New World Order: The Final Solution

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Incoming Asteroid


This is book two of an epic science-political thriller about the worldwide struggle for liberty early in the 21st Century. It has much less to do with Globalism than The Werebear and the rest of the Nationalist Revolution Series.


In The Future: Liberty or Death? the story begins in 1998 and chronicles the grim adventures of writer Garrett Valdison. His journalistic ventures are usually impromptu and are always done pro bono. Most of the time he is either writing or working in the movie business, usually as an actor.


Valdison is of Swedish-British ancestry and well educated. Spiritually he is a Freethinker and has a keen appreciation for the spiritual heritage of all peoples. As a person of integrity, for inspiration he utilizes the archetypal imagery from his own ancestry.


Garrett is in good health and condition. He is a connoisseur of many things. We always find him enjoying a good meal and there is often brief description of the fare, usually in ironic juxtaposition to the macabre situations at hand.


Valdison could view a thousand putrefying corpses at mid-morning and not let it spoil his appetite for a healthy lunch. "One does not react viscerally to anything except a beautiful lady in her boudoir" brags Garrett. Much of Garrett's backstory is formatted as journal entries which appear at intervals.  


After Garrett views a strange diorama, the story is suddenly interrupted and concludes in

this volume. In the final episodes Valdison's Libertarian influence is very great, because it occurs during a time of exponential increase in learning which this author hopes will augment the huge leaps in medicine and technology we will see during the same period.


Garrett, is inspired by Libertarian essays he reads online, four included in the first volume:


What Went Wrong with Western Civilization

World Power Through Misdirection  

The New World Order

Superior Options Ahead



"Seek only facts. Opinions will find you"



Roy C. Peterson

October 7, 2009

1:54 P,M,