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HDP - Of Heroic Destiny

Independent Comments:
"Quite interesting, certainly memorable! I applaud the motivation behind this chronicle."
 ~ Wilfried Braakhuis, Associate Professor of History, University of Twente, Holland
"Your approach is unconventional... Very interesting I think, as a base for a screenplay."
 ~ Rutger Hauer, Actor

Short chronicle written as the journal of a Swedish Libertarian SS officer who tries to change Nazi policy. Meticulously accurate. Depicts the rise of the Third Reich as a sprawling historic epic with very little detail. Touches on the arcane basis of Nazism. Filled with Norse Witches, hip musicians, secret societies, Nazi officials, Nuremberg Rallies, and useful free-enterprise historical insights.

Tirpiz at sea

 Copyright 2003. 2012 

Roy C. Peterson
All Rights Reserved

Hitler and Goering

Short Novel

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