World Future Doctrine

Nationalist Revolution / World War III

"If the individual is born into an un-free society, he will have no legal rights corresponding to his natural ones, since these depend upon other people. He is endowed, however, in many cases, with the potential to be something more than merely a slave, and always with the choice of turning his will towards this end."

~ Dirk Aubrey Lokison ~

1. The world is in the worst trouble it has ever been in. There will be no help via supernatural intervention. We must fix it ourselves, and we can, but it requires good example through action, along with educational speech. Those who will not acknowledge any of this are part of the problem and should be treated accordingly,


2. If we don’t reverse our increasing numbers immediately, nothing else we do will matter. We must have strict population control now, enforced with an iron fist if need be. In an overcrowded world, irresponsible couples who have more than two children are recklessly endangering everyone else and will not continue in this.


3. There are many races on Earth. They are not equal. The highest are, on the average, thirty five IQ points above the lowest. All races, however, have equal potential, by their own long term own effort, but only if they are not interfered with by missionaries or those seeking colonial dominion. Unevolved people who have done nothing but hunt, gather, sing, and chant for the past twelve thousand years, of course, would just love to breed their way into developed, civilized societies. One is not being hateful or bigoted to recognize these irrefutable facts.


4. There is one superior race who wants total ownership and control of everything on Earth. They want everybody else’s earned prosperity, and false credit for everybody else's achievements. These goals are clearly stated in their earliest writings penned thousands of years ago. All over the world, they infiltrate every area of human endeavor that can give them power over other people. They try to convince humanity that they deserve special advantage, and that they have been persecuted by everyone else, especially certain nations. Through monopolistic media control, they create false feelings of guilt by using selective emphasis, massive exaggeration, and outright lies. They seek to stifle decent by sponsoring legislation against what they label “hate speech” which is any speech that tells the truth about their activities and plans. They try to enforce the Doctrine of Political Correctness by every means possible. This is the body of principles debated in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, to be held dogmatically by both Socialists and Communists, a common core of unnatural non workability. In their scheme for world domination, their own country, Israel, is merely a home base to work from. or when necessary, retreat to. Once they are all at home, without nuclear capability, their unjust adverse effect upon others will be neutralized.


5. Most world problems are caused by parasitic international bankers who, via privately owned central banks, like the US Federal Reserve, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so that they can lend money to governments for military activity and otherwise unnecessary social programs. We can rid ourselves of this problem by restoring the right to issue and control currency to the people. This will be accomplished by nationalizing all central banks worldwide. Reputable economists have developed workable models showing how this can be done without causing economic collapse.


6. In all of human history there has never been a multiracial or multicultural society which did not self-destruct because of the forced unnatural mixing. The predatory bankers exploit even the early stages of social decay. because they lend money to the national governments who must deal with the resulting problems.

7. The New World Order / Shadow Government wants most of the races of mankind to become extinct through forced intermixing. They know that world government, giving global finance monopoly, will be more acceptable to apathetic people with no racial or ethnic identity, living in a tedious gray landscape of universal sameness.

8. People have a natural right to grow up among their own racial kinsmen. Immigrant racial outlanders are an unjust encroachment upon the liberty of indigenous peoples. To survive, we must implement policies of race preservation to avert global monoculture everywhere.


9. To summarize, what works best is indigenous peoples enjoying strict population control, race and culture preservation, with absolute individual liberty, as separate sovereign nations competing eventually in a free world market. This will lead to a lasting peace and prosperity, an ongoing Golden Age for all of mankind. We have a right to implement this now, and to eliminate those who interfere.

10. People of all races need to look deep within themselves to isolate what is frivolous, and discard it. This is an excellent time in which to practice martial skills. Integrity will be gained by reading the facts and openly speaking the truth, about World War II the last major conflict on earth. Inspiration can be gained by reading the biographies of men like Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich to understand the tremendous obstacles they had to overcome

11. In a country where the government consists of subverted traitors in service to globalist bankers, there is no remedy at law. Those who ruin or imperil the lives of others for pleasure or profit, are combatants in an army of darkness, whether at the level of immigrant rapists or sponsoring globalist bankers. Moral people are empowered by the simple goodness within them to deal covertly with these enemies of all life. Such initiatives should be individual and never discussed with anyone, including spouse, parents, children, or friends. In the degenerate world of today, liberty and natural order will not be granted, so it must be seized. Soon we will all be involved in a worldwide revolution that will prevail by any means necessary. Servants of oppression, dig your graves! Winter is coming.

Indigenous Populations Everywhere, Rise!

Liberty or Death!




  Dig Your Graves!
Sentinels of Winter
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Gothenburg Sweden


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