Survival in North America


Survival Strategies:

1. Wealth


The Forces of Darkness reign everywhere. Globalism is the enemy.

It is Evil to pay taxes to this enemy whenever this can be avoided legally.


Disdain material things completely. Sell everything that you can live without.

Achieve total liquidity. Enable instant mobility. Learn the science of invisibility.


2. Health


Most in health care providers today have immense situational power. Evil exemplars, via willful negligence, can and sometimes do, select for extermination whomever they please.


Avoid hostile territory or large congregations of un-Libertarian elements.

Attain hand to hand martial prowess and appropriate weapon skills.

Preserve health with proper food, supplements, fluids, deep breathing, exercise, right-thinking, meditation, and Yoga.


3. Pleasure


Most sought-after pleasures are costly, frivolous, and produce dependency.

Keeping a good outlook makes nearly everything pleasurable without disadvantage.


Travel to enjoy what's left before it's gone. Look carefully. Remember what you see. Take photos. Maybe we can restore some of it later.

4. Intellect


It's more useful to accumulate memory based on fact than on speculation or fiction.

Ancient mythology is real in an archetypal sense, even though it is frequently not actual.

The aware volitional use of make-believe, as in goal oriented visualization augmented by archetypal imagery, is a very useful tool but should never become an end in itself.


Read voraciously. Learn much. Never display knowledge unnecessarily.

Seek information from all viewpoints especially "forbidden" sources. Keep opinions to yourself.

Study all things which truly interest. Allow interests to change radically and quickly.

Develop a very broad and balanced learning program. Practice many arts.

Be careful to focus on utility and avoid spreading oneself too thinly.

Bone up on areas previously neglected as you discover what these are.

Read Revisionist History. Enjoy accurate historical novels.


5. Spirit


For every element in any religious tradition there is usually a parallel element in all other traditions. Differences generally involve only emphasis. Variations will occur even among individuals within any one tradition. A deep understanding of one's own ancient spiritual heritage is archetypally more relevant and closer to the bone than inappropriate involvement with "outland" traditions.

Reincarnation seems to be the best explanation of how life works in the long term. Cases abound.


Study appropriate early religious heritage and mythology.

Plan your next incarnation as a hypothetical upgrade for personal insight. Base plan upon how you would live your past life if you had it to do over again, but with current technology. Update this periodically for personal growth.

Help those terminally ill towards peace and happy anticipation of future life.

Practice true chivalry in its modern form. Always be polite and just.

Never cause any unnecessary pain or suffering to any living creature. This should apply even to the vilest of human enemies. Kill only to preserve life and liberty, but do this quickly and cleanly.

Be kind to all people and animals. Show affection to parents, children, dogs, and kitties.


6. Activism


The individual is born with the right to absolute individual liberty. With this comes the logical obligation of reciprocity towards others. If the individual lives in an unfree society, he has the right to gain total individual liberty any way that he can. People who don't want to be free are cowards. Those who do not want others to be free are morally inferior and expendable, the mortal enemies of all decent people.

One world government will spell the end of liberty on Earth. It will institute an absolute monopoly for a small group of greedy internationalists. The one clear enemy of all people on Earth are those striving towards the New World Order. These individuals must be defeated at any cost. Separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market is better than the tedious cookie-cutter sameness portended by advancing global monoculture.

The preference to live and manifest among one's own kind is a trait, which during man's evolutionary development, became genetically ingrained as a natural instinct because it had survival value during periods of fierce tribal competition for food and shelter. People are naturally more aesthetically content, and feel far more at ease, among members their own people. This is a perfectly normal trait and cannot correctly be perceived as anything other than that. It is proper to respect the right of all individuals who justly strive to preserve their own race from destruction.

Freedom of religion best helps people to find their natural level of manifestation. This does not mean that we need condone those who ruthlessly seek dominion over everyone around them. Tolerance among separate unique religious traditions is vastly superior to the bland faceless beehive spirituality of worldwide universalism.

People who are obsessed with trying to reconcile modern experience with scriptures written thousands of years ago are being false to their own heritage and to the present day world. Slavish dogmatism renders the individual an ineffective participant in modern society. No one need look to another culture for their spirituality, nor aid and abet the missionaries of monoculture. Nobody should adhere to any tradition which has clearly failed. Religions based upon false values and unnatural principles are not worth following. The vile dispiriting nihilism of wandering internationalists is a poor substitute for the spiritual integrity of being rooted in one's own ancestral tradition. There are many fine natural religions being reborn. These represent diverse ethnicity. One must seek, however. They will not come to you.

Spiritual dualism involves absolute knowledge that good and evil are coequal, eternal, and cosmic in manifestation. Spiritual monism is the popular belief that either good or evil is the predominant moral force on Earth. This involves imaginative wishfullness about the supposed destiny of one to eventually triumph over the other. In this mode of error, one force is thought of as being a mere pathological deviation which can somehow be cured. Ironically, such ongoing cures institutionalized by collective human action have been responsible for most of the real evil and suffering faced by human societies throughout the ages. The idea that "good" is the prevailing force in the universe and will someday obliterate "evil," and that there is not supposed to be any suffering in the world, is the fantasy of weaklings, and usually leads to the kind of fanaticism exploited by power hungry leaders to the great detriment of all.

Absolute separation of church and state is impossible because the spirituality of the people determines the form of government they will choose or condone. The ultimate test of workability for a major system of religious belief is the effect that it has on society over the long term. A viable spirituality intended to exert major influence will not only attract widespread adherence but will also have a positive effect upon society. Monistic spirituality attracts many people but does so only because it appeals to human weakness by promising supernatural justice to apathetic sluggards. It is passive and limp-wristed. It contributes to all that is devolutionary. Wherever we find the institutionalized cowardice of scarecrow religion, we also find Socialism or some other unworkable form of collectivist government. The economic system of a country will never exceed the soul wisdom of the people residing therein. We can't expect an inferior prevailing spirituality to result in a superior way of running society. If the people are no good, the government will be even worse.

The religions based upon spiritual monism are acquiescent slave traditions. The practitioners are morally weak, simple-minded, cowardly, or insane. Most are all of these things. Their actions are rarely at one with their words. Individually they are impotent, but in larger numbers, each fueling the sickness of the others, they will become as torturous and murderous as their combined strength and self-serving rationalizations allow them to be.

The monistic majority is responsible for allowing the Socialism which now besieges us all.  Certain elements within monism sponsored and now exploit this Socialism.

Unrestricted influx will destroy whatever is achieved anywhere. No country should allow vast throngs of fools who have out-bred their ability to feed themselves at home to come flooding in only to do the same thing in their new country as well.

The means to these ends should be contemplated dispassionately. Creative energy must be diligently applied to their implementation.


Avoid unproductive entanglement by restricting relationships to an absolute minimum.

Do not mix unnecessarily with un-Libertarian elements.

Help to promote worldwide Libertarian Nationalist Revolution to the utmost.

Educate others anonymously. Simply put superior knowledge within their grasp.

Write the best that you know. Reach those in places of power and learning.

The ideal attitude if one survives, even in a world decimated, is to continue in chivalrous Libertarian manifestation for as long as possible.

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11 / 1996