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All at the same time, stand up and be courageous. Have integrity. Stop serving the New World Order parasites. Accept the premise that government is at best a necessary evil and that the less of it we have, the better. Support all measures outlined by the World Libertarian Order in the Ten Steps to World Libertarian Revolution.

Everybody Else:

Initiate revolution. Support all popular measures that are in a basic Libertarian direction, such as budget balancing. When there is no other choice, deal with gross encroachments against individual liberty covertly on an individual basis. Avoid mainstream controlled media. Even if you know enough to read between the lines, it will slant your viewpoint. Educate the upcoming generation at the grass roots level, about the sole workability of Libertarian principles so that non Libertarian elements can finally be voted out of office everywhere. Maintain health, practice martial skills, and stay well armed in case we get a chance to do it sooner. All this is the only difficult part. The rest is blissfully simple and could then be implemented quickly.


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