Strange Phenomena

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Unredressed Murder

Murder in New Hampshire

From April 1985 to August 1986 I lived in Southern New Hampshire at a place I will not name. Sometime during this period I witnessed a strange chain of events.
One night about 7:00 PM I heard a smoke alarm go off in a nearby unit. I was trying to enjoy television, so when it didn't abate in reasonable time, I went to investigate.
Around the corner in the room which abutted mine the door was wide open and the strong smell of burnt cookies and smoke was drifting out. The oven door was open and a chap inside was standing on a chair trying to turn off the smoke alarm.
There were two people, one male, one female, each lying on one of the parallel twin beds. They were both facing away from the window. I couldn't see their faces. What shortly caught my attention was that they were both lying perfectly still. With the ear splitting noise they could not have been asleep. So why weren't they moving? Very strange I thought and stood transfixed for about three minutes. No change.
Finally I went back to my room, but the noise persisted. After another five minutes I went back and saw the exact same scene as before. The chap was still up on the chair. The other two people still hadn't moved a muscle. I watched another five minutes. Again no change. I went back to my room. Shortly after this the noise stopped.
The next morning around 7:00 AM I was warming up my car when two men arrived in a sedan and went into the room where the people had been. I watched as they carried something out. It was the size of a person and had a plastic trashcan liner pulled over each end. They struggled and lifted this bulky package up and put it into the dumpster a little to the right of the door. Then they went back into the room and brought out another package just like the first and put it into the dumpster.
I went about my business.
March 15, 2006
7:44 AM

Ham Hocks in the Tub

Between 2000 and 2003 I was living in a flophouse in Reno. I called it the Low Hell Hotel where many check in, but few check out. There were an average of nineteen deaths per year, mostly suicides with a few self-incinerating smokers and an occasional murder.
One night, sometime during this period, I had just gone to bed when I heard a terrible argument in the room above. Loud yelling of a man at a woman with strong protest back. Then loud noises of furniture being crashed around. Then a huge thud like a body hitting the floor. Then silence for about five minutes. Then someone leaving the room.
Absolute quiet for about fifteen minutes. Then someone entering the room. Something heavy being dragged from the previous point of impact, across the floor, and into the bathroom. Then the sound of something heavy falling into the bathtub. Then for a long time noisy activity in the bathtub. Then finally the shower being turned on.
Coincidental sounds? Perhaps. It is, of course, standard procedure everywhere when you want to murder a spouse to check into a hotel for a few days, kill the spouse, dismember the spouse in the bathtub, and then carry out pieces of inconspicuous size for dumpster deposits at different points around town.

Caution: This procedure should not be tried at home.
March 16, 2006
4:22 PM
Mother Nature Can Help
In Winter 2005 I overheard a conversation disclosing attempted murder. It occurred between two hobos at a bus stop in Las Vegas. "Yo, I took motherfuckin Brown Recluse. Carried in motherfuckin saltshaker.  Put in Motherfucker's bed. That fix Motherfucker's ass".
How this attempt worked out I don't know. Naturally I was curious, but felt that it might be impolite to ask.
Aprril 4, 2006
8:35 AM