Strange Phenomena

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Unexplained Physics

The Bermuda Triangle
Sir Erskine Ramsay was a Birmingham Alabama steel mill owner. His son and my uncle, Erskine R Kelley, was a fighter pilot in World War II. He was also the first husband of my mother's sister Priscilla.
In April of 1942 he left on a mission heading south. The route took him over what we now call the Bermuda Triangle. The home base lost all radio contact with his plane and my uncle disappeared from history forever without any trace.

March 6, 2006
c. 10:45 AM

Two Suns in Reno

In Summer of 2004 I was driving north on Virginia Street in Reno Nevada. As I turned west into Walmart, I saw what looked like a second sun in the the western sky about an hour's solar travel to the north of the true sun. Both were shining through a thin vale of clouds. I pulled my car over to observe changes.
In retrospect I only judged the more southerly to be the real sun because it was slightly brighter. There was a pale shaft of light between the two. The phenomenon persisted without change. After about fifteen minutes I got tired of waiting and went into the store to shop.
February 22, 2006
11:25 AM