lawn. Visit new Shop and Save.

Apr 11 At 8:30 AM Stop in Littleton for coffee and weeds. 10:30 AM Visit store in Concord seeking five-pointed death stars. Endure three very "knowledgeable" young hobby soldiers talking with owner. Find bank closed. Visit PO for Monex. Visit McKee Square. c 1:30 PM Arrive at Portsmouth. Buy herbs on Bow Street. Visit Fort Independence. Talk with Coast Guard guys. Have lobster at Pier II under bridge. Har Matey! A disgusting meal at a disgusting price. Twill be a stormy day before I weigh anchor in this place again. 3:30 PM Head for Boston with fuel filter problem getting worse all the time. Get small room at Statler - Park Plaza. One dark beer at Jake's. Arrive at Naked c 6 PM. Ana is back from Hamburg. We talk briefly. Meet attractive blonde barmaid. Outback notice Yankee Rose giving me flirty looks. Finally up front again see the one I love again for the first time since December 1985. She has a ponytail now and may be the World's prettiest girl and cool blondie. Our eyes meet twice. I love Katy and want her to have a long happy life. When I talk to Linda I inform her about the recent deaths from clove cigarettes and she promises to tell Katy. I must protect my little one from a distance. The rationale here is that, since Katy is stubborn and willful, it is better that she not know where the information came from. A nice young blonde Pauline asks me, but I say maybe later. See pretty young girl resembling Karen Murphy dance to rousing Scottish bagpipe and drum song. Very different and nice. c 9 PM Have Orange Sichuan Beef at China Pearl. Much too hot. Back to Naked. New marquee with only two names,- Linda and Katy, my best friend and my pouty baby. Am out back when I hear Katy will dance out front. Hurry past some hobbledehoys in time to see Katy go back up the ramp before removing her big fashionable hat. I feel so proud when I see her this way. Her dress is so big and pretty and what a nice little person hiding inside. For her second song she is almost naked, but the song is about Jesus and I am suddenly, and I hope permanently, turned off. Just then Phoenix comes along and we talk occultism and music. We don't hit it off too well, and when her time to dance comes, I leave. Returning to Statler, I experience real feelings that I am tiring of all the intrigue and games with these women. But will it be any better elsewhere? Isn't the real problem just differences in goals? Isn't credibility a problem anywhere, especially with foxy beauties, and in my circumstances?

Apr 12 c 9:30 AM Enjoy cereal and pastries in the Swans' Lounge overlooking the Grand Lobby. Visit Silky Way, then cover all of Chinatown in search of five-pointed stars. Find out they are illegal. Visit Naked. Enlist Nancy also in the cause of saving Katy from cloves. Atrium 2 OS. Seek diesel fuel on Charles Street and around Cambridge. Finally cop directs me to place on Mass Avenue in Arlington. There is a small Hector-foxlike Shepherd and a large European wolf-like Shepherd. Car really running bad after Manchester, 45 mph up hills. Before Plymouth I predict first gear only by end of trip, on the last hill. Check up on silver in Plymouth. Talk blues with Holly in store. After Notch mostly downhill till Vermont. Now 25 mph on uphills with first gear only on last big hill before home. Talk with cute girl at diner.

Apr 14 Clean up flower beds. Move bags of cones.

Apr 15 Bill and I drill and pin 16 windows. He patches Icehouse roof.

Apr 19 Morn. Walk over to tide basin. Aft. Call cops on local trash accumulating in front of house.

Apr 20 Aft. Go for ride past Burklyn. Obtain five small Arbor Vitae in unknown woods. Plant them.

Apr 21 Silver is just at $7.85. All the news today is unfinished WWII business. They show Carl Linnas, who commanded a camp in Estonia, being deported to Russia who tried him in absentia 25 years ago and sentenced him to death for ridding his world of 12,000 Juden. Israel is trying John Demjenjuk, also an American, who commanded Treblinka and killed 850,000 Juden. They even mention Claus, Santa by no means, Barbi, captured awhile back by Israel. Some Russian generals, one who helped liberate Auschwitz, are visiting, and the Japs who were wrongfully kept in camps are suing the government. They mention that Vermont has gone back to a 65 mph speed limit. Huzzah! Bill and I install gutter today.

Apr 22 Am delighted to see first 65 mph sign on way to Littleton. Am even more delighted when I find they are in Cow Hampshire also.

Apr 25 Finish sorting wood under the eves. Aft. Remove porch furniture from Teahouse and set up. Install Teahouse screens.

Apr 26 Discuss banking with Charley's daughter. Aft. Finally organize Teahouse.

Apr 27 While weeding, meet Roger Lussier for first time. Am quite pleased with my neighbors here - a far cry from Balduc. I do miss the Ballduckinglands, however. A few days ago I was noticing how the hedge resembles the Ballduckingland evergreens skirting the Halloween Country at Ravenhurst.

Apr 28 Burn incense in Teahouse. Light snow begins late afternoon.

Apr 29 Awaken to Winter Wonderland. Many large boughs have broken off my great white pine. Spend afternoon cutting and moving.

Beltain. Riots in South Africa. Will platinum soar?

May 1 More WWII. More talk about Kurt Waldheim who the US banned from private travel here earlier in the week. The Pope, too pooped to pop, canonized a Cher Bono-looking nun who resisted the Nazis. She was converted from Judaism, so the Jews are screaming insult, as usual.

May 2 Stop at Mt. Washington Hotel. Closed until later. Visit Mt. Washington Cog Railway. Snow everywhere at upper extremities of road. Everything closed. Talk with perplexed looking chap with young blonde Katy-daughter. Realize later that I should have at least said Hi to her. Visit Twin Mountain Store for steak sandwich. Confound two baby girls with lamb imitation. Visit Crawford Notch. Talk to coward at gift shop. See two mixed-up couples at two waterfalls on way back up.

May 3 After Three Stooges, see program about the new government roundup of Nazis. Forty years ago the government allowed 10,000 Nazis in. Now suddenly they're "war criminals".

May 4 Finish cutting up pine boughs.

May 6 Am disgusted by sickness and ignorance in Salem where one Mayoral candidate has "accused" the other of being a warlock and sorcerer. The wages of illiteracy. Freedom of religion?

May 8 Wash Pa's diesel.

May 9 Touch up paint on diesel.

May 12 Claus Barbi's trial begins today. List of charges takes 3 1/2 hours to read. He denies having been in charge at Lyon.

May 13 A Jew named Tannenberg is in the news today because he allegedly bought favors by punishing Jews. Wax Pa's diesel for the first time.

May 14 Should mention that earlier in week Volker declares that we are entering an inflation. c 6:30 PM Mr. Cassidy Rototills my garden area.

May 18 USS Stark has been fired on by Iraqi planes. The time may come when we shoot at Iranians, but I know my little Katy will be happy just so long as we don't shoot at Pomeranians. Silver is $9.54 today.

May 19 Tiny Linda Lamia, turkey chicks, ducklings at Agway.

May 20 Weed flower beds. Plan fencing at Charley's. Decide on secret garden next to stable. This based on the idea of purchasing adjacent property.

May 21 Weed, prune, and mow all day. Stake off herb garden. Mr. Cassidy returns. Grade.

May 22 Grade seedbeds. Decide on martial gymnasium in garage. Tar two trees. Transplant lilacs. Cultivate flower beds as rain begins.

May 23 Plan gymnasium.

May 24 Clear shelves in root cellar. Move refrigerator.

May 25 Finish garage-loft catwalks.

May 26 Claus Barbi is brought back to courtroom to face his accusers. Refigure stain glass windows. Plant root crops.

May 27 Turn off boiler. Plant spinach and peas.

May 28 Silver at a worrisome $7.55. Must hang on as long as possible. Aft. Roasting dandelions smell like chocolate. False evidence for deporting Nazis.

May 29 See little girl resembling Katy at hardware. Hen chicks at Agway. Mail swingers. Tiny Katy again at market. It is remarkable that this little girl has her hair fixed just the same way as Katy's when first we met, also the same fierce, angry, stubborn willfulness. Little girl resembling Linda Lamia on 19th has same hairstyle and talks like Linda. Clones?

June 1 Plant pumpkin and corn.

June 2 Jews in Skoakie Illinois are all upset because somebody painted some Swartz Stickers on their latest "holocaust" statue. Plant beans, blackeyes, and cauliflower.

June 3 Plant corn and gourds. Finish insulating cellar pipes.

June 5 c 10:30 AM Arrive in Concord. Visit McKee Square. Slow mix-up in Manchester makes me late in Framingham. Two fillings. MacDonald's. Form an uneasy friendship with a red fox at Trailside Museum in Milton. Visit Stoughton for the first time in many years. See a few familiar sights - fenced in factory, stainless steel diner? Stop at motel where sexy redhead tells me that it's "lady's night" at Alex's so I immediately head for Boston hoping that Lisa the Pig will not be working tonight. As I approach Statler, there are stretch limousines everywhere. Inside, young girls in evening gowns and young men in mostly white tuxedos abound. Scorpion Bowl and, for the first time, Steak Cha Cha at the China Pearl. This one drink is all it takes. As I enter the Naked I notice Roxanne's picture up front again. Inside, a new barmaid tells me that Lisa no longer works at the Naked,- as of two months ago. The blessed Lindasnake informs me that Lisa has become a "born again" Christian. As if once wasn't enough. Now she is too good to work at the Naked, she imagines - the only truly immoral person I knew well in all my years in the Combat Zone imagines that she is too good to work at the Naked. She isn't fit to clean the bathrooms with her tongue. Suddenly I see Katy and I smile reflexively... She forces a smile. She is getting pudgy. A bit later, Linda refreshes me as to Pauline's name. "Not to be confused with "Paula-Katy" I reply. A very happy Roxanne joins me for two drinks and tells me about her new baby daughter. A few herbal cigarettes get me through all this - 20% Lobelia, 40%Ginger, 40% Chamomile. Linda likes them.

June 6 Breakfast at Swans' Lounge is needlessly complicated by two clowns with a frantic need to clear tables. Arrive c 11 AM at Babson. Bill Kruikshank points my way to the Coleman Maparium which turns out to be closed. Nonetheless enjoying the beautiful campus and whistling the theme from Brideshead Revisited, I stroll along contemplating the bastions of excellence and what now seems like a grand serenity in my youth. My time at Cambridge School of Weston, my life in Dover. But I was not serene then. I am at times now. As I turn onto Rte 16, I am struck by the well-tended plushness of all that I once took for granted, upon seeing the hill just before Wellesley College gate. I stop to photograph the Honeywell Estate. No dog show at Stigmantine's. Stop at 22 Eliot Street. Call Roz Haley, who gives me permission to buy hall finial for $10. Ring bell, meet Kate McKee who invites me up to tour house. It's very strange being here after so long. Last time is Fall 1976 when I see old Peter Dyer for the last time as I leave from a visit with Bareham. Kate and I sit in kitchen and talk for about two hours. The poor girls are surrounded by crazies here. Billy Raferty has become senile, rifles their mail, and tries to kiss them. John Gowen shines lights in their rooms at night. There is a house on the side street where 50 big stupid boys live. I give her a great deal of history. We visit the back yard - all grown in. Twelve years of neglect produce a profound change. I remove finial and buy an End-of-Day vase, which was Pa's, via Bob Cassidy from Dover who is in charge of the shop. Meet a Honeywell lady in the shop who remembers Pa prior to 1965. Visit MacDonald's and Natick Mill via circuitous route. Find some useful material. Stop at Plymouth, where boss's Daughter is visiting from Michigan.

June 8 Townspeople are rallying against Ku Klux Klan marching in town where they executed Communist traitors a few years ago. I'd like to see off a fleet leaving for Russia every day.

June 9 Pope visits Poland's largest concentration camp to further the lie. Visit Eliot's Nursery for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Nice young girl with punk hairdo imitates a plant.

June 11 Plant tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.

June 15 On news, some talk of freeing Claus Barbi. I think this unlikely. While Bill and I are working on coal chute, Omer Watson's nephew drops by. I give him and wife a tour of downstairs.

June 18 Receive eight letters with naked pictures from women all seeking money.

June 19 Plant sweet potatoes for first time. Re-seed much of garden,- pumpkin, gourd, and corn especially.

Midsummer. Britt stays for two days. Sabbat Ritual in empty Chambre with strange acoustics.

June 23 Sort out spices. Visit Oakes' where I buy dresser for Apartment.

June 24 At 3 AM Unicorn falls from Ritual Chambre lentil. I consider bats as reason. About 9 PM I encounter bat in lower hall. I open front door. When I go out and remove my head from door opening only then does bat leave. The size is frightening.

June 25 See very interesting Oprah Winfrey show featuring, L to R, Laurie Cabot, a sympathetic Catholic, an insane bigoted fundamentalist Protestant, another very well educated Witch, and an insane former Satanist, now Protestant. First insane Protestant labels Witches evil because they have no charities or bread lines. Second insane Protestant claims Illuminati are most powerful subversive organization in world, that they ordered Charley Manson to kill Sharon Tate, and have tried to kill him six times. Reorganize teas, herbs, and coffees. Eve. Hear that Waldheim and the Pope meet today.

June 27 Mount Skullery shades. This is where they kept the skulls.

June 28 Finish main work on trellis wire. Plant new Clematis. Prune old Clematis.

June 30 Decide Meditation Room will be a separate Divination Room, also for mountain planning. All this because of noise factors. Van de Graff generator or the like will be used for all but the morning rituals. Replan Ritual Chambre. Eve. Bat in lower hall leaves more easily tonight.

July 1 Rearrange Clematis. Weight trellis wire.

July 2 Decide on winter gym in cellar. Shooting gallery will come later, perhaps inside a certain barn. Eve. See bat in upper hall. He goes down, I let him out. He leaves sooner.

July 3 Troll-girl Elana at bank shows interest in me.

July 4 Heat wave begins. Enjoy a Mint Julep, Sombrero, and Strawberry Colada before visiting crafts faire on common. Buy magnetic moon-face item. Talk with Rathdowny Herb rep. Eve. Claus Barbi sentenced to 17 years.

July 6 Learn a great deal about bats from lady on phone. Stake and prune tomatoes. Prune Clematis. Put mothballs in cellar and attic to de-bat. Eve. Bat in upper hall. I command him down. He goes down and waits flying in small circle by door. I let him out. Children of the Night. What music they make.

July 7 Here that an additional 60,000 will die from Chernobyl. Sort screws. Shoot baskets in driveway.

July 10 Unpack squirrel and mink. Bat goes by me in dark. Let him out.

July 13 Weed out ferns.

July 14 Thin porch bush.

July 15 Repair living room shades. Prune trees. Cut branches up for firewood.

July 16 After a roast beef sandwich and a beer at the base lodge, I ride the Cog Railway up Mt. Washington. While standing in line, a Hassidic Jew notices my ST pin. On the train another and his daughter sit in front of me. We have twenty minutes. I take pictures, but haven't even time for cocoa. The views upon descent are awesome. The sense of distance and timelessness are stupendous. The mood becomes ethereal. Down below I run along, like some demented old redneck, snapping pictures of the Hassidim snickering like a madman.

July 17 Work in garden tantalized by smell of sausage at carnival. Prune potatoes.

July 18 Snake out gutter spouts. Find Witch Pentagram pendants both upright and inverted at carnival after lunch of sausage.

July 20 Harvest first radish and peppers.

July 22 Scab and putty Primrose Motel lawn chairs.

July 23 Reorganize cabinet with separate shelf for mint. Weed out rosehips and hibiscus.

July 24 Visit boring auction at LSC, Lyndon State College.

July 25 In Gezzelle's yard, enjoy Toasted Almond and Strawberry Colada while watching Stars and Stripes Parade. Army tanks, followed by Scottish pipers doing a rousing "Piping Tim of Gallway". Incredible Uncle Sam on stilts and medieval giant puppets, Death etc. 4 PM Barbecue chicken and Scottish dancing girls. I think I finally like this town.

July 26 At 10 AM Brunch on the Common. Talk with Dick. Have Omelet, banana bread, hotcakes, potatoes, ham, date bread, lasagna. Three helpings in all. Talk with nice lady in 60s about many things. Show Dick vegetable garden. Visit Fiddlers' Convention and summit of Burke Mountain. Climb tower in high wind. Tower sings from wind-friction vibration like a violin.

Wind-surfers traverse width of Lake Willoughby in seconds. See incoming squall with black funnel-cloud, and drive through it. Stop at Crystal Lake too. Nice clouds.

July 27 Bill arrives at 9:30 AM, fucks the duck for about 20 minutes, and then tars back roof. 2:30 Portland Glass installs cellar storm window.

July 28 Prep and paint bow-back Winsor, two lawn chairs, and rocker.

July 29 Paint rocker. Harvest first wax beans, spinach, and turnip. Seed with grass near east fence.

July 31 Read margin notes and make minor clarifications in Libertarian writings.

Aug 1 At 9:30 AM Bill tars front roof. My cleanup goes well into night.

Aug 1 Morn. Hear about hundreds of Iranians, thankfully not Pomeranians, being killed in Mecca. Aft. Study info on coal stoves.

Aug 4 Town tars in front of house. Study gun catalogues.

Aug 5 Vibrations from tar roller begins walking colognes, about 50 bottles of good designer stuff, off maple desk. I save them just in time. Eve. Chase bat into Ballroom where he lands on curtain. After flushing out of Sitting Room with loud hand clap, I give up. This one fears me and is hiding.

Aug 6 Autumn foliage is beginning in maple SW of tower. Buy many medicinal herbs at Natural Provisions, thus beginning a true Witch's Cabinet. Eve. Bat comes into kitchen. He retreats to the third floor. I keep him at a distance with dust mop in Ritual Chambre until he flies out window.

Aug 7 Visit Plymouth. Have lunch. Get film. Decide to put off going to Holderness Science Center. Visit bank in Concord. Buy Ninja knife and three death stars from nice lady at Yin and Yang Shop. Check in at Statler. Shrimp at China Pearl. Bamboo is rotten. Arrive at Naked Eye with idea of making up with Katy. She no longer works at Naked. Linda confirms this and says she will find out where Katy is moving. Dorrie is back in Florida. The place is overrun with fluffy young blondes who all look alike. I'm getting too old for this. See Roxanne outback. See Jazz hustling drinks. Linda gives me 666 tape to borrow - by rock group Aphrodite's Child.

Aug 8 Lousy breakfast at Burger King. Lousy Croissant at the Pain Cafe. Seek dungas with no success. A rude black woman actually scorns me for trying. Visit Ho Jo in Concord. Burger and buttercrunch frappe. Visit Yin Shop briefly. Stop near Cannon Mountain to take pictures.

Aug 10 Town puts down fine tar.

Aug 11 Even finer layer. Use Rapid Grow on corn and many of the vegetables. Guy from Houston stops to photo house. We talk a while.

Aug 12 Rake new gravel along sidewalk up to roadbed. Paint water pump green - R. McDougal, Galt, Ontario. Has maple leaf on it. Decide to paint all doors here a royal or cobalt blue.

Aug 13 Two hundred-plus ships in a multi national force are heading for the Persian Gulf. Biggest deployment since Nam. Will silver rise? Notice gold on Lussier's widow's walk. Decide to do Teahouse cupola roof, finial, and ball in gold. Raise window shades to 1/2. Gezzelle says it's going to be an early frost and severe winter. I think not. Mention grape arbor to David Williams.

Aug 14 Ships are now biggest force since WWII.

Aug 16 Get tar into Teahouse. Eve. Whack bat with dust mop and throw out window. Call Leo to report loud, bragging, swearing unmanlies across the street. Line is busy. I call State Police. Boys have a police radio, hear the order, and leave. Cops arrive, see nobody, and leave. Creeps come back. I call cops again and suggest they sneak back. Cops come back and kick them out. Bat comes into bedroom while I'm in bed. Kill with mop. Flush.

Aug 17 Rudolf Hess has hung himself. Lower window shades again because of heat.

Aug 18 Visit Lost River Gorge.

Aug 19 Harvest first tomato. Sort screws.

Aug 21 First eggplant.

Aug 23 Poison weeds, mostly on front walk.

Aug 24 Hear that Wolf Hess has heart attack while being harassed. Soak screws in phosphoric acid.

Aug 25 Raise window shades to 1/2. Burn wood in Morso stove for first time.

Aug 26 Visit Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury. A fine, very civilized museum with a magnificent collection of birds. See excellent Planetarium show.

Aug 27 Visit Caledonia Faire. Buy Rhodium-turquoise-coral ring for $2.50. Visit with girl clipping prime woollies. Watch trotters. Explain about big-stupid-boy trucks to a fine kid named Jake. Talk with Legionnaire. Resolution to petition Congress about CFR or Trilateral membership as mandatory campaign issue has not even been voted on yet. Buy strange item with sand in blue oil between glass. Called Sand Soother.

Aug 28 Sort wood in loft.

Aug 30 Put andirons and fire screens in Teahouse. Reorganize Teahouse.

Aug 31 Raise shades way up.

Sep 3 Go to Lancaster Faire. Talk with Dinosaur lady. Enjoy sweet sausage, pepper, and onion. Buy six kinds of fudge. See bunnies, two sisters, who look just like Katy. How I love them. See pretty trucks. Nice lady selling Jesus mentions getting terrible headache at seance. Says the Devil gave it to her. I suggest that maybe his tool was an ultrasonic device, that the individual running the seance hooked it up, and that the Devil made him do it. She agrees to possibility of this. See Vermont Castings stoves. Roast beef at dinner. Stop in Lunnenberg to photo mountains. Become friends with Golden Retriever. Turn in driveway at his house and see bunny with ears laid back resting on lawn. Soo pritee.

Sep 4 Stop by Hopkington Faire to see about ST pins. Place looks and smells of smoke just like in 1985. Visit Nashua PO. At City Hall find there is no more residence tax. Arrive at Statler to find a young wino's convention. Visit Imperial Teahouse and enjoy Lemon Duck- two firsts. I give Linda travel literature. New pushy barmaid rushes the drinks. Linda tells me Katy has moved to Dedham and is working at Alex's. Buy a drink for Jazz who is still not my type - somewhat unlibertarian.

Sep 5 Visit Museum of Science. Enter gift shop in new wing. See pulse generator. Talk with pretty young black girl. See amazing double hologram of two lion cubs. It's scary because it's like they're pickled inside it. See animal displays in east wing. Then on second floor west, a huge pulse tube. Astounding. This makes me think of 6th Grade, Jean Morse, the Geophysical Year, and the sense of promise through technology we all felt in the 1950s. See huge pulse globe. The sense of power I feel with this is awesome. Do Egyptian type shadow of myself with a flash and phosphorous screen. See Sailback and dinosaur skeletons. Have quiche and pasta salad with girl from gift shop at lunch. Hurry to Theater of Electricity. Most impressive. See third floor and second floor east. Enjoy planetarium show. In first floor west see wave tank and some very disgruntled men from India displaying crafts in the basement. Rush to Omni Theater where I experience the flight of a large bird of prey. This is so realistic that I want to flap my arms like wings. Sensation makes me airsick. At Science Park Station, train troubles force me into an overland journey to North Station with a Chinese girl, a nice black girl and her baby, and a pretty girl from Frankfurt. I induce them to this by offering myself as their protector. On the way we hear a good punk group doing early Black Sabbath. This from above. Probably the Ratskeller. Back to Statler. Jake's. Naked Eye.

Sep 6 Up early and off on cruise to George's Island. Hike around Fort Warren. See flirty young girl with strange eyelids rembling belly-buttons at lunch. Return.

Sep 7 Transplant Arbor Vitae. Harvest vegetables.

Sep 10 Bill works on coal bin, builds worktable. We go up to Calendar Brook for lumber.

Sep 15 As I stain worktable Bill tells me how Dean Parker knowingly poisoned the Lyndonville water supply with a land fill operation. Bill sees guys loading big barrels with skulls and crossbones on them. When Bill asks where those are going, he is told "down country somewhere". Bill also tells me about his pathetic psychological obsession with Jesus. I call Parker about his apes driving on my lawn.

Sep 17 Head north to Island Pond. Stop by Sharlyn Jordan's house, but no one home. Go up to Norton on the Canadian border. Down to Colebrook. Take wrong road twenty minutes south, retrace, and arrive at Balsams mid-afternoon. After lunch see flirty older lady in solarium. Explore the gardens still in bloom. Drive up to Al Capone's old hunting lodge, now a golf clubhouse. The management is reluctant to admit this bit of history, because they fear the hotel will become a place of pilgrimage for Mafiosos.

Sep 19 Take shuttle from Lincoln to Loon Mountain for Highland Games. On way to cafeteria, meet sexy charming Englishwoman, and then her Scottish husband in full Highland garb. As I eat my beef stew, talk to a woman of Clan Gunn who says that this area looks just like the Scottish Highlands, even to the way the fog embaces the mountaintops. Have a beer at the clubhouse. Run into reps for Clan Johnstone and suddenly understand my heritage from Scotland. Purchase kilt pin. In book, find that Clan Gunn is a sept of Clan Johnstone. See Athol Highlanders from hill. They will go from here to Athol MA 150th Aniversary, then to Washington for Bicentennial of Constitution. See flirty teenage blonde. Run into R. P. Hale. Look at stuff available. See pipe bands all together. Very "rousing" and most impressive.

Autumn Sabbat. Two ships are sunk in Persian Gulf.

Sep 24 Meet sexy girl at Laundromat. Eve. First frost coming tonight. Harvest pumpkin, corn, gourds, and vegetables in dark under light.

Sep 25 Visit Scottish Lion and Pinkham Notch. Wildcat Gondola and Mt. Washington Auto Road closed because of snow.

Sep 26 Light Fjord Jotel-Replica for first time. Start boiler.

Sep 27 Mulch gourds. Harvest tubers.

Oct 1 Sell all my gold. Make 14% over term. On phone with Clyde he starts yelling about earthquake. In the course of our conversation I explain about an uncle who has retired to the islands.

Oct 2 Pick-up gold and other stuff in Plymouth. Visit Polar Caves where I talk with cute girl. Stop at Morse Museum - closed. Ride Kancamagus, with nothing of the kanca manifest atall.

Oct 3 Take gold in rain to Lancaster. Have Hoagie at Old Susannah's.

Oct 5 Hear about quake in Los Angeles. Some deaths. Big one they are due for will be 100 times as great. I'll keep my assets elsewhere. Visit Mt. Washington Hotel. Combination of Autumn foliage and snow. Very beautiful. Chipmunks scooting around on carpet in lobby at breakneck speed. Nobody can catch them and they don't hurt anything anyway. Awaiting lunch talk on phone with Clyde who becomes quite hysterical about CFR and Trilateralists. I get too involved time wise, but manage to help his comprehension of it all. Lunch is a superb buffet in the grand dining room. I have roast beef and chicken, fudge sauce, pumpkin and Key Lime pie.

Oct 6 Polyurethane the work table.

Oct 7 Visit Fairbanks Museum. Take up membership.

Oct 9 Visit Cannon Mountain. Too late to go up. Snow on Mt. Lafayette.

Oct 11 First snow. Plan Toronto.

Oct 12 Paint down-spout screens. Soak rusty tools in phosphoric acid.

Oct 13 Enjoy chili at Cannon Mountain base lodge. Take Tramway to the snowy top. Smooth and quiet. Hike icy rim-trail to tower. Consecrate stone.

Oct 14 Cut half-cloth for upper hall window. Install porch drip edge.

Oct 15 Hang tools.

Oct 16 Stocks drop 108 points. Scrape kitchen steps.

Oct 17 Prep and chaulk steps.

41st Birthday. Paint kitchen steps. Double pawed cat visits. Pant Teahouse cellar windows and lallies.

Oct 19 Stock market falls a record 508 points - worse than 1929 by 15 to 22 percent. Our ships spend hours shelling an Iranian oil platform.

Oct 20 Record 102 point recovery. Paint three bookcases in the wind. Double pawed cat comes around again. Glaze upper hall window.

Oct 21 Iran will sue us in the World Court. Another record recovery - 187 points. Decide utility room will be in cellar with Laboratory. Mount cellar stair shelf.

Oct 22 Market down 77 points today. Cindy White drops by with Reveur and Tamarisk. Aft. Have two new tires put on diesel while I try a combo plate at the New Dragon.

Oct 23 Bill finally is back to finish bookcases. We move furniture and mattresses. Give him surplus corn eggplants, etc. Eve. Sort cologne on to new shelves.

Oct 24 Clean out gymnasium. Hang punching bag.

Oct 25 Furnish downstairs hall.

Oct 27 Finally vacuum down spout drain - also garage and north cellar.

Oct 28 Vacuum south cellar. Try Egg Foo Yong at Golden City after seeing Audry in shoe store.

Oct 30 Visit Keene PO, Colony Mill where I get Honeyrose Cigarettes plus mulled cider, Main PO, town treasurer, downstairs at Foodstuffs. Susan looks unusually witch-like as I buy many herbs, plus Cepes mushrooms. Renew registration. South on 32 to Athol. Ravenhurst looks wild. Nobody has pruned anything since I left. Hemlocks are a mess. Pick-up remaining Nazi eagle castings from Mrs. Gurdak. She says John died because the past winter was too hard. Have nice visit with Jean Fuller. Liver and onions at Cinnamon's. See Tony. Buy old map of Athol at Killay's. Get messed around by detours leaving Athol. See black kid wearing coon skin cap in Holyoke. "My goodness what a fancy boy". Visit Mall. Most impressive and on two levels. Visit N Meadow, then head north in rain to Peabody.

Samhain. After excellent breakfast next to also impressive Liberty Tree Mall, drive down at last to Pioneer Village. After walking around it, a very simple woman lets me in. Her husband gives me the tour. Drive past Pierce-Nichols and Cotings Assembly houses and Witch Dungeon Museum. Ask about map at Olde Town Hall. Have an Amaretto Colada at Lobster Shanty. See Laurie lead kids parade at Pickering Wharf. Haunted House looks unchanged. Visit Gretchen for an hour. Visit Psychic Fair. See beautiful Japanese plate with carp at Essex Institute. Have lobster pie at Shanty. Talk with Cathy Horan type woman. Visit shop with 1930s music on Essex Street. Ask about gift shops at Olde Town Hall. Visit Psychic Faire again. Visit Witch Museum gift shop, Sea-Witch where I buy a Salem souvenir plate, Pyramid Books where I am astounded by all the crystals and new books - Advanced Enochian Magick. Pick-up the carp plate at Essex Institute and head down 1A to Boston. Check in at Statler. Enjoy duck and strong vanilla tea at Star of Siam. Bore Linda with all my adventures.

Nov 1 Ham and eggs in Cafe Rouge. Drive over to Arnold Arboretum, pat salivating Labrador Retriever, and hike up Peters Hill. On way up, stop to eat crab apples. Think of my old friend George Lloyd and the days at Cambridge. To me now the best male friends I remember are the guys like him who never tried to belittle me in any way. Decide to pass on seeing the Hancock Tower. Head to North Salem NH. See America's Stonehenge. Proprietor knows my friend from Early Sites, Inc. Stop at Plymouth.

Nov 2 Arrange commemorative plates in Dining Room. Integrate new herbs from Keene. Study Old Athol map. Tremendous physical changes. Was prettier then, but is good place even now. I enjoyed Athol.

Nov 3 Study materials on America's Stonehenge.

Nov 6 Egg Foo Yong at Golden City.

Nov 9 Finish glazing front storm door.

Nov 10 Visit new Ames store. Test Lancer and Iron Colognes.

Nov 11 Head to Dixville via Norton. Stop at Balsams - closed until ski season. Climb to a frightening perch on Table Rock for an awesome view of the Balsams. There is ice on the trees around me. Take unmarked trail down. Trail runs out. Climb down steep face. Mental fatigue of picking my footing is very great. Hoarfrost is treacherous. Saves no time at all, 60 degree slope in places. Takes two hours. Stop for Chili in Errol.

Talk with girl in Upton Maine store overlooking Lake Umbagog. She reports on the expected fauna, but surprises me with a story about a woman being chased into her house by a Coy-Dog. I wonder if this wasn't just a human reaction. Drive down through Grafton Notch. Skirting Bethel, see girl resembling Katy thumbing. Naturally I don't stop. She is angry and slings her pack down. I almost decide to go back but wisely, triumphantly, and somewhat sadly, press on. See Shelburne Birches. Pass through Gorham at dusk.

Nov 14 Stop at bank in Concord. Nothing from the Rhinelands at P O. Stop at McKee. Proceed to Ho Jo's on Southeast Expressway and to Eastern Dog Show. Give and receive affection from two very special Samoyeds, one named Mindie. So pritee. Owner says they are so loving because Eskimos have always brought them into the igloo to sleep with them at night. See giant Borzoi. See old woman with raven hair and grotesque makeup,- a really evil look. Encounter two huge Japanese Malamute-type dogs, one with black face and a white kid, one with white face and a black man. Get lost, but blonde girl in doughnut shop helps me. Take train from Andrew to Park Street. Have Pressed Duck at Emperor of China. Lousy atmosphere. Drink with a very educated, but pretentious, Wilheimina. Am reunited with Ginger who I haven't seen since 1983, and before that, since 1979. We talk of Joyce Mathews, Jasmine, and Venus. Jasmine she says is married. Venus, she comments, was a very cynical girl and hated men. Back with Willie who begins drinking at an alarming rate and will not "bargain" with me when I complain of this.

Nov 15 Bacon and eggs at Ho Jo's. Many greasers. Pretty older blonde waitress. Move car to Common Garage. Sit in sun near fountain at Park Street. Apple muffin and cocoa at Mug n' Muffin,- the Skeletones. Hear grave, Phantom of the Opera organ at King's Chapel. Walk by Old South Church to Tea Party Ship. Sipping tea on board discuss many things with young brainwashed Israeli chap. Stop by Olde Statehouse. Not open yet. Visit Fanuel Hall gift shop. See commemorative plates. Talk to curt legionnaire while band plays at Fanuel Hall. Walk through Quincy market to Sharper Image - closed till noon. Tour Old Statehouse. See brunette I could take right there on the floor. Back to Sharper Image. Very crowded. See pulse globe. Visit Durgin Park for first time. Enjoy one-half roast duck. Good, but a bit tiresome with no orange sauce. Talk with a father and daughter from Salem, MA. Buy plate at Old State House. Stop for Hoagie in Concord.

Nov 16 Hike Witchinglands. See sign on rock "The Mob Rules" - Eeeyuh - and a Pentagram. Explore under back shed.

Nov 17 Fix front step.

Nov 18 Build cellar window well.

Nov 19, 1987 Stop at cement place on way to Barre. Meet huge, frisky, fluffy, Arctic fox-bear Samoyed named Ruby. So pretty. I love these dogs more than anything on earth except Katy.

Stop at Rock of Ages on way to Graniteville where I see another Samoyed and tour several quarries. Have nice roast beef in Barre, served by good hens. Visit Montpelier. See Statehouse. Stop in Stowe for tonic. Talk to nice blonde in early thirties. Smuggler's Notch Road is closed. Return via Morrisville where I am impressed by all the nice brick buildings