New World Order: The Final Solution

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The Arms Race


November 2035

Garrett Valdison has been enjoying life with Gretchen Van Roon, and seasonal visits from Brit Linstrum. Lately they are sad to see that, even though African nations are prospering, there will be no further immigration permitted to kinsmen from America and Europe on the grounds of "irreconcilable cultural differences" and sometimes "racial impurity".


Years ago Garrett read that there were twenty six all Negroid countries in Africa. With no exclusively Caucasian countries in the world, it seemed to him that his own people had, for some reason, allowed themselves to be lulled into an agenda of racial suicide.


February 2036

Attracted by increasing prosperity, power-hungry dictators seize control in four African nations simultaneously, and form a military alliance with all other African nations except Morocco, Egypt, and the Republic of South Africa. They procure surplus nuclear weapons, some say from Israel, and launch missiles at German and Russian strongholds. The missiles are easily intercepted. Germany and Russia quickly retaliate by bombing all the major cities within the African Alliance territories using powerful non-nuclear warheads.


March 12, 2036

Germany and Russia, with other nations, form the Pan European Alliance, and invade all the African Alliance territories with tanks and infantry. The African soldiers are valiant fighters and resist as best they can, but within eight months there is not one of them left alive. During this entire period, resident African populations in protest everywhere else, are burning and looting cities. In America especially, their wrath is fueled by unresolved anger kindled for decades by Globalist media, about colonial plantation owners. It has become unsafe for Caucasian Americans not to carry weapons, so most are now doing so. Scientists worldwide observe that it is natural, when two species or subspecies compete for the same ecological niche, that the stronger will always destroy the weaker, if there is no unnatural interference.


April 8, 2036

A World Future Council of American, Australian, Canadian, and European leaders, after long deliberation, decide that coexistence on this planet with Negroids is no longer possible. They issue a joint resolution calling upon people worldwide to mandate reproductive sterilization for all Negroid populations in their own countries. Europe has a relatively small job compared to America. Their work takes only two months.


October 5, 2036

In America a sterilization program is adopted which also offers relocation of Negroids to high quality government housing in the Mojave Desert. Most resist, and there is open warfare in the streets. As the war rages on, the new mandate becomes simply that of transporting the dead Negroid bodies to the Mojave Desert instead. The concept of ultimately raking up the bones into one big pile, is visualized as "Nigger Bones Mountain" by jovial rednecks. The work is completed in only eleven months.


September 2037

Somehow notice of these strange events is communicated through the vulture culture, and soon the Mojave sky is blackened with big hungry birds, as buzzards arrive from all over the western United States and Northern Mexico. The meat is very foul, but these fellows aren't that particular about what they eat. After six weeks of Bacchanalian feasting, the bloated birds head home like little airplanes laden with gold ingots, happy, but barely able to fly in most cases. The raw pink bones now glisten in the morning sun. It takes the smaller creatures a full three months to eat all the meat scraps and vulture droppings.


January 2, 2038. The Mojave is now a place of gaunt solemnity with its bright array of bleaching skeletons stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see. The US government appeals to the private sector to finish the job by moving the bones into one big pile. The work begins.


March 28, 2038

A sumptuous public breakfast, then a dedication ceremony, and... there she stands, Nigger Bones Mountain! Some say the biggest Negroid skull in history is at the top, and when the rising sun hits the huge gold tooth, the gleam of it can be seen as a beacon of excellence upon four continents. This, of course, is just redneck brew-ha-ha bullshit reflecting the exultant joy of the story-tellers. A related song lyric appears:


"I drove my wife to the great Mojave,

In our trunk, a hangman's rope.

But when we gazed on Nigger Bones Mountain,

It inspired us with new hope!"


 November 22, 2040

Everywhere, the aftermath of the African war has been very bitter. Thanks to a new method of genetic testing, a worldwide program of sterilization will now be able to insure the absence of future Negroid genetic involvement everywhere on Earth. Many breathe a big sigh of relief. World events intervene, but the work is finally begun in April 2044, and is completed within fourteen months.