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Sasquatch East and West


Sasquatch in Massachusetts

One day in 1956 a good friend of mine was nine years old at home in Dover Massachusetts with nothing to do. All the other kids had dentist or other appointments and he was very bored. At a time like this imagination may become wishful and creative.
It was late morning. A cold, cloudy, gusty day in March. There was a light dusting of snow here and there on the ground. He sat in his room looking out the window at a spruce tree in the front yard. Then suddenly he saw it.
A huge upright hominid figure looking right at him as it strode quickly past the window. Somehow he knew that it was highly intelligent. It had a deep brown coat, the corpulence of a bear, and was about seven feet tall. It's head tapered to a point, the eyes were yellow, and there were three inch ivory-orange fangs extending downward over the lower lip. It walked briskly around the corner and out of view. There were thousands of acres of woods behind the house.
My friend was a very healthy child in every way and not given to hallucination. Undoubtedly this figure was simply a huge insane person in a fur coat wearing a mask with phony teeth - four months after Halloween! He says to this day that he will never be sure.
I should add here that I never heard of, or knew anything about, Sasquatch until a decade after my friend told me this story. He told two of other friends about this furry chap and they believed him. He never told his parents, because he was afraid they would spoil his enjoyment of this phenomenon with a plausible or patronizing explanation.

March 29, 2006
11:22 AM
Sasquatch in the West
Last night at my downtown club a friend of mine named Grant told me two stories about Sasquatch from different places in the West.
Sasquatch Fears Lightning
In Spring of 1996, at Pike's Peak in Colorado, Grant was talking with an Indian girl. There was thunder and lightning in the mountains and the girl said "Baby doesn't like that." Grant asked what she meant, and she explained that she had nicknamed a Sasquatch who was her friend.
When Grant asked more, she went on to explain that certain of the Indians had made friends with Sasquatch in that area. She claimed that she actually conversed with Baby. I asked Grant in what language. He said he hadn't thought to ask. The girl said that Baby would often cross his legs when they sat conversing and that he was very frightened by thunder and lightening.
Sasquatch Tribe Near Volcano
Summer of 1999 found Grant near Mt Rainier up in Washington State. He talked with locals in the area and reported the following to me.
Back in 1981, further south near Mount St Helens, it was generally known that there was a tribe of at least forty Sasquatch living in the area.
One day a local geologist came into town warning people that the mountain core temperature had reached a point way beyond anything normal, and that the volcano was going to blow. He further asserted that some branch of government in cahoots with religion had put a nuclear device into the St Helens cone so that the mountain would blow up and wipe out any trace of the Sasquatch tribe.
This supposedly was being done to preserve the Adam and Eve myth because the conspirators felt that the existence of Sasquatch took the evolutionary link out of Africa and carried it to the USA and that this would somehow undermine religious values and cause the breakdown of American society.
March 30, 2006
10:47 AM