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Nationalist Revolution Series

Artistic Premise

When the main threats to individual liberty center around the impending loss of national sovereignty and the destruction of indigenous races and culture, then nationalism, by any means necessary, including war, becomes the first principle.


Most of the big problems on Earth are caused by parasitic IMF bankers who, via member central banks, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs. Globalism, New World Order, is simply the one world government that will allow IMF banks to have total finance monopoly.


Countries do not need to borrow from IMF banks, but can have their own central bank and control their own currency. Populations are kept from the knowledge of this by cooperating subverted mainstream media, and by the subverted politicians who keep IMF control in place by voting for it in legislatures. All that is necessary to have enduring liberty, prosperity, and peace on Earth is to get counties to leave the IMF, set up their own central banks, and tie the amount and value of currency to receipted hours of labor.


The goal of the Nationalist Revolution series is to inspire total worldwide resistance to globalization. It would be wonderful if we could end world tyranny democratically, but that isn't going to happen. Many will die, but if we don't fight, the next step after the “cashless society” with national I.D. debit cards and silicone chip body implants, will be behavior modification implants, then finally, when they figure out how, a human matrix for all but themselves.
Yes, evil exists. A globalist banker or media boss is a human with the soul of a black widow spider. They are running things, but not for long. They cannot be reasoned with, only stopped. We can and will defeat them, but only by heroic action, not with secretly held opinions. The only good globalist is a nonexistent globalist. Free indigenous peoples and cultures will never be safe until the globalists are just a dreary memory.
War and terrorism today are a very difficult study. Just when you think you understand an event, new information surfaces showing that it was actually a false flag, usually involving Globalist traitors in your own government working with foreign operatives. The purpose of endless war is to generate "refugees" aided by EU and the UN, to invade and destroy indigenous race and culture, so that people lacking identity will except globalization.
Terrorism is supported by deep state funding, open borders, and, police stand-downs.
The purpose is to make our daily lives so dangerous that we will gladly surrender our guns and liberty just to feel safe. Good people need to become proactive about building a better future. We will be rid of these problems only when the Globalists and their invading outlanders have been permanently defeated.

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Nationalist Revolution Series


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