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Traditional Arcane Teachings

Independent Review:
“Great well of information for a pilgrim.”
~ Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ~

"In our Quest for Truth

Grim Charon didst row us

Even unto the far shore

Of the dreaded River Styx.

Amongst the flaming daemones

Didst we make grim council

Even with the Dark Lord himself,

And lo, hath returned unscathed !"


Elof II


Copyright 1978, 1983, 1993, 2012
Eric F. Magnuson
All Rights Reserved



Paperback Edition




The Three Scrolls

Scroll T ~ Tarot / Qabalah

Traditional Arrangement I

Traditional Arrangement II

Magickal Supplement

New Arrangement I

New Arrangement II

Scroll E ~ The Elements

Liber Elementorum

Scroll A ~ Alchemy

Liber Alchemiae


Liber Artis Magickae

Magickal History

Author Attainment

Adeptus I

Adeptus II

TRS Foundings


Fimbul Winter Books

About the Author

Essential Books Online

Sacred Text Archive

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