New World Order: The Final Solution

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The Covenant

An Unfathomable Circumstance of History

It has been expected that the Israelites would joyfully return to their country by March 10. 2042, in response to the Special Incentives Amendment to the World Future Doctrine of 2016. Even with world peace these many years, there was some anticipated grumbling about the nations of the World Future Council unanimously deciding to enforce the Nuclear Disarmament Provision specified for Israel. Since that time, however, few have heard anything from, or about, Israelites, even those residing in host countries. The assumption is that they have been packing, reconnecting with family, and transacting in real estate.

February 12, 2042. A group of tourists visiting Israel from Canada are shocked to find that everybody at the point of disembarkation are dead. They walk further and further in, but continue to find nothing but dead bodies. The situation scares them so badly, they leave Israel before contacting anyone. The World Future Council investigates, and are astounded to find that not only everyone in Israel, but every Israelite in every host country on earth, are also dead. After extensive forensics, they issue a statement that apparently all of the Israelites everywhere took their own lives at precisely the same instant. No reason is given.
Many theologians are taking an orthodox position, saying that to restore balance in the world, as a dispensation to both Adonai and Satan, Jehovah disavowed his Covenant with the Israelites. It is known that even the Arc of the Covenant has been ritually destroyed.
Shalom, Chaverim!

Shemhamphorasch. Atheh, Malkuth, ve Gevurah, ve Gedulah, le Olahm, Amen  
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