The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Feb 19 2001 - Jun 23 2004

Feb 19 Dean Miller calls with the info I requested.

Feb 20 Get Cashew Chicken at the Chinese Duck house.

Feb 21 Visit Saddlehorn. Traces of snow.

Feb 22 Today I talk to the third person who recognizes my name from 1980-1982 when I was brokering large commercial-industrial properties. In those days I never thought much about how well known I was becoming. It's not surprising considering the amount of advertising I did worldwide durimg that period. I had 3 billion dollars worth of active listings, more than any other broker in the world. Not related, but later I spend $32,000 advertising Castle on the Green alone. Enjoy the chicken fried chicken a little less this time at the Top Deck.

Feb 24 Cindy looks very pretty today in a colorful dress and a yellow sweater. She books me two deals today. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce from China Diner.

Feb 27 Get three deals today.

Feb 28 Visit three banks to compare rates.

Mar 1 New cologne tis season is Hayman. Mussels with Black Bean Sauce from China Diner.

Mar 3 By way of excusing myself from not pursuing a relationship with Cindy, I tell her of my feelings about heroic destiny, but not about Witches. Second order of duck from China Diner.

Mar 10 Rachel pats me on the head today. Get Strawberry Chicken at Asian Garden, a place recommended to me by Joey Bullard.

Mar 14 Enjoy Sushi for the first time at Seoul.

Mar 16 c 3:15 PM Joe Hughes and I enjoy fine, lean corned beef served by Kim in the kitchen at work. I make a very thick sandwich and add a trace of Dijon mustard. Christy and I are dismayed by the absence of dill pickles.

Mar 17 "Beating-Cops"? Enjoy Tempura Oysters from Seoul.

Mar 18 Update listing for WLO in two international encyclopedias via Email.

Mar 20 At 7:15 AM finally drop my car at Reno Mitsubishi for a tune up. The old girl has been running on three cylinders for quite a while.

Mar 21 Delightful girl from Brisbane helps me at H+R Block.

Mar 22 Pizza at work again today. I have seven narrow pieces to sample all the varieties.

Mar 23 Set up Advantage accounts with Bank of America.

Mar 24 Cindy is cool towards me now. Asian Gardens yields Beef with Snow Peas.

Mar 28 Calendar 118 callbacks at work because "Old Coffee Mug" Robin Brown, the Star Ship equivalent of Scotty, is leaving. I'll miss her.

Mar 29 Enjoy fried clams at Long John Silver's.

Mar 30 Don Galamore leaves for four months in jail because of DIU offenses.

Mar 31 Talk to Irene Pharis today. Dell had a stroke. Mui Shu Pork at China Diner.

Apr 3 T-roy tries to break my eardrum again today. I think of cracking his ribs, but with my broken back, the exertion alone would put me in the hospital and probably ruin the rest of my life, so I threaten to blow his brains out instead. He goes out of his mind and starts screaming obscenities. He is a constitutional psychopath and irredeemably evil. It's not his fault, just bad genes, but people like him should be put to death the minute they are diagnosed. He will undoubtedly end up a serial rapist and/or killer and either be executed or spend most of his life in prison. This nonsense and all the work I have not done promoting my books, decides me to take a little vacation from Quintus.

Apr 5 Moo Goo Guy Pan from Asian Garden. Excellent.

Apr 9 Decide to investigate possibility of investment property. Visit bank and talk to the arrestingly beautiful tall blonde goddess Ms. Quirk. Have scallops for lunch and short ribs for supper, both procured at Winco.

Apr 11 Come outside after long day at Getchel Library to find a blizzard. Holy Bar...

Apr 12 Create a Yahoo account for the WLO.

Apr 14 Create new WLO website in Tripod. Not bad- red, white, and blue with a spinning globe.

Apr 15 Create CO website in MaxPages.

Ne~ 5 CO

Apr 16 Visit Quintus for paycheck. Bill tells me he had to terminate me because one cannot take a vacation without a written request. I ask if I can just reapply and he says I can. Tim comes out of his office and tells me "We can just call it a leave of absence".

Apr 17 At Kinko's, transfer CO introductory material to the new website.

Apr 18 Do automatic submition of both sites to over fifty search engines.

Apr 19 Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary today. Create a sales affiliate link with Laissez-Faire books. Pan-fried sheep guts from Seoul. Good, but too chewy.

Apr 20 Anniversary of Columbine massacre today.

Apr 21 Link CO site with Occult World Register under the Circle of Illumination Web Ring.

Apr 23 Order blue shirt at J C Penny.

Apr 24 Get computer out of PV Mini Storage.

Apr 25 Long awaited pleasure of updating Alpha file. Doesn't require all that much.

Apr 27 Write book descriptions for CO website.

Apr 28 Link CO Site under an affiliate program with Azure Green Occult Supply Store. Also reciprocal links with the Circle Webring, and the Wiccan Coffee Talks Webring. Should mention that I have slowly made the CO website exquisite. Against a parchment colored background, it has a burning multi-colored eleven rayed star, a spinning globe, a raging bonfire, and a horned skull with red candle light flickering inside, Thor's Jack o' Lantern. All of these features occur at appropriate places in the text. Thank you, Max-Pages.

Apr 29 Under affiliate program with create "WLO Superstore" with links in both the WLO and CO websites. The store stocks over 500,000 different items: electronics, books, movies, and music.

Beltane. Eve: Finish first update of this journal since January 17, 2000.

May 4 Pineapple Duck from Asian Garden. Eve: Create Book file.

May 6 At 8:30 visit Stead with Maria Kos to look at houses.

May 7 At 9:00 Visit more houses.

May 8 Spend entire day figuring expenses, and end by reconciling my accounts at B of A.

May 10. Write to Dean about hooking up Quintus with ACN. Do all day printing job updating AMD letters and CFA functions.

May 11 Government decides to postpone execution of Timothy McVeigh until June 11. Mail CFA documents, "Evolutionary Perspective" and "Obstacle to Liberty" to Nordic groups. Get Barbecue Pork Tofu rice at downtown China Diner.

May 12 Get address of Death Row in Terre Haute. Eve: Write draft of a letter to Timothy McVeigh.

May 13 Decide to make the following offer to McVeigh. If he will write me a letter stating the ten most important changes he would like to see in government, I will publish it on the WLO website, plus I will also use it as a preface for my "Revolution" book. 12 PM Research news to see what arrangements McVeigh may already have relative to giving himself a voice. Gore Vidal has been communicating with him for months. He has a biography already in print.

May 15 Refine my long term schedule.

May 16 Add back the longer WLO goal content to the WLO site.

May 19 Sew up links to both sites for the present. Finish basic letter to Timothy McVeigh.

May 20 Proof letter. Print it out.

May 21 Awake with strong reluctance to send the letter. This is overcome by an even stronger reluctance not to send it. Think awhile. Make some important changes. Re-print it. Send it priority mail from Vassar Street branch on the way to Winco.

Ne~ 1 ST

At Getchel, create a new page on the WLO website where I announce to all and sundry that I sent the letter. This is history in the making. This will also show McVeigh how the link will look if he agrees to my proposal.

May 22 At 8:30 AM visit the Pep Boys. Them boys treat me very fairly. Shrimp and crab cake at Long John Silver's.

May 23 View awesome Asatru animation at a huge Australian website.

May 26 Finish four day project where I have pruned the lotteries that I will play down to a mere dozen.

May 30 Hike the entire shore of Virginia Lake in 25 minutes. Am impressed by the variety of birds all mixed in with each other: Canadian geese, wild ducks, white ducks, seagulls, and assorted smaller birds. Explore the Washoe Golf course area.

Jun 1 Cologne this season is Tidal Wave. Visit Cold Springs in search of house with Usha.

Jun 2 Visit Sun Valley. Shrimp Special from China Diner. Visit Lemon Valley to see a rental.

Jun 5 Receive reply from Timothy McVeigh. Tomorrow I am going first to the Burnside Literary Agency and then the Reno Gazette with printouts of everything. 6:07 PM Finish adding the McVeigh material to the WLO material.

Jun 6 I promised Tim I would not comment on the words he sends me and I will not, but I should mention at this point that I do not consider it a good idea to blow up large buildings full of people that one does not know. It's a waste of good real estate and you might even kill one or two innocent adults. What if one of those children would have grown up to be a good Libertarian? This is an unacceptable sacrifice of long term possibility for short term utility. Children often transcend their parents. Good parents want this. It's how humanity advances. I don't consider nineteen dead children as merely "collateral damage" although the words do bear an ironical resemblance the kind of terminology that government uses when they murder people. This morning the judge has denied Tim's request for a stay of execution. I have told Tim that I will sell the correspondece and use the money to promote WLO goals. Call Associated Press at the Reno Gazette. They reserve the right to edit Tim's letter. Their emphasis about verifying the source makes me realize that I may have trouble proving that the letter is actually from McVeigh once he is gone. I can just hear the euphemistic terminology of the auctioneers in San Francisco twenty years from now as they very tactfully call me a liar. Sharon Burnside recommends that I contact a magazine like Newsweek, so I send a short Email to them, New Republic, Time, and US News. Can't get through to Reuters.

Ne~ 3 WLO

Eve: The popular slave rhetoric on TV tonight is that the "Lunatic Fringe" eg. Liberty Loving Americans, will now try to make a martyr out of Tim McVeigh, rather than seeing him from the official brain-dead viewpoint as merely a random murderer, who did what he did for absolutely no reason other than his own badness. It's as though they are saying in essence "McVeigh did a bad thing, therefore excess government in America is not a problem". The American Revolution began because of a British tax on tea, which by today's numbers, would amount to about one dollar a year per person. Let's use this as a baseline, and assume that Americans are as free spirited as they were in 1776. We might then say that if Americans were oppressed even one tenth of one percent as much by a foreign power as we are by our own government, and one of our young men killed a hundred and sixty eight of their people in one fell swoop, he would be proclaimed a national hero by Congress and the media. Of course, in olden times people didn't have cartoons, video games, virtual reality, and mindless arbitrary ball games to distract them from right thinking the way we do today. Even though the international financiers who control our politicians cannot legally finance domestic terrorism, they do make a fortune on all the surveillance, enforcement, and incarceration accruing to the unnecessary enslavement of American society, so why would they want to change anything?

Jun 7 Kinko's. Move McVeigh file to WLO website. Visit Reno Mitsubishi. Darryl Beck offers me a job selling cars at Park Lane Mall. I may try it if I'm desperate later. Crab cake and clams at Long John's. I make the WLO website really something at this point. I'm very pleased with the way I have turned out and at who I am today. Good parents, good dogs, good schools, and Cub Scouts have produced a superb and manly champion of American Liberty in my person. I'm glad that I care so much about the future of life on this planet. I feel very sorry for, and extremely contemptuous of, those who live only for drunkenness and joking. It wouldn't matter so much, but it's almost all the rest of humanity. Just myself and a few other good people against the vast legions of shamefulness. Most of them are not worth anyone's sacrifice. Every message about the WLO site which I post on the political message boards in Yahoo this afternoon ends up getting canceled. I have a letter in to them about this and I surely hope I don't have to punish them boys. Enjoy barbecued beef ribs at Top Deck. Tim refuses to appeal yesterdays refusal and he's preparing again for transition. A very strange young warrior. To be so serious at so young an age is unusual. Probably a carryover from a past incarnation. I hope that next time around he becomes an attorney or a writer instead.

Jun 8 Send Email to Pat Buchannan at American Cause plus Greta VanSusteren and Roger Cossack at Burden of Proof on CNN.

Jun 9 Pick up Korean Short Ribs at China Diner. Send telegram to Tim requesting that his attorneys send me address where media can verify our correspondence.

Jun 11 They murder my buddy today at 5:14 PST. He is stalwart to the end, exactly as I knew he would be. As I suspected he makes no comment. What he did was wrong because of the kids, but at least he was on the right side, which is probably more than we can say about most of his victims. Send Email about the website to militias and Libertarians. Post to McVeigh message boards. As I come out of the Getchel Library, there is a huge dark cloud overhanging the entire valley running north to south. Quite frightening in appearance, about twenty miles long, and unlike any I have ever seen. I think of the dreer skies of Scotland and McVeigh's ancestors. Aye, tis a bitter draught and a turdsome loaf, I tell ye. Woden will not let this day pass. The cloud in one of doom and foreboding. It portendeth only further strife and upheaval. The ravens will pick the bones of many Socialists before this century is over.

Jun 12 Visit Stead.

Jun 13 I have received no Email replies from any of the media. Just like with Associated Press apparently. With the full text of McVeigh's letter on the WLO site, I have superseded their selective editing process before the fact, and in so doing, have taken away their interest. Post to news message boards, including CNN.

Jun 14 Post to political and Oklahoma City message boards.

Jun 15 Send press release to Reuters. Study pictures of Mosasaurus Maximus online. Mandarin Pork Chop from Asian Garden. Hostess throws in two Crab Rangoons free of charge.

Jun 17 View free Halloween clip-art online. As I come out of the Getchel huge smoke clouds coming over the Sierra. It looks like the Tahoe Basin has erupted as a volcano. Luckily by bedtime the wind has managed to keep the smoke well to the south of the hotel. Do Arab enemies light fires in America?

Jun 18 Awaken to a sea of smoke. Can't even see the Peppermill when the sun comes up. KOLO says 12,000 acres have burned already. In yesterday's wind 6,000 acres burned in just four hours. WLO site builder access is down for awhile. Finally I get to move the copyright info to the bottom of the homepage. Approximately 200 people have visited the site since I did the upgrade with the McVeigh material on June 6. I guess my efforts have not been totally in vain. Eve: Write to Pill.

Jun 19 Smoke again this morning. KOLO says 17,000 acres have burned thus far.

Jun 20 Visit Bordertown to escape the smoke, but to no avail. Add small disclaimer to WLO website to avoid being totally misunderstood by the Legions of Slavedom. Eve: Inspiration while contemplating possible outdoor stone circle causes me to create table of useful attributions in "Norse Magick".

Midsummer 21 Smoke from the Tahoe fire is blown up high into a huge cloud mass over the city today so the air at ground level is clean. Update all component TRS degree attainment in personal journal. Hear on TV that John Lee Hooker has gone through transition. He made over 100 albums. Eve. Do Atria.

Jun 22 Hear the term "genetic discrimination" for the first time today. Combo Special at China Diner. Beef w Broccoli, Lemon Chicken, Pork Chow Mien.

Jun 24 Search mesquite and tiger maple furniture again. Also Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium. Am considering going back into metals instead of buying a house. Eve: Bring "Norse Magick" really up to a fine standard of usability by rearranging and completing columns of attributions.

Jun 25 After shrimp and clams at Long John's, run into Christie Weckerly at Winco. She tells me that she left Quitus about four days ago. She's now a caregiver for old people and likes the work. Ed left for college. Cliffie is still there. Christie says that sales have fallen to six per day with an average of fifteen agents, and that it's been like that ever since I left. Jim is even back to being a team leader, but has found a new girlfriend and is in love again. Joey Bullard, the Hogland girl, and Johnie Viega are still there. Alita has not succumbed to them jalopena and is still there. Pentup-gas is now selling cars. Lockery went to Telecom.

Jun 27 Eve: Write to Robert R. Nigh, one of Tim McVeigh's attorneys, to get verification of correspondence.

Jun 28 Visit Remcor RE. Fish and clams at Long John's. Add financial newsletters to RCP Yahoo bookmarks. Group bookmarks by category. Beef and Snow Peas from China Diner.

Jul 2 Drive up Mt. Rose Highway. Visit nice development among the evergreens. Get permission from guard and cruise through nice gated community called St. Mary's.

Jul 3 Starts raining hard as I leave Getchel Library.

Jul 4 C 9:45 PM See fireworks from the highest parking level at the Silver Legacy.

Jul 6 Explore the true Skyline Drive.

Jul 8 Get Almond Duck at Asian Garden.

Jul 9 Create new CO website with Drop unmutual Pagan links.

Jul 13 Add photos to WLO Site.

Hereabouts someone claims to have sited Chandra Levy in Reno.

Jul 14 Letter to Robert R. Nigh comes back undeliverable. Spend afternoon trying to find true address. Get Sweet and Sour shrimp at China Diner.

Jul 19 Finally try the Crispy Catfish from the China Diner.

Jul 20 Eve: See strange Arthurian movie, "The Mists of Avalon".

Jul 23 Mt. Etna in Italy is acting up.

Jul 24 Teach myself a little HTML code today. Upgrade all three websites.

Jul 25 Use HTML to add superb images to the Angelfire CO site. It is now superior to the Maxpages original.

Jul 26 Recently I had figured two things: to buy platinum at 360 to sell at 430 coming down from 450 and to buy palladium at 280 to sell at 750 coming down from 800. Honda, however, is going to develop the hydrogen technology suppressed by the oil people since the 1930s, so today I am researching gold and silver. Procure excellent Beef Tofu at Chinese Duck House.

Jul 27 Fish and clams at Long John's.

Jul 28 Receive letter from Robert Nigh. Search for data an currencies.

Jul 29 Eliminate most of the lottos I've been playing because of poor odds. Never realized how bad some of them are, 800,000,000 to 1. Hotmail has added file menu similar to Yahoo. Sort letters to new files as necessary.

Aug 1 Freyfaxi. On the way to Truckee see large burned areas in the Sierra resembling the Desolation of Smaug. Visit Post Office in Soda Springs.

Aug 2 China Diner for Seafood Saute Hotpot.

Aug 3 Big update of Judici fields.

Aug 4 Little interest in Hot August Nights auto parade on Virginia Street.

Aug 5 Change background color of CO site to green. Will change colors at every new season as I plan to with My Yahoos. Link RCP Yahoo to Los Alamos Periodic Tables and NASA satellite cameras.

Aug 7 Hot spell here, but record breaking in the East.

Aug 8 On news Gore Vidal claims Tim had help in Oklahoma City.

Aug 9 Read that Vidal considers Tim a hero.

Aug 10 Heavy tremors upstairs at Getchel. Building sways nicely. Roast Duck from China Diner.

Aug 11 More smoke from lightning fires.

Aug 13 Boring shirts for fall at J C Penny. Shrimp and Fish from Long John's.

Aug 16 Add travel bookmarks to RCP Yahoo. Beef with Black Mushrooms from Asian Garden.

Aug 17 Study about Bodega Bay and Mendocino. Forest fire smoke has spoiled the glamour of Reno.

Aug 18 Finally receive confirmation from Robert R. Nigh.

Aug 19 Write to Gore Vidal.

Aug 21 Begin to study about climate in various cities in Washington State.

Aug 22 Eve: See Davy Crockett

Aug 23 Kung Pao Shrimp from Duckhouse.

Aug 24 Group bookmarks by state. Sequence TRS bookmarks. Read transcript of interview with Gary Condit. Media have been acting like a bunch of old busybodies all summer over this story.

Aug 26 Stronger than usual smoke as I leave Getchel.

Aug 27 Visit Galena Forest and Stead to see if either are smoke free.

Aug 28 Read about International Geophysical Year.

Aug 31 Change Yahoo to Fall Colors.

Sep 1 Cologne this season is Passion. Change colors of all three websites. Three shrimp and one order of clams from Long John's.

Sep 2 Am amazed as I study the much cheaper Richland Washington real estate.

Sep 3 Revise schedule on basis of seeing whether I can make money on the Internet before buying a house. If I can, it might be well to move up to the Tri-Cities Washington area.

Sep 4 The World Conference Against Racism labels Israel a racist state. Israel replies with the usual assertions of anti-Semitism.

Sep 7 At 8:15 AM leave car at AAA Auto Electric and walk to the Sparks Library. On the way back, have double cheeseburger and root beer shake at Scoopers. Car horn now works. Finally see the Mastodon bones in the office at the Fleishmann Museum. After reviewing rainfall data for Washington, begin to study about Sequim.

Sep 8 Have decided to move up to Sequim area. Somehow I will survive despite the much higher rate of unemployment. I love Reno, but I've wanted to be near the ocean for some time and the smoke here is too unhealthful. Change order founding locations from the Sierra to the Cascades. Get Sizzling Fillet of Chicken at Asian Garden.

Sep 10 Visit Audi dealer today and see nice green TT Quatro Coupe with gray interior. Prepare and enjoy Dungeness Crab, which, as I suspected, tastes almost identical to Maine Lobster. Discussion on news tonight about rise in bad treatment of girls by boys in college, and rise of individual human aggression in general. During times of war people never find time for small aggressions. We have been a long time without war. Now that we're friends with the Russians, when we do have another war it will be with Arabs.

Sep 11 My thoughts of last evening seem a strange preface to the events of this day. September 11, 2001, a date which will remain emblazoned in the annals of bastardy. Oversleep by three hours. When I finally turn on the news about 8:00 AM, I see both buildings of the World Trade Center burning from a terrorist attack. Four passenger jets were hijacked. Two flew into the Trade Center, one into the Pentagon. The forth crashed in Pennsylvania. Officials deny assertions that we shot the forth plane down. Later the State Department says they believe one plane was intended to fly into the White House. Now we will be treated to weeks of candlelight vigils and syrupy talk about the victims, but no one will ask why this happened. The fact that we aid and abet Israel against her Arab neighbors, and that Arabs also love their lives and families, will never impinge upon the average brainwashed idiot in this country. Cousin George is in Florida and leaves in Air Force One for unspecified destinations. He later lands in Omaha. On the shuttle at UNR students listen in silence to news on radio. As I enter the Getchel Library many young people are watching the news on a big TV specially set up in the lobby area. Send an Email making inquiry about a house rental in Sequim. Since this is finally the beginning of WWIII, I wish I was already moved to the new house. I bet the Arabs will nuke LA or NY. Hear that the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan has just shelled the Taliban. Outside again, I see a Chinese kid wearing a "Take Down Sadam" T-shirt. Students are grim and silent on way back to North Lot. News tonight is very depressing. Barbara Olsen, one of America's premier cuties, was on the Pennsylvania plane and phoned her husband saying that the passengers were going to try to take over the plane. She was lost in the crash. Cousin George gives a good pep talk to the nation.

Sep 12 State Department says Osama bin Laden spoke two weeks ago about impending attack on the USA, but without specificity. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister says about the terrorists, "Their barbarism will be their shame". Britain and the World Community in general are with us. Germany says they will give unlimited support. It seems stupid that people clever enough to have done a thing like this in America would not have considered the much greater consequences of choosing an international target like the Trade Center. They could have disrupted America politically far more if they had used those two planes to destroy the Capitol building and the White House. At the 76 gas station, I tell the owner that "were gonna whip them boys". He's around sixty years old and says he's ready to go back into the Army. Things seem back to normal at UNR today. Decide that I will buy a house in Sequim and go back into real estate after a quick perusal of on-line alternatives. Maybe someday lottery winnings will rescue me from this cauldron of human vileness. President says that we must understand that the events of yesterday have redefined what he will do with the rest of his administration. Says it could take years. NATO is with us.

September 13 Amtrak passenger train collides with Union Pacific freight on the Bonneville Salt Flats just east of Wendover. No terrorism involved. There are 11,000 body bags on the way to New York. Tony Blair says that as many as 200 British citizens were killed in the World Trade Center. Total estimate of dead is now 5,000 as opposed to 2,390 for Pearl Harbor. Airports nationwide will reopen at 11 AM today. Get my final crowns done with Dr. Peri. Teeth will be OK for awhile. The United Nations has passed a resolution to help us. Congress has authorized $40,000 to deal with what CNN is now calling "America's New War". Pakistan says they will help us, including airspace.

Sep 14 Chap on Larry King tonight says it will take a four year war possibly pitting NATO forces against Syria, Iraq, Iran, and even Libya. Lady on same show says next thing to expect from the enemy will be biological, chemical, and nuclear attacks, so it's best to nail them while we can. Better for me not to be in a place the size of Reno with an international airport. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson disgrace themselves as usual by blaming everyone they disagree with religiously for the attack on America on the basis that they are responsible for secularization.

Sep 15 Make minor changes to all three websites. The Taliban says they will be against any regime which forms an allegiance with us, and that they may invade Pakistan. Mr. Bush is now using the term "war". China Diner renamed Hong Kong Diner. Pork Dumplings, Sesame Chicken and Beef w Broccoli with Pork Chow Mien.

Sep 16 Add Middle East map to my WWIII bookmarks. Peace loving Afghanis are fleeing to Pakistan. There were people from forty different countries killed in the World Trade Center. Tomorrow a delegation from Pakistan is going te Afghanistan. They will demand that Bin Laden be turned over to them within 72 hours. Many Arab nations are with us in this. Even Iran ends up our ally.

Sep 17 Taliban has refused to turn over Bin Laden. Borders between Afghanistan and both Pakistan and Iran have now been closed. Strain my Oath of Silence a bit and have a long talk with nice lady at the bank. She seems like an intelligent and thoughtful person up to a point. Then she tells me we should always aid Israel because the Bible says they are God's chosen people and that anyone who goes against Israel will be destroyed. She thinks that most Americans agree. This nonsense shows me so clearly that both sides are wrong and the less I have to do with any of this, the better. I do, however, hope that NATO cleans out the entire Middle East of terrorists and I look forward to watching it all on TV.

Sep 18 Eve: Aircraft Carrier T. Roosevelt on way to the Persian Gulf, a normal deployment. Geraldo Rivera whips Jerry Falwell's ass even after he apologizes.

Sep 19 On way back from Getchel, something runs into my car. In rear mirror see what looks like a cat hobbling rapidly across the road.

Sep 20 Cousin George W makes me proud with a very inspiring address about the War.

Sep 21 Motorcycles especially loud and plentiful tonight.

Sep 22 Autumn Sabbat. Asian Beef from Asian Garden.

Sep 24 Japan is with us. Ongoing arrests all over the World. Taliban says it's our fault for aiding Israel. True. Osama says he will kill all Jews and Americans if we persist.

Sep 25 France and Russia are with us. On way up to Lake Tahoe, see huge American flag done in chalk on hillside. Lake is very beautiful today. Aquamarine near shore. Inky blue further out. Entire lake is covered with whitecaps. Choppier than I have ever seen it. With blackish mountains behind this view conveys a tremendous sense of adventure. Good buffet at Harvey's for $9.99. Pig-out on prime rib in these early days of war with few others attending. Visit Fragrance Outlet which has moved and is much too busy.

Sep 26 Italy is with us. There will be sky marshals on commercial flights from here on.

Sep 27 Begin to look at Port Townsend. Bio-Terrorism conference today.

Sep 28 Roast Duck from Hong Kong Diner.

Sep 30 Mexico is with us. Olympic Games in Salt Lake will beef up security. Makes me feel a little better about not going. Occurs to me that when this is all over, Libertarians should sue the government for ignoring the facts and getting us into all this in the first place. Canada is with us. Taliban says Bin Laden is in protective custody and reasserts that they will not turn him over without proof of guilt.

October 1 Much talk about chemical warfare, smallpox, and Anthrax has people buying gas masks and antibiotics. Gun sales are way up. Mayor of New York addresses the United Nations General Assembly. Tony Blair addresses Parliament with very strong words to Bin Laden.

Oct 2 Nice little insight at 5:03 PM. Even though it's the fault of US policy that we are in this war, the cruel way that terrorists treat women is enough reason in itself for chivalrous men of the West to go over there and straighten them boys out.

Oct 5 Allied Armies heading for Afghanistan. Once again explore online gift store for the Winter Olympics. Eve: British landing in Usbekestan.

Oct 6 Mushroom Chicken from Honk Kong Diner.

Oct 7 At 10:00 AM President announces the bombing of Al Qaida and Taliban targets. Eve: Address by Bin Laden taped before the bombing, promises that America will have no peace until we stop helping Israel against Palestine.

Oct 8 Search Sequim houses up to $400,000 and find plenty even under $200,000.

Oct 9 All kinds of big tragedies happening lately are being called only coincidental, although Anthrax case in Florida now deemed to be of malicious origin.

Oct 10 My intention of founding the OYE in a place of Libertarian Revolution has changed because of recent events. Only teaching why is needed now.

Oct 11 Hot meat loaf sandwich at Molly's.

Oct 12 Discover a June 8 online "Public News Room" reply to a message I left on that same date regarding the McVeigh correspondence. Write a letter in reply to this very sincere, but misguided, individual. Anthrax in Lake Worth, NYC, and Reno. WWIII is starting to get boring like Viet Nam.

Oct 13 Combination Hot Pot from Hong Kong Diner.

Oct 19 Anthrax being mailed everywhere.

Oct 20 Sweet n Sour Pork and Szechuan Beef with Pork fried rice by accident from HK Diner.

Oct 25 Explore the new Sienna Casino. Wonderful terrace on the River.

Oct 26 Finally decide again not to move up to Washington. Too dark and rainy even in Sunny Sequim. Tri-Cities is all nuclear and therefore a target.

Oct 27 Try China East for first time. After a long wait, Crispy Skin Chicken.

Oct 29 Pick up "maple" Oxford shirt at J C Penny.

Oct 30 Interesting two hour program about the making of "The Omen".

Samhain. Gray Davis announces evidence that the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, plus two others, are to be terrorist targets.

Nov 1 Too many people going for flu shots in Sun Valley. Change colors in WLO Site and both Yahoos.

Nov 3 General Chicken and makeup Pork Chow Mien from HK Diner.

Nov 4 At last I thaw fifty pound block of frost ice in refrigerator. Takes 12 hours.

Nov 6 Check out foliage on Skyline Drive.

Nov 7 Thinking I might remain at the Ponderosa a bit longer, finally offer my books for sale on floppy disk instead of CD-Rom. Begin submission of WLO Site to engines.

Nov 9 Send notification of WLO Site to all manner of people. Moo Goo Guy Pan from Asian Garden.

Nov 10 Add separate goals page to WLO Site. Post to Libertarian message boards. Osama Bin Laden claims that he has nuclear capability and that he will use it if we use it first.

Nov 11 Parade on Lake Street. Drive up behind a bunch of old veteran duffers on a float. They return my salute. Iran declares themselves our ally.

Nov 12 Allied forces capture city of Kabul. We got them boys on the run now.

Nov 13 Cousin W and Premier Putin talking nuclear arms reduction by February 2003.

Nov 14 Add CO Site to Asatru lists and message boards. Taliban says America will be destroyed. No! Please! Bin Laden admits he was behind September 11.

Nov 16 Submit CO Site to engines.

Nov 17 Strawberry Chicken from Asian Garden.

Nov 18 Add revolution intro page to WLO Site.

Nov 20 Kinko's. Shoot Intro to WLO Site.

Nov 22 Thanksgiving. Enjoy turkey dinner at Cal-Neva. Visit Sienna to check on the menu. Walk along river. Cruise around California Street mansion area.

Nov 23 Delete MaxPages Site for CO. Skating "Rink by the River" opens.

Nov 24 Excellent Kung Pao Beef from the Duck House. Scientists clone first human embryo today.

Nov 25 Some 500 marines land in Afghanistan.

Nov 27 Finally hear from Gore Vidal through Vivien Redman in London. He wants to publish my correspondence with Timothy McVeigh in a collection of his essays.

Nov 29 Mui Shu Pork from HK Diner.

Nov 30 George Harrison has gone through transition. I feel like I've lost an old friend.

Dec 1 Cologne this season is Phantom. Change site colors. Nice evergreen tree format for WLO.

Dec 2 Palestinian terrorists attack Israel.

Dec 3 New lobster filled crab cakes from Long John's. Israel bombs Palestinian targets near to Arafat.

Dec 6 Update CO links. Only three. One US. One British. One Australian. The US and Aussie ones chose us. I only discovered them recently via Google search. Taliban surrenders. Leader Omar escapes.

Dec 8 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce from HK Diner.

Dec 13 DD the Moon. Aft. Talk to Roy Harrison. He is doing well on the coast, but tells me that our friend Doug Wright died from Agent Orange poisoning about six months ago. Only 53 years old.

Dec 15 Change WLO Store Site colors for the first time. Add pictures. Mongolian Beef from Asian Garden.

Dec 22 First day of new interim government in Afghanistan. Chicken with Vegetable and Almond Chicken with Pork Chow Mien from HK Diner. Peculiar looking duck with explosives in his shoe apprehended on plane. Pilot returns to Logan.

Dec 24 Excellent program on C-Span about Thomas Paine.

Dec 27 Shrimp with Honey Walnuts from HK Diner

Dec 28 Reconsider my letter to the President in the WLO Site.


Jan 5 Figure WLO site colors for all twelve months. Szechuan Shrimp from HK Diner.

Jan 6 Write to Pill. Thirteen year old bin Laden sympathizer kills himself by flying a small plane into a high-rise building.

Jan 10 Fine meal of "James Island" crab in butter.

Jan 12 Asian Garden. Shrimp and Snow Peas.

Jan 28 Real snow storm today.

Feb 6 Disgraceful news this morning about prayer breakfast in Congress and Senate. Ironically, later read WLO Online Poll results. 66% think there can be true separation of church and state.

Feb 7 Fried salmon at Long John's.

Feb 8 Create new Evolutionary Psychology site.

Feb 11 Begin proofing two books to go online. Big warning from Defense Department that tomorrow could well be another September 11.

Feb 15 Make old CO Angelfire site into a linked page in EP site. Young Canadians finally get their Gold Medal at Salt Lake.

Feb 16 Kinko's. Add complete books to both EP and WLO sites.

Feb 17 Create new CO Site in Tripod. Get phone message from Linda that Aunt Priscilla went through transition "some time ago".

Feb 18 Yates murder trial begins. Defense points out her altruism in murdering her five children. Finish footnotes in sites. Add many animations to EP Site. Tri-State Crematory bodies everywhere.

Feb 21 Write to Cousin Alan.

Feb 23 Teriyaki Chicken from H K Diner.

Feb 24 Add counters to Tripod sites. Begin study for Nevada Real Estate Salesman License.

Mar 1 New cologne this season is Lagerfeld Photo.

Mar 2 Kung Pao and Cashew Chicken plus Pork Chow Mien from H K Diner.

Mar 4 Six Americans die in Operation Anaconda.

Mar 7 Israel identifies seven countries they will attack with nuclear weapons if provoked.

Mar 11 Mr. Bush has recently been talking about possible use of nuclear weapons. I7 nations have joined us in our military objectives in the Mideast.

Mar 24 Shrimp w Tomato from Golden Chopsticks.

Mar 25 Begin EP notification to message boards.

Mar 29 Israel invades Palestine. Arafat trapped in bunker.

Mar 30 Lots of EP response from Internet discussion groups.

Apr 8 Chalk messages all over walkways on UNR campus about "Pre 1967 Borders" for Palestine. All this has been hosed away as I leave later. Hungarian Goulash at Top Deck.

Apr 14 Write a little "Note to Message Board Responders". Cashew Chicken from Asian Garden.

Apr 16 Jews have big pro Israel rally in Washington.

Apr 20 Add Matthew Alan Grace to EP credits for advice on physics.

Apr 26 Drunken man tries to break down my door during breakfast. Just one of the endless parade of Hellish incidents that occur in this death trap. Tuberculosis cougher nextdoor died. Pneumonia coougherwho replaced him either died or recovered. John told me back in 2000 that in his six years, twenty dead bodies had been taken out of here. Alita mentioned murders. And then there are the beatings and the screams at night. On weekend nights we have the bellowing young drunkards leaving the Purple Orchid. It's not easy to sleep here. All my things in storage since April 1998. Maybe someday I will have a home again.

May 5 Too many carrots in Beef and Snowpeas from Hong Kong Diner.

May 2 Spending too much time on correspondence from Internet discussion groups.

May 7 Get new used tire from Ray's Tire or E 4th Street.

May 18 Seafood combo from Duck House smells like a public toilet in Shanghai.

May 19 Vice President Cheney warns that there will be big terrorist attacks soon.

May 20 Shishkabob at Top Deck.

May 22 Dog finds remains of Chandra Levi in a park already searched by the police. I think remains were brought in later.

May 27 Compile chart Liber Moriendi.

May 28 Visit City Ceenter Apartments.

May 31 Much talk about nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Jun 6 President is talking about biggest reorganization of federal defense since Truman in the 1940s.

Jun 8 More talk about preemptive strike against Iraq.

Sometime hereabouts find out about mega-tsunami to hit east coast [years later is discovered to be a miscalculation].

Jun 10 Come down with pneumonia because of weakness from no sleep. Jose Padilla, I am told, is the name of the bellowing psychopath in the next room who has kept me awake every night for months. Further inquiry reveals that this is a fictitious name. The real name is Andrew Benavides, and I will see him hung eventually.

Jun 13 Copper Moon Road. Dog looks at me with a long face.

Jun 14 Big Catholic conference to get rid of pedophile problem.

Jun 15 Oldest of the three nutcases who talk to themselves at Getchel Library causes a loud scene when I politely request his silence. Library supervisor threatens him with the campus police. I calm the nutcase down by apologizing, even though I don't mean it. Korean short ribs are fewer in number than last year from H K Diner.

Jun 17 Laundry c 3 AM. Eddie tells me he has begun a campaign against Señor Lowandloud.

Jun 19 The Loudest of the Low finally leaves the Ponderosa. May he abide in eternal silence.

Jun 23 Poo Poo Platter from Asian Garden.

Jun 27 John Entwhistle goes through transition in his sleep.

Jun 29 Catfish Porridge and Eggrolls from H K Diner.

Jul 1 At 2:00 AM Americans accidentally bomb wedding party in Afghanistan killing some 200 people. Guests were firing pistols in the air.

Jul 4 Receive invitation to conference in Geneva from the World Civil Society Forum, apparently a UN affiliate group who seek to increase cooperation between the UN and private civil policy organizations. No moneyso can't go, but fill out their five page online proxy questionnaire.

Jul 9 Pneumonia persists. See Dr. Galdo. Begin Zithromax antibiotic.

Jul 10 Get X-ray. Nearly die of suffocation coming out of Gethchel. Temperature is 106 degrees. Eve: No appetite. Before they spoil, give scallops to Eddie the night clerk.

Jul 13 Have been thinking of Sequim again lately. WC online shows they have plenty of sunny days this time of year. Luckily Reno doesn't have any forest fires this year. There have been terrible ones in Colorado and Arizona. If, on Wednesday, there had been the kind of smoke we had last summer I would be dead now. The way smoky air came here from Yosemite and Leavenworth Washington, I conclude that nuclear fallout would do the same from LA, SF, Sacramento. Portland. Have decided only survivable choice is to put up with the sunless winters.

Jul 18 Am delighted to find out that George W. Bush in one of Ozzie Ozbourne's biggest fans and that he invited Ozzie to the White House for dinner.

Jul 21 Duck House. Have them make Barbecue Pork Chow Fun special for me. Rice noodle, Singapore style, very good.

Jul 30 Get new hubcap.

Aug 4 Chicken with Zucchini from H K Diner.

Aug 19 Ranny Autrey sends me to Big-O Tire where I get four new steel belted radials for $152. Eve: On news Abu Nidal is found murdered. In hiding since the 1980s.

Aug 21 Receive autographed picture sent by George Bush Sr.

Somewhere hereabouts begin sleeping upright in chair because if I am horizontal I will choke on the fluid in my lungs.

Sep 28 Have nice talk with Jim Kidney at Quintus.

Sep 29 Small recap of events in the past two weeks: President addresses United Nations about weapon inspections and invading Iraq. UN agrees to discuss it. Tony Blair supports President. Anti-war protests in London. Yassir Arafat emerges today from his bunker after Israeli attack.

Oct 1 Check in to Washoe Medical Center. Pneumonia plays rough. While I'm here they drain two pounds of green puss from the space beside my right lung. I suggest they save these medical items so Airforce can drop them on Iraq. On the news is the Washington DC area sniper.

Oct 16 Check out of WMC.

Oct 18 Eliminate most lotteries and delete almost 800 Emails in Yahoo.

Oct 22 After buying electro-luminescent Timex at Walmart head for Tahoe Rim Trail. Too steep in my condition. Large prime rib at American River Restaurant.

Oct 24 DC Snipers caught. Step back into the 1950s at Reno Rails looking at O-Gauge trains. They now come with sound and memory for interactive operations. A delightful interlude. See dazzling array of crystals at Stone Age mineral shop.

Samhain. Fish plank and clams at long John. Very cold as I hike around Lake. Am dazzled by renovations at the Peppermill. X-Ray shows big improvement in lung abscess.

Nov 1 Beef Chow Fun from the Duck House.

Nov 5 Enjoy the Arboretum. Hot Turkey at Molly's.

Nov 7 Ad new section to WLO site "Mega Business Scandals". Corned Beef at Top Deck.

Nov 8 UN finally passes resolution about weapon inspections in Iraq. On the UNR shuttle, a pretty young college girl sits next to me with a smile. I notice the strong sexy smell of her perspiration. She notices that I notice. Later I realize that what every middle-aged man truly needs in his life from time to time is a shapely young college girl who stinks.

Nov 12 Calculate that between 1961 and today I have had sex with approximately three hundred and ninety five different women. This is an estimate based in part upon eighteen years of monthly trips to Boston. While this number doesn't exactly make me a world renowned cocksman, I am happy and proud about the quality of these experiences. I am also proud of the fact that most of my libidinous energy has been channeled into the higher task of trying to save the world with Libertarianism. It is only this spiritual impulse which makes for a person of any value.

Nov 13 Stop for apple fudge at New England type roadside store with gourds and carved bears. See operation of roundhouse at Train Museum in Carrson City. Visit State Museum and State Park.

Nov 14 Am examined for first time by Dr. Linda Summerlin. For my own reasons, I find her extremely sexy and look forward to the next examination. It occurs to me that if I engeneer an irritation requiring her to examine my penis, she will probably demur and refer me to a urologist. One must proceed with patience in such matters, but she's probably married anyway.

Nov 15 Beautiful N-Gauge layout at Train Show on Energy Way.

Nov 16 Go back to Train Show. N-Gauge automobiles too small for good detail on cars and people. O Gauge looks too much like toys. Decide to proceed with HO. Visit Sam's Club.

Nov 17 New tape from Osama bin Laden says essentially, Stop aiding Israel against Palestine, and Russia against Bosnia. Leave us alone, or there will be massive retaliation.

Nov 22 Visit Wizard's Moon.

Nov 23 Add "Objective View of Terrorism" to WLO site.

Nov 24 Interesting comments from Ronald Reagan Message Board administrators. They like us.

Nov 25 President signs Homeland Security Act.

Nov 27 UN inspections in Iraq begin today. President appoints Kissinger to investigate causes of September 11.

Thanksgiving Day. Awake to see show discussing revival of military conscription. Nobody advances the idea that this is an unjust encroachment upon individual liberty, even the Cato Institute representative, who speaks of the impracticality of it. The war mongers actually like all this nonsense. No amount of rational argument will cut through that. I have come to feel that I should regard people who favor wars the same way as people who love football games. Neither activity can effect me directly if I avoid them. The economic disadvantage from war and other erroneous policy is offset by the division of labor advantages afforded me by my fellow humans. This is called mellowing. Walk down to the El Dorado. Follow the promenade down to Circus where I ride the monorail. Then I go outside and back to the Top Deck for a nice turkey dinner with pecan pie.

Dec 1 Cologne this season is Halston Limited. Decide to visit Las Vegas for awhile before going into antiques in Port Townsend. I will study auction prices online at UNLV by day and tour casinos at night. Also decide to pay all the medical people later after I save my own skin.

Dec 5 NNMC Health Faire 9:00 AM. Arrive too late at the El Dorado buffet. Breakfast at the Top Deck.

Dec 6 Close out bank account.

Dec 7 Keep running into that girl I know from UNR since 2000. She seems to know all the dealers at the Cal-Neva. Pork dinner at Top Deck.

Dec 12 Begin to study about auctions. Delete all other employment files in Yahoo.

Dec 13 Walk the Grand Promenade of casinos again before visiting Pulmonary Associates. Nurse Holy tells me I will not need any operation. Says lung abscess is 75% gone. Leaving Reno is a risk I must take. Weather forcast shows snow all through next week.

Dec 17 Pack for storage. Eve: Duck House

Dec 18 Car gets drenched with mud in Sierra. Mail in Colfax. Mini Storage.

Dec 21 Wash Car

Dec 27 First genetic clone today. Visit Hilton. Huge burger at Joe's Diner.

Dec 30 Leave Reno. About mid afternoon take a wrong turn. Drive among huge black cattle on mountain road. Talk with cowboy herding them in his car. Tonapah

Dec 31 Visit Tonapah Library. Nice librarian lets me on the Internet as a simple curtesy to a conscientious citizen.


Las Vegas Strip



Jan 1 Beatty. Enjoy all meals here very much. Make preparations for CW Founding.

Jan 2 9:15 AM Arrive in Las Vegas. Move into nice little suite at Paradise Hotel.

Jan 3 Drive the Strip. Feel same way I did seeing Miami Beach in 1958.

Jan 4 Boulder City. Visit Hoover Dam. Realize looking at map when I get hame that I crossed into the Arid Zone.

Jan 5 On foot: Treasure Island, Mirage, Bellagio, Paris, Aladdin, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, New York, Escalators at Venetian

Jan 6 Lied Library looks like a hanger for a Zeppelin. Search for Witches.

Jan 11 Begin my list of Witches.

Jan 13 Visit hilly area to the east.

Jan 16 Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Adventuredome.

Jan 17 UNLV Natural History Museum. Huge Polar Bear.

Jan 21 Troops heading to Persian Gulf. Visit Mountain Springs, Blue Diamond, Bonnie Springs, Redrock.

Jan 22 Eve. Pirate's Cove. Volcano. Bellagio, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Luxor.

Jan 23. Mt. Charleston, Lee Canyon Ski Resort.

Jan 27 Venetian, Harrah's, Flamingo, Balley's, Paris, New York, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Caesar's, Mirage.

Jan 28 Freemont Experience.

Jan 29 MGM Grand, Hard Rock.

Jan 30 Awesome view from the Stratosphere.

Feb 3 Feel glad to leave Las Vegas. Lunch in Baker. Barstow, Bakersfield.

Feb 4 Santa, Stockton, Dunnigan, Reading.

Feb 5 Yreka, Mt. Shasta, Medford, Portland, Woodland,

Feb 6 Olympia, Port Townsend. First of sausage muffins at McD's. Public Library. Beach,

Feb 8 Walk in small park on the water.

Feb 10 Visit Fort Worden. Courthouse. Tour houses on Victorian Avenue and Grant Street.

Feb 11 Tour houses on Ash Loop and Seaview Drive.

Feb 12 Visit Antique Mall.

Feb 14 Fried oysters at the Tidewater Cafe. Nice oriental couple running family business. Good food.

Feb 16 Have decided that somewhere I became a desert person and I miss Las Vegas.

Feb 17 Say goodbye to Cindy at the motel. Roseberg.

Feb 18 Yreka. Woodland. Stockton.

Feb 19 Santa. Mojave. Song "Paradise City" on radio as I come past Luxor on highway north into Las Vegas.

Feb 26 L J Silver

Feb 27 Oak Express

Mar 3 Caesar's Forum and Grand Canal Shops, Denny's, Fashion Show Mall.

Mar 4 70,000 Troops to Iraq.

Mar 5 Mirage Dreams, Via Bellagio, Le Boulevard Shops, Crepe St. Louis at La Creperie, Desert Passage.

Mar 6 Chinatown Mall, Spicy Beef at China Express.

Mar 7 President gives Saddam ten days to stand down.

Mar 10 MGM Star Shops, Monte Carlo Dreams, New York, Excalibur Shops. Giza Gallery. Mandalay Bay Shops.

Mar 13 Gems and Minerals of Las Vegas.

Mar 14 Write "Speed Traps". Notify PT and VC.

Mar 17 Meet charming Lady Morgana at Bell, Book, and Candle. Henderson. Train Exchange. President gives Saddam until sundown.

Mar 18. Visit Hollywood Avenue area again.

Mar 19 Coalition bombs Saddam's bunker.

Mar 24 Visit Las Vegas Hilton.

Mar 25 Visit nice art gallery at the Rio. Opens at 1:00 PM daily. Shuttle to Harrah's. Talk with nice girls from Oregon at La Creperie. Tolstoy's and Regis, Palms, Gold Coast.

Mar 26 Guitar Store

Mar 27 Make WLO Grant requests.

Mar 28 Some guy robs Binnion's when cage is empty, Riviera, Westward Ho, Stardust, Frontier, Food Court, Perfume Store, Sahara.

Mar 31 Other Arab nations included, there have beeb 4000 suicide bombings to date.

Apr 3 Nevada Mineral, Boulder City, R&P Trading Co,

Apr 4 Perfume Store, Knives&More, All Martial, Book Exchange, Fantini.

Apr 7 Hilton

Apr 8 J C Penny, Ace Jewelry, Pick up my Starfleet Academy Class Ring at Hilton.

Apr 9 Saddam statues being toppled in Iraq.

Apr 10 Hahn's. Antique Sampler.

Apr 11 Westward Ho, Silver City, World's Largest Gift Shop, Tattoo Shop, excellent BLT at Stratosphere Shops, Boulevard Mall.

April 15 Wipe car clean after rain.

Apr 17 Boulevard Mall. Buy dagger and SS pin at Hahn's.

Apr 18 Iraqis protesting Coalition Occupation. Tolstoy's. Regis Galleries. Boulevard Mall. J&D Cutlery.

Apr 23 Poll indicates most now think that war protesters were right. Tropicana, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, MGM.

Apr 25 Elder Futhark Ring arrives.

Apr 25 Begin writing short novel of a Libertarian Swede in the SS.

Apr 28 WLO business cards and Zeppelin Reederei Badge arrive.

Apr 30 Antique Mall near C Library. UNLV Café.

May 1 12:15 PM Finish CW Founding Ritual with Thirteen Witches. Details are elsewhere.

Book of Witches N CW Atrium 4

Founding of the CW
May Day
Solar Noon

T J Max, Marshall's

Eve. Orgy of sex with Sandy, Suzette, Rochelle, Courtney, Laura.

May 2 Official end of war with Iraq. Statewide Lamps. Lamps Plus.

May 6 First of many sausage croissants at UNLV Sidewalk Cafe.

May 12 Grand Canal Shops, La Creperie, Dessert Passage Shops.

May 14 SS short novel has turned into a plot outline for a screenplay. Send it to Steven Spielberg [naive thing to do].

May 16 Pick up Gemstone Globe at Tolstoy's. Put SS short novel online.

May 22 Visit Boulder City with intention of going to Montelago. Get sidetracked talking with nice blonde lady. Visit antique shop, R&P Trading Co. Too hot.

May 25 The Ogre of UNLV, Gary Ogren, lets me logon in the graduate school computer room.

Jun 3 Start sending SS short novel to more producers

Jun 7 Library closed. Fashion Show mall. Hahn's.

Jun 9 Get an Email response from Rutger Hauer who likes my story and tells me to contact his agent. Celebrate with a sausage croissant at the Sidewalk Cafe.

Jun 14 Create AFO site.

Jun 15 Create TT Site

Jun 16 Create OY and TRS Subsites.

Jun 17 Create Libertarian Survival Site.

Jun 18 Create OY Inner Chamber Site.

Jun 26 Finish TT Site.

Jun 27 Create Ne~ Adeptus and TRS Future subsites.

Jun 28 Create NM Subsite. Finish MN site.

Jun 29 Create Fenris LV and Viking Media sites.

Jul 1 Send MN and TP to publishers.

Jul 5 Send SS short novel to many actors. Decide to get an agent.

Jul 9 Send cousin Gerald Ford an update on my address. Emails to agents.

Jul 11 Prime rib at Terrible's.

Jul 12 Library closed. Orleans. Antique Sampler.

Jul 17 Create Fenris Ne~ site. More beef at Terrible's.

Jul 18 Create Fenris Future site. J&D Cutlery. Get large UN pin at Hahn's.

Jul 21 Add the NM sites to MN site .

Jul 24 Hear strange niose as I work on fourth floor of Lied Library. Sounds like work downstairs. Finally decide to look. Turns out to be torrential rain storm. A few nights ago we had rain at 2:00 AM. Monsoon from the Arid Zone. Never had this in Grass Valley or Reno, just winter rain.

Jul 25 More heavy midday rain.

Freyfaxi 1:00 PM Improv audition at Casting Entertainment. Surprised at how well I do, but they say I'm too ugly.

Aug 2 Sitting outside Lied Library, tall girl in sexy black dress comes over asking if I'm feeling "frisky". Tell her I'm just a broken down old hound dog. She gets very moody and snappish. We hang out for a while, go inside, and after a few minutes she ditches me.

Aug 5 Write to Bob Dylan about George Lindsay.

Aug 9 Create special proposal site to market SS short novel as screenplay.

Aug 10 Post to screenplay message boards.

Aug 13 Candid Camera shoot at the Gold Coast. They say I'm too handsome.

Aug 14 Internet connection down from car accident in New York City tunnel. Have big screenwriting pow-wow with Charles Anderson.

Aug 19 Bad floods from all the rain. Bombing of UN Embassy in Iraq. Ambassador killed.

Aug 20 Visit Wild Streak Talent. Queen of Asatru sends letter from Australia. I comply.

Aug 26 Talk with chap from Spokane as I enjoy prime rib at the San Remo.

Aug 29 Young film production student says he would like to see the SS short novel produced in epic length.

Sep 1 Treasure Island Tram to Mirage. Forum Shops. Paris. Luxor / Excalibur.

Sep 5 Prime rib w salad bar at the California Club.

Sep 6 New City Theater audition for two roles in movie "Tweaking the Heat". They say I'm too much an "action figure". [this OK because they never get financing].

Sep 8 Do photo shoot with Kelly Garni. Pictures of naked cuties everywhere.

Sep 9 Send more publisher and agent letters.

Sep 16 Prime rib at the Klondike. It will be a hot day in the Artic Circle before...

Sep 19 At 10:14 AM Begin proofing the six books I now have online.

Sep 23. Autumn Sabbat. Computers busy. Talk with chap writing six year project "The Religion of the Druids".

Sep 25 Get silver Dae Woo wagon.

Sep 28 Create Olympic page in WLO site.

Sep 29 Off computers. Read NS books.

Oct 2 Finish proofing all websites. This project begun in February 1978. Feels good.

Oct 3 Roy Horn attacked by tiger.

Oct 4 Begin adding pictures to sites.

Oct 5 Create Kid Page in WLO site.

Oct 8 Arnold Schwarzenegger elected governor in California.

Oct 9 Create animal page in WLO site. Thick, tender prime rib at San Remo.

Oct 10 Search casting.

Oct 13 TI shuttle to Mirage. Forum Shops. Crepe Fruits de Mer at Paris. Canal Shops.

Oct 19 In National Climatic Atlas find that prevailing wind in Port Townsend is east to west. Must be surface winds or PT couldn't be in the rain shadow of the Olympics. Enjoyed going up there, but would have eliminated this area from further condideration if I had known this, because of nuclear fallout if...

Oct 22 Mail resume and headshot to casting agents.

Oct 24 Get three calls from agents.

Oct 26 Followup letters to four interested publishers.

Oct 30 Meet with Linda at Lange Casting.

Nov 3 Scan headshot. Put into resume.

Nov 11 Yahoo informs me that letter threatening termination was fraudulent and to report any further encroachments.

Nov 13 Read Nov 5 letter from Neighborhood Publications in Florida who will publish both my mythologies.

Nov 17 Visit Hilton Grand. At Consolidated Resorts, Paul Rey tells me to call Einar Stoknes to get into timeshare sales. Thin, but good, prime rib at San Remo.

Nov 18 Visit Mountain Springs. Peak foliage at Blue Diamond. Redrock Canyon.

Nov 19 Michael Jackson has his balls in a sling now. Another accusation of child molestation.

Nov 20 Security breach at the White House.

Nov 27 Thanksgiving. Lake Mead. Callville Bay. Scenic overlooks. Enjoy feeding ducks and huge carp at the Las Vegas Marina. Hot turkey sandwich. Visit the Ritz Carlton and Lake Las Vegas in general.

Nov 28 Create "Fenris Possessions" private site.

Dec 1 New cologne for this season is Royal Musk. Large leathery prime rib at San Remo.

Dec 2 Flu shot.

Dec 3 At 11 meet with Einar Stoknes at Westgate. Stop at Palms.

Dec 4 Begin timeshare study.

Dec 8 Short hike into Wetlands. See huge bowling stadium at Castaways. Visit Lady Morgana. Explore remainder of Lake Las Vegas and new project to the west. Big cliff-hanging houses.

Dec 11 Interviews at Image Casting and Wildstreak. Is there a movie afoot?

Dec 12 At 9:30 take timeshare exam. Get fingerprinted for licence. Get new desk calendar.

Dec 13 Answer letter from Alan Curtis.

Dec 14 Old Grey Beard on TV. Saddam Hussein captured hiding in covered hole. Write long letter to my publisher, Jesse Rogers.

Dec 16 Friend who is writing "Religion of the Druids" tells me about the savage peoples of Africa.

Dec 19 Bob Ball shows me the ropes at Westgate.

Dec 23 Successfully juggle appointment at Westgate with audition at Las Vegas Image Makers for casino commercial to be shot in Laughlin. Talk with cuties in the hall. Kendra looks very sexy. Swaggering cowboy stuff. I do well, but you should see the competition and the attire.

Dec 26 Search cars. Audi TT Quatro has problems. Will get Nissan 350Z and later a Porsche. Study Oregon maps.

Dec 30 Awaken to snow on ground. Five inches in Summerlin. Kids building snowmen on news.

Dec 31 Enjoy New Years fireworks from my hotel's third level. Can see seven of the ten launch points. Best view is at Voodoo Lounge at the Rio.


Jan 2 Search Medford.

Jan 6 Prime Rib at Hard Rock.

Jan 14 Visit Westgate. Meet David Reid.

Somewhere hereabouts visit a big timeshare company in the SW quadrant of the city. Obese displaced African secretary keeps me waiting over an hour while she talks trash with a friend on the company phone. Finally I leave.

Jan 16 Prime Rib at San Remo for the last time. Worse every time I have it. Visit MGM.

Jan 22 Cold and icey at top of Mt. Charleston. Talk with young Mexican couple.

Jan 23 Begin adding important links to WLO Site.

Feb 1 Talk occult with Jimmy Von Neumann. His book "Relligion of the Druids" will be two leather bound volumes hopefully from Oxford University Press.

Feb 5 2:30 Pilot Road interview with Flo Firestone. Rib at Hard Rock Hotel.

Feb 9 Add "14 Signposts" link to WLO Site.

Feb 10 Create an entity and website for screenplays.

Feb 12 Hilton, Tropicana, Mandalay, Excalibur, Luxor.

Feb 19 Run into Einar at Lady Luck. Flo Firestone calls with changes.

Feb 21 Write to Alan Curtis.

Feb 22 Decide to live in Hollywood.

Feb 24 10:00 Pilot Road.

Feb 28 Seventh House also wants to publish much of "Traditional Arcane Teachings" as part of a compendium called "Magick of the North". They will also give me a promotional page. OK with me. Create. "Life of Eric F. Magnuson" page for both publishers who because they want author info.

Feb 29 Create "Writings of Eric F. Magnuson" site [now Fimbul Winter Books].

Mar 2 Rib at Hard Rock Hotel. 5:45 Arrive early at Hollywood-Las Vegas Mixer at the Palms. Talk with three producers. Place is filled with serious cuties. Meet Joy Sharp from Greenlight Casting. Leave early.

Mar 3 Flo Firestone changes the scenario again.

Mar 7 8:15 Arrive at property for the movie "Rose" long before anyone else. Alan Borooks, the producer, and his wife arrive next. Enjoy finger food all morning. At noon we finally shoot ten a minute scene in the gazebo. Nice house and palm trees. Great fun. Many interesting people. Cute young actresses.

Mar 10 Begin work as a timeshare agent at Royal Vacation Suites.

Mar 12 Becoming fond of Katy Morrissey. She seems to like me too.

Mar 15 Sit talking with my new Katy-Daughter. Too young for me as a girlfriend.

Mar 19 Create "Timeshare Las Vegas" site.

Mar 22 Tell Katy I love her, but must defer to younger men. To my delight Brian Holder says he will stand in for me, the perfect son-in-law. Give them them both WLO business cards. Later enjoy quiet interlude with Katy in the piano lounge. New floors are white stone flecked with gold. Feel really happy, just like with my first Katy-daughter nineteen years ago in Boston.

Mar 23 Pat nice hard little tummies of young Pettit girl out on the veranda. Serious cuties abound.

Mar 26 Visit Palace Station and Bank of America.

Mar 31 Visit Fairfield. Take ridiculous test.

Apr 2 Write to Steve Wynn about artifacts he may want..

Apr 10 Search Hollywood.

Arr 15 Park at Tropicana. Visit new Mandalay Place. Luxor.

Apr 17 Double Tree Hotel casting call for "Sympathy for the Devil". Decide not to read for part of sleazy casino owner. Would rather be an extra in this one.

Apr 29 Visit Star Trek at Hilton.

May 1 Tripping over cannibals as I leave Las Vegas. Grilled cheese in Beatty. Awesome Sierra views as I come through the smaller mountains. Pleased upon seeing Bishop for the first time. Really enjoy strawberry juice at rest stop where there is still snow. Microvave White Castle Cheeseburgers in Bridgeport.

May 2 Egg salad sandwich in Soda Springs. Grass Valley. Penn Valley.

May 21 Finish thinning out storage unit. Hellish job with little to show. Sell my Gibson SG replica guitar on the way out of Grass Valley. The Mirkwood Trolls are now only a legend and a very minor one at that. Delicious Braunschweiger with Monteray Jack and light mayo on French bread in Colfax. Check in at Ponderosa. Best room in the house. New PO Box. Allstate. Talk with Tim Roth at Quintus. Good to shop at Winco again.

May 25 Create Life Magazine page.

May 26 Photograph artifacts.

Hereabouts talk with Christie Weckerley at Winco.

May 30 Roll pennies.

Jun 2 Proof first edition of Transpersonal Psychology. The cover art is superb. Many corrections needed, but not bad.

Jun 3 Not much going on here in the film industry.

Jun 5 Submit "Writings of EFM" page to engines. Ronald Reagan goes through transition.

Jun 14 Create Jivaro Shrunken Head page. Send links.

Jun 15 11:00 AM. Interview at Worldmark. Yahoo gives us 100 MB today. Unbelievable.

Jun 19 Create Artifact page.

Jun 20 Thin Hotmail files. Join

Jun 23, 2004 Sort quarters. Send old Jivaro girl off to Dr. Andreas Kuehn in Seesen/Harz Germany.

Hereabouts John Clark tells me about kid found four days after shooting himself last week, another a few weeks earlier. There are seventeen deaths per year at the Hotel Ponderosa. Hope I am not one.