With Two Girlfriends

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Dear Filmmaker

New Screenplay:
"With Two Girlfriends"
WGA Registration # 1458978
The feature-length screenplay perfectly conveys the novel as written. Nobody has seen it yet. Script can be sent in any medium to agents, actors, directors, and producers. Project involves adult content. Good idea to read novel introduction. Sample scene linked below.

Short Logline:


A college love triangle is drastically changed by a book of strange tales about sexual captivity in the Nineteenth Century.

Long Logline:

A young man is living with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but they treat him quite badly otherwise. One day he finds a book of bizarre stories about sexual captivity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning, as he reads another of the tales, the solution to his problem begins to slowly take shape.


Roy C. Peterson
Heroic Destiny Productions
January 3, 2014
10:14 A.M.