New World Order: The Final Solution

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Dear Filmmaker

Screenplay does not cover new book chapters:
The Future: Liberty or Death?
WGA Registration # 1458977
The feature-length screenplay perfectly conveys the novel as written. Nobody has seen it yet. Script can be sent in any medium to agents, actors, directors, and producers. The fictional technology is only a little beyond what we currently enjoy. There are many strange and macabre situations most appropriate for mature audiences. Sample scene linked below.

Short Logline:


Early in the 21st Century two men race to save the world from globalist tyranny: one with education about liberty and free-enterprise, the other by privately executing millions of people.

Long Logline:

Epic science fiction thriller about the struggle against globalist tyranny early in the 21st Century. The world economy has collapsed. People are starving. Urban warfare is breaking out everywhere. Saving humanity from planned oblivion involves the heroic efforts of a Libertarian journalist, threading his way through strange episodes of social decay, in an ongoing race with a man whose organization has already executed over five hundred thousand people... and is only getting started.


Story spans thirty six years, from 1998 to 2034. Age of main characters from first appearance to last are: Valdison 25-70. Farris 23-59.

Roy C. Peterson
July 1, 2014
10:34 A.M.