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Fifty Years of Halloween

I've often thought of rounding up all the Halloween entries from my journal just for my personal enjoyment. This site gives me a better excuse, so here they are. The reader may wish to skip ahead to the grownup entries which begin in 1975. There is sexy material but I took out all the heavy Triple X Rated stuff.

April 21, 2006

2:08 PM


Halloween Journal Entries

Halloween. David Tanner breaks the Six Faceted Lantern with a rock. I retain the shards to this day.

Halloween. Pa paints my skeleton costume with phosphorus.

Halloween Week. Decorate backyard with corn stalks and pumpkins.

Halloween. Hide in leaf pile out front so as to frighten Martha Macaulay. "Buttons" fools me and never shows.

Halloween. Smash neighbor Tom McNealy's pumpkin. He is the heavyweight boxer, who lost to Ingemar Johannson, who in turn, lost to Sonny Liston. Glad Tom doesn't catch me.


October. Aid David MacTavish and others in the accumulation of pumpkins behind gas station in Dover.


Halloween. Raise particular Hell with the police this year. A well organized effort sees pumpkins and swans from some estate on Farm Street, in the courtyard at the Regional H S the next morning. Picture of this appears later in 1964 Yearbook.

Samhain Eve. Perform first formal Ritual of Lust for Mickey Woods [beautiful skinny blonde Witch from Brockton] N 0 OYN.

November. Mickey takes me to the Nile Restaurant. In the back room the prefigured lust is actualized. 



October 30. Beth visits with two other Witches. This also preceded by a month of celibacy for me. Lunch served by me. Stark and solemn precession on the Elvin Road. I am naked. The eighteen year old blonde Britt with her smooth ultra-white skin is naked walking ahead of me swishing her exquisite shapely buttocks unmercifully to tease me. She looks back occasionally with a deliciously wicked smile. Beth and Rachel are robed in blue-green. Naked activity in the pine grove. Eve. Dinner. Fire ritual with many hours of naked activity. Hearty breakfast next morning. They leave c. Noon. I am exhausted and rest for two days. I later come to think of this episode affectionately as the HBTT Working - Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - because of the Three Witches involved. Years later when the movie Witches of Eastwick comes out I am reminded of this, especially by the three hair colors involved, which I requested of Beth. Perhaps there is some ancient precedent here which I am merely fulfilling.
Note: Episode keeps me singing to myself like a happy little boy for three weeks despite bad residual soreness. Atrium 2 CW.



Oct 28 Britt and Rachel visits for two days with stylish 18 year old Gretchen VanRoon who inflames me immediately. Samhain Ritual.

Samhain Lust Ritual for Venus [Next time I see her she agrees to sleep with me].


Samhain. Salem. One of the most intense experiences of my life. One month celibacy precedes this. Spend all day without relief in close attendance to Beth. This to increase my libidinous energy. c Midnight serve as "Dionysian Altar" in Samhain Ritual performed by her with twelve other Witches ranging in desirability from moderately cute to ultra-nice. At first only I am naked, but long before the climax all the women are too. Feel very privileged to be selected for this and want to do it every year from here on. [Hope to host this event in the pine grove with sleep-over on shag rugs in my kitchen. Turns out unfortunately to be the first and last time. In November Beth tells me simply "All men once before any man twice." Reminds me of what I once said to Valerie Sherman about the climbing of mountains].

Oct 30 Salem. Morn. All are present. Unanimous decisions surrounding today's creation of the TRS mark the most significant milestone to date. The things that will come from this cannot even now be measured. Even though certain activities will begin soon, the official founding will not occur until October 31, 2006 or later. This will happen somewhere in the West, and will require a good deal of map study by me. Visit Essex Institute. Gardner-Pingree House. John Ward House. Sexy tour girl at Crowninshield-Bentley House. Lunch East India Mall. See Laurie Cabot and friend. Horribles Parade at Old Town Hall. See Laurie again. Salem Ghosts. Witch Dungeon. Talk with one of the actresses. Pierce-Nichols House. Assembly House. Rope's Mansion. Witch House too crowded. Beer at Salem Marketplace. House of Seven Gables too crowded. Beer at Victoria Station. Herb shop. Crowhaven Corner. No naked Sabbat for me tonight. Visit Rachel briefly. Dinner at Marketplace. Drink Witch's Brew. Make it to Bewitching Ball [Hampton Hall] but leave after five minutes. Very little memory from here on. Lying on lawn. Nearly Full Moon rising through mist, assuring some gent I am all right [Awaken with him bending over me in vampire costume]. Walking in a bad part of town on cobblestone streets. Careening against fence post in front of Essex Institute.

Oct 29 After first appointment with Dr. Dobrin arrive c 11:30 AM in Salem. Tour Witch House. Lunch at Lobster Shanty. Because I am not assertive enough about ordering a cheeseburger quickly, I miss the parade by five minutes. Haunted House is too busy. See two beautiful Witches at Crowhaven Corner. Visit Britt for only a brief interlude. Tour Peabody Museum. Seek Haunted Schooner. Have a beer at Victoria Station. Visit the House of Seven Gables [See Genealogy of RCP for involvement of my uncle Nicholas Noyes in the Salem Witch Trials and the influence of this on Nathaniel Hawthorne's story]. Tour Salem Maritime. Change into tuxedo and cape at Peabody. Hear group Witch play on steps of Old Towne Hall. Am approached and insulted very hatefully by Christian Bigot who resembles [and no doubt is] a Skid Row bum. Enjoy lobster at Shanty and talk with intelligent well traveled chap from Boston. As I return to car to get ticket one member of a gang of thugs just misses me with a huge bat. As I walk up Chestnut Street am accosted four times by insulting Christian bigots dressed and groomed very shabbily. One screams "Jesus Christ! It's Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" After following me for about two blocks and repeating and repeating this eighty to a hundred times, I inform him that he is violating my right to privacy but he goes right on "Jesus, Man! It's Jesus Christ, Man! Jesus Christ died for you, Man! Jesus loves you' Man!" This about twenty more times. I then give him one last warning and launch a half-hearted side kick to his stomach. Being very athletic and about nineteen years old he sidesteps and the follow through causes me to nearly lose my footing. He disappears and I continue my quest for Hamilton Hall [Owed by Harvard University, the ballroom floor is suspended by giant springs. Use of this place is booked ahead five years]. When I arrive there is a crowd of fanatical Christian bigots accosting guests as they enter. One of them comes into the lobby and tries to convert the policeman on duty who acquiesces because she uses sexual tactics. Once upstairs many humorous costumes are seen: big guy in drag, two bees, an alien, a carrot, a large rabbit, with a large Playboy Bunny, a nun doing the dirty boogie. Many impressive costumes: Tar-Tar, Eva Gabor, gangster and his lady, 1930s children, male + female Death, Countess, girl resembling Venus as Mick Jagger type Fu Manchu, Witch resembling Linda somewhat, Christopher Columbus, Wizard, army officer. Also seen are a rather vulnerable girl reminding me of Jean Fuller and a disarming beauty who is vaguely reminiscent of Shirley McLean at her sexiest and who I find intimidating. Talk briefly with girl dressed as Zorro and with flapper who is very glamorous and effervescently happy. An unlikely Dracula wins the prize and is announced by media people [He wins an all expense paid trip to Transylvania]. I fell saturated and yet sober and leave c 11:15. Leave gas cap on bumper at self service station and stop well down the road to find it amazingly still on the bumper.
Samhain Eve

Samhain. Leave c 7:35 AM. Boston. Visit Peretti, MacDonald's, and Gelotte for cable release. Get tux from Tracy and arrive at Pioneer Village c12:00 noon. Cheeseburger at Lobster Shanty. Meet voluptuous brunette at Olde Towne Hall who must "work tonight." Catch Salem Trolley, see Chestnut Street by day. Disembark with ultra-voluptuous blonde who at Salem Maritime Museum also shoots me down for the Ball [at Hawthorne House tonight]. Enjoy potpourris then a drink at Pickering Wharf. Catch Trolley back to Market, see torture pins at Courthouse. Visit Rachel and Gretchen. The three of us have a quick episode. I can't get either of them to go to the Ball. Come back and change into tux. Drinks at Lobster Shanty where Carol too shoots me down. Run into the brunette after seeing the Haunted House. Return to Shanty where I savor lobster pie, baked potato, and peas. Talk of many things with two young laborers who inform me of Miami, New York, Ogunquit Maine, and massage parlors on Route 1. We are joined by a chap with a very sexy, friendly girl who has laughing mischievous eyes like Joyce. Time passes and about ninety minutes into the Ball I sell my tickets at cost to the laborers. As we walk out they decide to dress as trees and begin defoliating the Market area [they are very drunk]. As I walk ahead to check out the Ball I see the police apprehending one of them so I head down to Boston arriving at Bradford c11:00 PM. [As I enter the Naked Eye a wino bows extravagantly to me bellowing "Good Evening, Sir"]. Am back on speaking terms with Gisele after a good tease. Enjoy Dorrie dancing to "Season of the Witch" after she insults black/white faced avant guard type hippie.

Samhain 7 AM After moving Monsieur Le Plant to lobby, leave for town. Eggs, bacon' and "grilled" English muffins in Troy. 9 AM Visit Dr. Dobrin. Try for Mass sticker. Patch blown of muffler. Visit Crown Mitsubishi and Toyota. Stop at Back Bay. Arrive at Bradford. Drink rest of tea liqueur. Beef tongue at Jake's. Visit 66. Christie not working. Blonde Marie is back and pudgy but I don't care. Spend boring afternoon here. Check silver VW Rabbit type car at 7 PM. Enter Naked 7:15 PM. Avoid Lisa who is stumbling frolicsomely with some woman in the isle. See Jazz dance. She talks to me from stage. As Autumn Blue gets naked see Gwenyth. Buy her two drinks. She is just back from Ireland, has a slight brogue, and is married. She says in six months there were only twenty clear days. She tells me about Damien by Hermann Hess. Pretty smart (for a kid - 24). Torture Mistress Silver dances giving me cruel looks. Try the London Broil at Jake's- don't wait for musicians who waiter tells me start at 10 PM, not 9. Return to Naked. Ask about a beautiful brunette as to whether she, Georgia, will dance. See Rose dance. Having heard from barmaid as I talk with Gwenyth that Katy is back am delighted when I see her- even with her hair dyed light brown. See Autumn Blue dance outback- gives Jeff two very naked looks. See Gwenyth dance- miss Silver outback but see her within about 1/2 hour. Talking with punk barmaid in sexy leather pants while guy in drag frolics with the ladies. Katy waiting to leave gives me a pouty look. Husband shows up. She follows him out pouting. Wait around for Georgia who turns out to be the blonde with glitter on her lips.

Oct 30 Decide not to visit Salem. Breakfast at University. Later head out for Haddock and cheese sandwich at Brigham's. Take long but enjoyable, erratic route on foot to Tracey's. Tux looks like monkey suit (purplish tie and cumber, dirty gloves). I pass. c 6:15 Meet Ed at Jake's. It being Octoberfest there is a choice of beers. He is strangely outdrinking me three beers to my first and keeps running to the men's room probably to snort cocaine, which he reports puts his mind upstairs while his penis is in the cellar. I wonder what he'll do the night he experiences his testicles frozen in a block of ice locked securely in a banded steel box high in a gray stone tower under a full moon in the Tibetan Himalayas with 1000 Buddhist Sherpa monks crowding the base solemnly chanting "let it be." This will be the night he suffers brain damage. A "lifestyle thing." Eee-yuh. When that day comes I'm going to razz the pants right off him addressing him "Hey, Brain Damage." Visit Naked. Enjoy seeing the wild woolly baby with her shaved pussy. Talk to Eva who says of Felix the Cat "He's the greatest." Am "put to the torment" by girl resembling Miss Deegan. Still no Katy.
Samhain. French toast at University. c 1 PM Visit Lyman Estate in Waltham where I tour greenhouses. Then over to Gore Place for the full tour. Spacious, but Castle on the Green is fancier. Lunch at Talk of the Town in Concord. As I leave bank am confronted by black robed figure with Death mask. This is arresting because figure is 11 feet tall. Bank guard looks very worried. Visit tile store- just closed. Return.

Samhain. After excellent breakfast next to also impressive Liberty Tree Mall, drive down at last to Pioneer Village. After walking around it, a very simple woman lets me in. Her husband gives me the tour. Drive past Pierce-Nichols and Cotings Assembly houses and Witch Dungeon Museum. Ask about map at Olde Town Hall. Have an Amaretto Colada at Lobster Shanty. See Laurie lead kids parade at Pickering Wharf. Haunted House looks unchanged. Visit Gretchen for an hour. Visit Psychic Fair. See beautiful Japanese plate with carp at Essex Institute. Have lobster pie at Shanty. Talk with Cathy Horan type woman. Visit shop with 1930s music on Essex Street. Ask about gift shops at Olde Town Hall. Visit Psychic Faire again. Visit Witch Museum gift shop, Sea Witch where I buy a Salem souvenir plate, Pyramid books where I am astounded by all the crystals I see and the new books - Advanced Enochian Magick. Pick up the carp plate at Essex Institute and head down 1A to Boston. Check in at Statler. Enjoy duck and strong vanilla tea at Star of Siam. Bore Linda with all my adventures.

Oct 30 After poached and bacon at Denny's leave early for Plymouth. Arrive early at Sleepy Pilgrim. Climb up Burial Hill. Cannons have been removed to Pilgrim Hall. Drive to Pilgrim Monument. Park and walk down to Mayflower Society House. 9 AM Visit Plymouth Plantation. Talk with girl with tinsel hair and with another young fox. Have cookies and cocoa. Buy coins. Visit Mayflower II and Gift Shop. Talk with girl at Sparrow House. Arrive 11:45 at King Richard's Faire. See girl from Marlboro again. Visit a Museum of Torture. Enjoy barbecued beef ribs. While eating strawberry shortcake see beggar chiding a man "You are so bald, so bald." Have Champagne. After checking last of merchandise, girl who sells keilbassa tells me she has put on a nice little kitten. More Champagne. It's too cold (huge cloud mass sitting over Faire) to stay for joust. Head back for leathery lamb at Mayflower Seafoods.
Samhain. Scrambled and ham at Mug and Muffin. Arrive at Copley Place at 10 AM. Buy Tricorn and Jockey Club at Caswell Massey. Order chimney fire extinguisher at Brookstone. Buy conventional rather than ultrasonic messager when I find what it can do for my hand - at Sharper Image. Cheese and raspberry croissant at Au Bon Pain. Call Nutrition Hotline. They recommend RDA only. Visit USA Theater. "Where's Boston?" is gone. After Prudential Skywalk talk with ticket girl. Get down to Quinsy Market c 1 PM. Visit Geoclassics. Talk with girl. Visit Wizard's Workshop. Talk with girl for long time. c 3:15 PM Have pot-roast and Indian Pudding at Durgin Park. Talk with restaurant critic for Boston Globe as we eat. He is about to visit Vienna via London all in the line of work. We discuss Montreal. Leave c 4 PM. Develop oil leak. Buy oil in Tilton after AAA call. [See huge bonfire somewhere before Littleton].

Oct 30 Perform usual Wiccan Samhain Ritual but in early morning fog amidst a small grove of twisted little black trees in the Witchinglands. Fix fuel tank under car. Weather cancels Salem trip.
Samhain. Rain. Get sticker. Enjoy huge burger at Anthony's.

Samhain. Perform naked ritual in Witchinglands at Sunrise. Lengerich in Chicago says that Hussain will make Israel into something flat and black which glows in the dark. Sell brush holder to Clickenger. Return to find power off. Hustle painting to art dealer [who later cheats me]. Gain reconnect just in time.

Oct 30 Visit Olde Towne Hall in Salem wearing pumpkin shirt. Cheeseburger at Shanty. See Liz for first time since 1985 [The archetypal beautiful Witch. I will remain her obedient servant all my life]. Visit O'Flaherty's. Talk with horror artist Charles Lang, a talented young genius who will become quite famous no doubt. Visit stores at Pickering Wharf. See Colleen Shumann type girl at Pyramid Books, also new Golden Dawn books. Cruise stores on Essex Street. Find ruby goblet at Daniel Lowe's - like one in Connecticut restaurant on way back from Florida in 1959. Lobster pie at Shanty. See pumpkins on Chestnut Street. See costumed people arriving at Witches Ball. Visit Britt.
Samhain. Ham and fried eggs at Denny's. Talk Colorado skiing with girl at Salem Witch Museum. Visit Jo Ann Fabric and Yin & Yang Shop in Concord NH. Girl with long black nails at Plymouth Diner [shy but sexy] where I have meat loaf.

Oct 29 Unpack much of chambre. Organize cologne.
Oct 30 c 11 AM Apple Hill. 2 PM All Hallows Celtic Faire in Sonora.
Nov 1 Seem to have everything I need here in the Golden West and have truly decided to leave absolutely every aspect of my former life behind with the exception of Ed and Maggie because of his desire to travel out this way again eventually. I will try to attend class reunions as well. WLO and CO members back East and elsewhere can manage on their own and I will be solitary in all my Libertarian and mystical activities from now on.

Samhain. Morning. Ritual. Work

Oct 30 Create "Ten Rayed Star" file relative to activist branches.
Oct 31 Ritual. Ridge Road. Day in Nevada City.

Oct 30 Interesting two hour program about making of "The Omen."

Samhain Fish plank and clams at Long John's. Very cold as I hike around the lake. Am dazzled by renovations at the Peppermill.