The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Aug 12 1994 - Apr 10 1997

Aug 12 Nevada County Faire. Under big pine trees enjoy lambs, goats, root beer float.

Aug 14 Map study. Begin printing World Libertarian Revolution.

Aug 16 Morn. Pick blackberries.

Aug 19 Rewrite introduction "Magick" in Traditinal Arcane Teachings.

Aug 21 Change subtitle of World Libertarian Revolution to and the Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny.

Aug 22 Ad my motto to World Libertarian Revolution. Bert calls. He informs me that we now have 273 WLO members. He is going to mimeograph his copies of the books and send copies to all.

Aug 24 Mail 19 copies of World Libertarian Revolution. North Lake Tahoe. Fragrance Outlet. Lunch at Harvey's, fried chicken. Incline Village. Atrium 2 ST. Send CO letter to Liberty Lobby.

Aug 25 Reformat Traditional Arcane Teachings to absorb appropriate index cards.

Aug 26 An update on fauna here: Turkeys harass rabbits and adult deer at rest. Squirrels engage in much active play probably, because they have an easier life here. Fauns harass rabbits. Geese are back. Revise general prologue of Traditional Arcane Teachings.

Aug 28 Thin books (62 to sell off).

Aug 29 Morn. Blackberries. Aft. begin annual review of Journal finally. Begin reading Up From Depression and Five Keys to Past Lives. The Revelation of Zachariah is now complete, letters have arrived by now.

Sep 4 Begin dye lots with red.

Sep 11 Blackberries.

Sep 12 At 5:25 AM First earth tremor.

Sep 20 Cologne this season is Burberry's. Talk with Sterling Warr-Prior, geologist at Sierra College about impending tectonics. He expects no cataclysm. I forget to ask him about gravitational pull during planetary alignment, however.

Autumn Sabbat. Read book on literary agents.

Sep 23 Blackberries. Pine cones.

Sep 28 Read Writer's Market.

Sep 30 Finish typing Traditional Arcane Teachings.

Oct 3 Add "Divinations" to Traditional Arcane Teachomgs.

Oct 11 Drive up to Reno. Explore estate section. Skyline Drive has deciduous foliage like New England. See many Porsches on car lots. Buffet at Hilton, superb flank steak like London Broil. Down to Carson City, nicer than I thought, to Tahoe. Root beer float at Zephyr Point. Grand cologne purchase at Fragrance Outlet, "that lingering birch note".

Oct 16 See "Unleaded Special".

Oct 19 Photograph bridges in Pulga. Club Sandwich in Paradise Pines. Explore Paradise generally.

Oct 22 Pill says she likes World Libertarian Revolution.

Oct 26 Hike Big Trees State Park. See tree with trunk eight feet in diameter, Redwoods maybe 200 feet tall, like arrow shafts for Zeus. Fried Chicken at Forest Hills. Butter Pecan ice cream and car dealers in Auburn.

Oct 29 Change toner.

Samhain. Morn. Ritual. Work.

Nov 2 Splendid day at Empire Mine State Park.

Nov 13 Explore Bircheville to Nevada City. Lunch at Denny's. Explore Ridge Road area.

Nov 14 Explore Banner Lava Cap Road.

Nov 22 Visit Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, Pennington Road. Drive through Thermalito. Visit Oroville Dam. Prime rib at Pinnochio's. Buy a Thanksgiving chicken at KFC in Marysville.

Nov 27 Read 1994 Writers' Market. Aft. Bert calls to tell me he is moving to Stockholm and that I will need to find a new Grandmaster for the CO. He suggests me. I agree and will self-inititiate.

Nov 29 Dr. Anthenill at 9 AM.

Dec 1 Mail Revolution publisher queries.

Dec 4 Begin AMD and CFA activity.

Dec 8 Visit five department stores at Sunset Mall. London Broil at Black Angus. Visit Colfax

Dec 9 Explore Banner Mountain Road. Other places. Denny's.

Dec 10 Mail twenty four copies of Revolution. Call Ed.

Dec 16 Cologne this season is Zino Davidoff. Create AA and CFA fields.

Dec 19 Write to Bill Winsor.

Dec 23 Begin thinning out stuff.

Dec 26 Write Gale Research about WLO listing.

Dec 30 Explore Idaho-Maryland and Banner Mountain. c Noon. At Lava Cap facing north towards the mountains perform self-initiation as Grandmaster of the Children of Odin, a brief and informal business. Denny's. Slate Creek. Cement Hill. Newtown Road.


Jan 1 Call Ed.

Jan 10 New stove. Flooding in cellar.

Jan 12 Talk with NW Publishers, who will required me to do local talk shows.

Jan 15 Reflect on talk shows, as to how I would handle being interviewed.

Jan 21 Call Doug Clickenger.

Jan 22 See movie about Mormons called "Avenging Angel".

Jan 25 Lunch at not so Wonderful III.

Jan 26 Write WLO information piece.

Jan 27 Begin "EA" file for the Gale Research Encyclopedia of Associations and write CO information piece.

Jan 29 Explore Banner Mountain Road. Sizzler. Visit Bircheville.

Feb 1 Sort botanical prints.

Feb 2 Reno PO. Mail CFA "End to Socialism" letter to national leaders.

N 3 CO

Within two weeks I see Jesse Jackson on TV refer, probably to this letter, and the expectation of racial warfare mentioned therein, as being "cynical". He's a smart man and may well prove to be right. Time will tell. Hilton buffet.

Feb 3 Gather cones, rake, sweep deck.

Feb 5 Design OY membership certificate.

Feb 6 Write shrunken head letter.

Feb 8 Begin thinning files.

Feb 10 Bring up firewood.

Feb 11 Rake firewood area.

Feb 12 Thin out insulators and cars.

Feb 13 Divide arcane material into Traditional Arcane Teachings and Arcane Fraternal Orders.

Feb 14 Mail WLO pofile update to EA. Thin minerals.

Feb 21 Spray ants outdoors.

Feb 28 Visit mineral and book stores in Nevada City.

Mar 1 Color code files.

Mar 3 Organize business cards.

Mar 13 Mail Evolutionary Psychology proposals. Plan antiques.

Mar 14 Bring down stamp collection.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Obsession. Visit Antiques Emporium in GV.

Mar 17 Pan for Gold in Wildwood Greenway stream.

Mar 24 Receive insane and very un-wizard-like letter from Robbs.

Mar 25 Write bigger introduction for Traditional Arcane Teachings at request of editor.

Mar 27 Valerie Morrison, editor, calls.

Mar 29 Separate first ten sections from World Libertarian Revolution. This becomes separate book Evolutionary Psychology.

Mar 30 Visit Paradise Pines. Prime rib again at Pinochio's. Bille Park. Mountain View Estates. Skyway to Chico. Thermalito. Rte 99 to Marysville.

Apr 6 Visit Walker's Office Supply in Grass Valley, then their Auburn store, for paper. Twin Dragon. Bel Air.

Apr 7 Add selected material excerpted from Evolutionary Psychology as preliminary information for World Libertarian Revolution.

Apr 8 Same. Add Evolutionary Psychology material to preface Traditional Arcane Teachings. Add some Revolution material at the end of Evolutionary Psychology for a better transition.

Apr 12 Add "War" and "Victory" footnotes.

Apr 15 List antiques.

Apr 16 Call Arch Steenberg.

Apr 17 Do maintenance on Arvin electric heater number two.

Apr 19 Add quotations to World Libertarian Revolution.

Apr 21 Lose a molar filling eating candy in the Sierras on way up. Reno PO. AA Standard, SPC. Visit office of Dr. Perri, then back to Dr. Schill's office.

Apr 22 Blend herb tea. Call Pill. She mentions the Oklahoma City Bombing. My basic thought is: Take the incident, then subtract the deaths of one or two innocent adults and that of nineteen innocent children and what remains is a heroic act of patriotism. The problem is, one cannot subtract these things.

Apr 25 Mail proposals on World Libertarian Revolution. Eve. Finish reading The Riddlemaster of Hed.

Apr 26 Fix Arvin heater number one.

Apr 27 Begin reading Bonnie and Clyde.

May 1 Read about auctions.

May 2 Mail proposals on Evolutionary Psychology.

May 5 Mail more proposals on World Libertarian Revolution.

May 6 Review house plan.

May 8 Plan Washington State trip.

May 10 Visit Pyramid Lake. Some snow on peaks. Hilton Coffee Shop for steak and cheese sandwich, buffet closed.

May 11 Begin thinning catalogs.

May 12 Poison bats. Photo shrunken head.

May 17 Begin sequencing old letters.

May 19 Sacramento PO. Governor's Mansion office. Stop at Discovery Museum.

Vile pasta and seafood with sour string beasns aboard paddle wheel Delta King. Tour Port of Sacramento.

May 20 Re-figure colognes.

May 22 Eve. Finish reading Bonnie and Clyde.

May 23 Begin thinning magazines. Eve. Begin reading Conan: Hour of the Dragon.

May 26 Take books to Nevada City. Donate most to County Library.

May 31 First of two dump loads of stuff thinned out.

Jun 1 Figure expenses to operate as psychotherapist in Reno.

Jun 5 Get lost on way to No Name Road. See nice country in so doing.

Jun 14 Begin reading Radical Road to Wealth.

Jun 21 Cologne this season is M. Givenchy. Thin out old sex mail from 1981.

Jun Eve. Consecrate Lamp unto Venus. Finish reading Conan: Hour of the Dragon.

Jun 23 Eve. Begin reading Silas Marner.

Jun 29 Sort old newspapers.

Jul 2 Thin out stuff in Pa's dresser.

Jul 5 Reno. Lunch at J. A's Nugget. Especially good catfish, chicken livers. Drive up to Vista Blvd. Snow on slopes in east. Then South Hills, up over Mount Rose. Full snow fields. 105 degrees in Sacramento, 90 in Reno, 80 up here with kids snow boarding. Lake Tahoe. Colfax.

Jul 7 Write letter to Jack Simons.

Jul 11 Begin sorting old school papers.

Jul 18 Begin reading The Secret of the Ages.

Jul 22 Sort antiques clippings. Call Pill.

Jul 22 Eve. Finish reading Silas Marner.

Jul 28 Review The New Germany. Eve. Begin reading The Other.

Jul 30 First blackberries.

Aug 2 Morn. See movie "Bride of the Devil",

Aug 5 Swear "Oath of Silence".

N 0 OS

This means that for the rest of my life I will say as few words as humanly possible in any situation beyond the necessary of acheieving goals. This does not impose any limitation upon my writing.

Aug 7 Finish putting old photos in albums.

Aug 9 Work out lifetime sell-off schedule for my personal things. Eve. 9:30 PM Full Moon Ritual. Consecrate Liberator "...additionally as field athame..."

Aug 10 Thin out kitchen again.

Aug 11 Reno. South Hills. Peppermill. Especially good poached salmon, chef's omelet. South Hills. Reno Stead.

Aug 13 Thin out stuff in lowboy. Study Wenatchee WA.

Aug 17 Fix chalk sizer. Thin out stuff in trunks.

Aug 20 Finish reading The Other.

Aug 21 Flo picks up items for thrift shop donation 9 AM.

Aug 23 Chap from Hospice stops by also. Eve. Begin reading Scruples.

Aug 26 Sort old Currier and Ives calendars.

Aug 31 Write to Asatru Alliance for first time.

Sep 1 Organize business cards.

Sep 2 Recommend Dr. Greenburg's visualization therapy to Ed. He has pancreatic cancer. I hope he succeeds.

Sep 7 Reno PO. Mail AA Standard, SPC, CFA. South Hills. Clarion. Peppermill for lunch. Especially good chef's omelet, poached salmon, mahi-mahi. South Hills. Colfax for grilled cheese and caramel malt.

Sep 8 Overlap two pentagram stickers to become a Ten Rayed Star.

Sep 13 Type excerpts from Chadwick Hanson about Nicholas Noyes. Begin book revisions.

Sep 16 Bring out Autumn stuff.

Sep 19 Cologne this season is Hot. Mail proposals on Transpersonal Psychology. [Ultimately a total of five publishers express interest in at least one of my books. All, however, offer unacceptable terms. I don't like the editorial policies. Also Writer's Market warns that with co-publication the publisher will make their required profit on the sale of 1000 volumes and have little incentive to promote after that point, and usually will not. Finally decide to self publish. This means I will make no money for all the years of work. The lack of financial reward for my work, and for investing in real estate in Northern New England before the Depression is beginning to get a bit tiresome. [The ruined economy I left behind becomes a Nine Year Deflatinary Depression 1989-1998]. Visit Dr. Gabler.

Sep 22 Pack camphor-wood chests with curtains.

Sep 24 Sort health information.

Sep 26 Weaver's washes the Bullet Car.

Sep 28 Sort Autumn leaves.

Sep 30 Talk with Clan lady at Scottish store.

Oct 1 Launder desert blankets.

Oct 5 Organize remaining catalogs.

Oct 8 Sort old ID.

c Oct 10 Print CO Letter signing it with Bert's name as Assistant Director, to keep from using my own name for the time being.

Oct 11 Colfax PO. CFA and EA-CO. Reno PO. AA Standard, SPC, CFA Standard, EA-CFA. Reno. Visit Circus and C of C. Lunch at Nugget. Especially enjoy the filet of sole. Skyline Drive reveals only green foliage. Pumpkin malt in Colfax.

Oct 12 Study Reno material.

Oct 14 Paste Odin graphic.

Oct 16 Call Gale Research. Revise WLO material with them.

Oct 20 Haunted house closed in Sacramento. Visit Safetytown. Auburn.

Oct 21 Remove name Order of Yggdrasil from EA material, so that people won't think that the WLO is a Swedish social club.

Oct 25 Write Introduction to the WLO.

Oct 28 Call Chuck Eaton.

Oct 30 Create "Ten Rayed Star" file relative to activist branches:

Public Policy Organizations 

Aerir + Vanir

World Libertarianism

Order of the Ten Rayed Star

Ne~  1  TRS

Sentinels of Thor

Order of Yggdrasil

Children of Odin



Traditional Arcane Teachings

Mythology of the North

Arcane Fraternal Orders

Essays to Nordic Groups

World Libertarian Order


Evolutionary Psychology

World Libertarian Revolution

Libertarian Survival in America

Oct 31 Ritual. Ridge Road. Day in Nevada City.

Nov 1 Explore Banner Lava Cap, Ridge Road, Lake Wildwood Park, Almond Duck in Penn Valley, back to Lake Wildwood Park.

Nov 2 Begin reading Asatru material. Cement autumn leaves on lamp shades.

Nov 4 Call Ed. We discuss knife stores in NH.

Nov 8 Write Resume and Children of Odin Introduction.

Nov 9 Begin "Pantheons of the North".

Nov 17 A&A guy tells me about big temperature differences between Sacramento and Mendocino one day. 105 degrees as opposed to 42.

Nov 18 Call Pill and Ed. He and I discuss reincarnation.

Nov 24 Drive Beale Road. Very scenic. Get detoured into skirting Sutter Buttes because of wrong turn. My vision seems poor. Turkey dinner in Paradise. Rte 70.

Nov 29 Give stuff to Grass Valley Hospice.

Dec 5 New dentist Dr. Racine.

Dec 6 Find out from Dr. Absher that half of my visual fields are gone. Rapid deterioration of vision started about three days ago. He says loss will be permanent even after surgery.

Dec 7 Revise plan.

Dec 10 Change Pentacle to Yggdrasil.

Dec 13 Dr. Absher re-tests me and confirms pituitary tumor pressing on optic nerve.

Dec 16 Cologne this season is Iron. Call Ed for last time.

Dec 18 At this point I have learned that California will pay for my operation, because I can't. I can reconcile taking assistance only because Socialism has stolen from me all my life to sustain unworthy people. If they hadn't, I would now be at very least $210,000 richer and would have the money I need to pay the medical myself. Federal government tells me they will not pay a penny to save somebody's eyesight, but will gladly support the person forever once he has gone blind. "Internationalist lending requires natinal spending." Visit Dell He is helpful about my medical predicament, but utilizes this opportunity to reintroduce the subject of religion. In talking about virtual reality machines, he suddenly asks "Roy, do you think the Evil One will use them against Man?" His tone is very hateful, bigoted, and condescending. I now realize that redneck elements, present company excepted, try to draw Freethinking individuals out on the subject of religion for purely malicious reasons. We sit outside. He escalates his lunacy, suggesting that "Faith in God" should manifest itself as non-resistance to government tyranny. I make the mistake of observing that, from a cultural standpoint, there is no integrity for a person of European ancestry in "kissing up to Eastern personifications of diety". Only later do I realize that he probably considers that preferring my own cultural heritage is itself bigotry and that I am against him for not being a carbon copy of him. Visit Wildwood Park. Feel sad knowing that Ed will be gone soon.

Dec 19 Colfax PO, Reno PO, Steamboat PO, Silver Legacy astounds me. At Downtown PO get Box 40608. Leave at 3:30 PM. Heading through the Sierra, I think that Ed must have just gone through Transition because it appears that his spirit passes in front of my car. I note the time as 4:10 PM PST. Stop at Walker's.

Dec 20 Maggie calls saying that Ed went through Transition yesterday at 4 PM PST. Coincidence?

Dec 21 Decorate for Winter.

Dec 23 Call Pill. Perform first Asatru Ritual. Self initiate into Asatru Alliance. Write ritual "Rejoicing in the Sun".


Jan 2 After long journey through fog, visit Dr. Lewis in Sacramento [He refers me to nuerosurgeon, James Boggan. When I show indignation that Boggan's secretary, Nita, cannot understand English, she becomes sullen and uncooperative. In February, the vicious edge on her voice causes me to have somebody outside the office intervene to bring my case to Boggan's attention]. Visit Office Depot and Scottish Castle.

Jan 4 Visit Sierra Memorial business office.

Jan 5 First listing of WLO with Gale Research.


Jan 6 Remove novelty items from chambre. Move Magician and Venus to their proper stations. Make altar Nordic. Full Moon Ritual.

Jan 7 Polyurethane lamp shades.

Jan 9 Read Genealogy.

Jan 11 Read Ma's letters, those she saved from others to her.

Jan 12 Read my letters, those I saved from others to me.

Jan 14 Review college compositions and Dr. Sahakian's material on logical fallacies.

Jan 15 Read Pa's letters, those he saved from others to him.

Jan 16 Do "Future Incarnation" a hypothetical exercise based upon how current values would be applied to a future based upon today's more advanced technology.

Jan 21 Eve. Begin reading The Odin Brotherhood.

Jan 22 At 9 AM have MRI Scan. Snow on ground.

Jan 24 Study The Runes.

Jan 26 Finish writing "The Runes and Magickal Weapons".

N 0 OR

Jan 27 Write new Introduction for Evolutionary Psychology.

Feb 2 Get CFA information at County Library.

Feb 7 Blend herbs.

Feb 15 Colfax PO. Mail CFA "End to Socialism" to leaders. Visit Redrock. Compare smog in South Hills. Check out Harrah's. Buffet at Silver Legacy. One-step Market. By now I have facial edema and optic nerve pain. Person ahead of me at checkout seems to marvel at my bear-like appearance.

Feb 16 Eve. Finish reading Scruples.

Feb 17 Make calls to Redrock.

Feb 19 Log in Eaton and Clickenger material. Finish reading The Odin Brotherhood.

Feb 20 Eve. Begin reading Elric Sails on the Sea.

Feb 22 Go back to using Pa's toaster oven.

Feb 23 Get house ready for visit from Brooke Sivo. Have decided to sell everything, buy a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, tour the West, and then shoot myself when the money runs out [this based on an absence of information that my tumor is probably not malignant].

Feb 26 At 9:30 AM Mr. Sivo visits. Egg Fu Yong for lunch. Revise plan.

Mar 1 Finally place vitamin order.

Mar 2 Call Oveda.

Mar 3 Read Cathy letters saved from 1963.

Mar 5 Write to museums about shrunken head.

Mar 6 Get more CFA information at County Library.

Mar 7 Call Blue Lantern Publishing.

Mar 9 Bring down glass insulators. Move model cars. Refine bedroom shelevs.

Mar 10 Rearrange toy shelves. Roots.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Balli. Stop reading Elric. Not my cup of tea.

Mar 17 Refine antiques list.

Mar 20 Visit Colfax PO. Redrock Nevada. Look at model house near lake. Peppermill. Visit University of Nevada. Colfax drive-in, for the usual grilled cheese on sourdough and caramel malt?

Mar 22 Write "Survival Strategies for Libertarians in North America". Eve. Begin reading The Seekers.

Mar 24 Call Tim Mitchell [ "Libertarian" friend who I nearly entrust to carry on my work, but it turns out he has the usual Socialist acceptance of race-mixing coerced by government. I'm glad I find this out in time].

Mar 28 See Dr. Boggan 10:45 AM at UC Davis. Find out that secretary Nita did not bring my case to his attention at any time. This delay has nearly cost me my life. I consider this attempted murder and will eventually deal with it as such. Check into the Vagabond Motel. Day in Old Sacramento.

Mar 29 At 10 AM Ultrasound. 12:45 Dr. Chole. He says I'm the fourth pituitary tumor case seen that morning. Steak sandwich in cafeteria.

Mar 30 Begin writing up the 1945-1978 period preceding this journal, but done in same format.

Apr 21 Finally finish "Last Will and Testament". Feelin mighty low. Even Liz with long fingernails couldn't get me up today.

Apr 22 Pre-op exam.

Apr 23 Surgery at 6 AM. Intensive Care.

Apr 26 Root beer. Home via Route 65 from Roseville to Marysville.

Apr 29 Back to see Dr. Chole at UC Davis. Route 65. Taco Belle. Dr. Pepper.

May 2 Visit Dr. Boggan at UC Davis. Route 65. Taco Belle. Mountain Dew. Eve. Sacramento calls about electrolites. Sierra Memorial. Ambulance back to UC Davis.

May 6 Leave hospital. Greyhound to Auburn and Gold Country Stage to Grass Valley.

May 7 Reorganize personal jewelry.

May 8 Put vitamins in chemistry bottles.

May 11 Call Maggie. List "Sales and Keep items".

May 16 Load car. Dr. Boggan at U C Davis. BLT in Cafeteria. Visit Sharron at Butterfield. Rte 65. Dr. Pepper at Taco Bell.

May 18 Fix playing card box.

May 24 Pack bedroom.

May 26 Antique dealer Oveda Maurer visits with husband.

Jun 1 Move minerals to porch.

Jun 5 Do antique Polaroids for Mike Smith.

Jun 6 Pack up lots of good hen stuff for Pill and Linda.

Jun 10 Don Morey looks at minerals.

Jun 13 Visit Shaw's Antiques. Beautiful Liz Atwwod on duty.

Jun 15 Create Lotto File. John Delaney calls.

Jun 19 Cologne this season is Cleiborne. Pick up Tolstoy bronze in San Francisco. See government buildings and wharf area.

Jun 21 Quite an assortment at Miner's Clinic. Kids today are real dirty thinkers and talkers, much more so than when I was a kid.

Jun 22 Study Washington State material.

Jun 25 High water looks nice in Lake Wildwood Park.

Jun 27 Visit jeweler in Grass Valley. Hamburger Station. Hike Independence Trail. Air is very fragrant. Save life of teenager with tan Labrador Retriever.

Jun 30 Photo antiques.

Jul 9 Visit Redrock. Explore entire area. Reno PO. Buffet at Nugget. Bordertown

Jul 10 Decide to move to Washington.

Jul 13 Make my version of Brosingamine.

Jul 15 Thin spice cabinet.

Jul 17 Call Sandy at Gale Research.

Jul 18 At 9 AM U C Davis. MRI. Ham and Cheese? 11:00 Dr. Boggan. Will need another surgery. Hologram Company. Am insulted by panhandling greaseball. Rte 65. BLT Soft Taco.

Jul 20 Pick blackberries.

Jul 25 Minwax large trestle table.

Jul 28 Call Beverly Harrington. We speak of UFO's. She has seen the same things in the Vermont sky that I saw over Athol.

Jul 30 Drop lamp and Terry Clock in San Francisco. Excellent roast beef and red cabbage at Lefty O' Dooles. Hear teo guys doing Soundgarden's new song very well. Find Golden Gate Bridge in fog. Route 65. Cheese Quesadilia.

July 31 Hereabouts finish reading The Rockefeller Files.

Aug 8 Paint cast metal pyramid brick lines.

Aug 16 Glue furniture.

Aug 27 Pick up books at Ames.

Sep 1 Create file on behavioral peculiarities in the male chimpanzee.

Sep 2 Collect turkey feathers for war bonnet to be used in siege of Washington D.C. I will carry the fight to the enemy.

Sep 5 Field test at office of Dr. Lewis. Route 65. Quesadilia.

Sep 7 MTV Video Awards.

Sep 10 Eve- Finish reading The Seekers.

Sep 11 Begin reading The Birthgrave.

Sep 13 Begin refinement of tables in Traditional Arcane Teachings to include "Scroll T" arranged also in the traditional fashion of 777.

Sep 22 Cologne this season is Paul Sebastian. Sequence books from Ames. New interest in historical novels.

Oct 1 Reno PO. Buffet at Peppermill. South Lake Tahoe. When I visit Fragrance Outlet, Tim puts me on the phone with a fledgling Libertarian.

Oct 18 Pack laboratory stuff.

Oct 19 Pick last of blackberries.

Oct 20 Visit Renaissance Faire in Folsom. Good actors. Many people in costume for a faire of this size.

Oct 22 Eve. Finish reading Lost Cities and Forgotten Continents.

Oct 27 Pack electric trains.

Oct 28 Gather cones and sticks.

Oct 29 Begin the typing and editing of journal [Later entitled The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson].

Nov 1 Visit Colfax on broad-based CFA business. Visit local antique shop finally.

Nov 6 Unpack shrunken head back from NY.

Nov 8 Beautiful foliage on trip to Bridgeport. Visit North San Juan. While seeking Malakoff Diggins, see water-blasted landscape, pat puppy and black cat at store. Denny's.

Nov 19 Begin writing Norse Magick.

Nov 28 Type out "Book of Stones".

Nov 30 Type out "Book of Divinations".

Dec 3 Drop book list at many stores.

Dec 4 Begin reading Unholy Alliance.

Dec 18 Colfax PO. As I approach the Nugget on Victorian Avenue am amazed to see huge new building added to the complex. Workers have Frenched it in so well that you can't tell where the addition begins. Roast Beef today is superb. Renew at Reno PO. Visit Redrock and Bordertown.

Dec 21 Yule c Noon. Finish Yule and Full Moon Ritual with Initiation celebrating recent completion of Introduction to the Children of Odin.

N 4 CO


Jan 3 Egg Foo Yong in Penn Valley. Explore McCourtney and Lime Kiln area. Chap at gas station in town says fire risk there is very great.

Jan 6 Call Asheville NC. No upgrade on National Climatic Atlas since the 1960s.

Jan 8 At 2:33 PM finish writing Norse Magick wherein is illustrated the system of attainment associated with the Order of the Ten Rayed Star.

Jan 23 Watch "Peyton Place" again.

Jan 25 Create Alpha file as a schedule of upcoming events.

Jan 28 Deal with plumbing problems.

Feb 3 At noon, alone under a steely gray sky among snow capped peaks on bluff overlooking Pyramid Lake in Nevada, finish Grand Ritual founding the Order of Midgard. Atrium 3 OM. Visit Reno Post Office. Fine buffet at Silver Legacy. While consuming giant root beer, speak of skiing, martial arts, swords and sorcery with a talkative kid at A+W in Colfax.

Feb 5 Write WLO letter to prisoner.

Feb 6 Fix mailbox.

Feb 7 Re-create expanded version of "Ten Rayed Star" file.

Feb 8 Call Pill who sounds grumpy in aftermath of cataract surgery.

Feb 9 Write intro to Norse Magick after massive upgrades.

Feb 10 Add special section "Athame" to Norse Magick.

Feb 12 Visit Dr. Chang.

Feb 15 Reserve motel room in Pocatello Idaho for two week period of May 5, 2000 during the Grand Alignment.

Feb 16 Organize reading plan.

Feb 17 Begin reading De Arte Magicka.

Feb 18 Type "Life Index" and "Future Incarnation" as part of Liber Artis Magnae.

Feb 19 Review notebooks. Type up "Romance".

Feb 23 Prune those bushes that brush Library windows in the wind. Gather cones.

Feb 26 Name the grades of attainment.

Feb 28 Review Bibliography.

Mar 1 Eve. Begin reading Homeopathy.

Mar 2 Plan library at next house.

Mar 4 Finish reading De Arte Magicka.

Mar 6 9:45 AM Visit Dr. Boggan. BLT, tapioca, chocolate milk at UCD Cafeteria. Eve. Stop reading Homeopathy.

Mar 7 Write small essay "Facing the Problems for Liberty in the USA". This is the first non-libertarian thing I have written, but I have come to believe that the only way there can ever be a Libertarian society in the USA is by exiling all identifiable groups who exhibit ongoing antagonism to Libertarian principles. The things advocated are directed also at rectifying mistakes made earlier in our history.

Mar 10 Figure vitamins.

Mar 12 Visit dump. 2 PM Visit Dr. Chang who is late. Nurse tells me tat he is doing a hepatoscopy at the hospital. Beautiful blonde at chicken counter in Raley's asks me "Do you see any particular pair of thighs that you find desirable, Sir?" I beam with delight. The dames still like me even with my current Cushing facial edema. Nurse Peggy last year said "Don't worry. It looks OK - like Kennedy". True, but it never occurred to me. Freya has made it so that no matter what happens I remain irresistible to women.

Mar 17 Cologne this season is Armani. BLT and tapioca at U C Davis Cafeteria. Pre-op exam. Discuss skiing with nurse. Check in at Beverly Garlands. Girl escorts me to restaurant where I have a spinach pasta salad.

Mar 18 c 8 AM. Brain surgery. Awaken in ICU about 2 PM in a universe of pain. Request minimum morphine. Remain awake. All goes very well. Bad nausea.

Mar 19 Hear nurses discussing the fact that I had a bad boner when one of them checked my catheter. They all seem very pleased by this. It's a very good sign after a pituitary operation. By 8 PM Feel almost normal, but weak. Eat enormous breakfast - OJ, scrambled, bacon, applesauce, bran muffin, Cream of Wheat, chocolate milk, coffee. Aft. MRI scan very unpleasant at this time. Return to main floor. Skinny nurse makes me very horny. Eve. Talk with Peggy. Mike has to move me to a quiet room because of old redneck having seizure and yelling.

Mar 20 Cute nurse with grey eyes and sassy ponytail. Leave hospital c 4:30. Return via Rte 65. Soft drink at Taco Bell.

Mar 21 Sierra Care nurse visits.

Mar 24 At 1 PM nurse visits. Begin printouts with Norse Magick.

Mar 26 Clean new ST Dagger.

Mar 27 Refine Ritual Chambre. Nurse visits.

Mar 28 Resume reading The Runes.

Mar 30 Begin proofing the book in hand.

Mar 31 Thin notebooks. Create "Past" file.

Apr 3 8:45 AM Visit Dr. Boggan, who says I won't need another MRI for six months. Barry Emerick says I can probably go five years without another surgery. Have superb sausage at breakfast in cafeteria. Also lemon pudding.

Apr 4 Eve. Finish reading Unholy Alliance. Well-researched and written. Immature, hysterical, and very anti-Nordic, however. Insulting to people of Pagan religion in general, especially Wicca, Celtic, and Asatru. Reasoning doesn't seem to take into account that not all Nordic people practicing their true heritage are Nazis. Most are not.

Apr 9 Scan Nostradamus, The New Revelations. Aft. Map study. Eve. Begin reading Wonders of the World.

Apr 10, 1997 Eve. Begin reading Bruce Lee's Basic Kung Fu Training Manual