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Population and Race

Deal decisively with the issues of population and race:
- History shows that smaller numbers of people in any given place work best, so long as there are enough to defend the borders. For the land mass of Earth, the ideal population is 320 million people. This number was passed c 900 A.D. By the word ideal we mean a level consistent with vital self-actualization and opulent joy in living, rather than mere subsistence in anguished mediocrity. To this end, limit couples to two children. More than two is simply an unjust encroachment upon others. World population will slowly decline back to workable levels everywhere. The projected ideal numbers are as follows:

Not our map, but useful anyway

Canada, United States, Mexico
Central, South America
Greenland, Europe, Northern Africa
Southern Africa
Near East, Middle East, Asia
Australia, New Zealand
- Workable societies must be based on natural principals. It is natural for people to feel most comfortable among those of their own race and ethnicity. In all of human history there has never been a multiracial or multicultural society which did not self-destruct because of the unnatural mixing. The New World Order bankers, who work for totalitarian Socialism and world monoculture, want everyone to mix together, so they can lend money to national governments who must deal with all the resulting social problems.
- All people have the natural right to grow up among their own racial kinsmen. Resident
racial outlanders are simply an unjust encroachment upon the personal liberty of indigenous peoples. To survive, we must emphasize race preservation and the prevention of global monoculture. Interracial marriage advocates are attempting to eliminate all existing races. They try to sound very interested in human variety, but their breed-up quick programs, long term, will completely obliterate human variety by making what are now separate races into one race. Variety is the spice of life. Imagine the tedium of universal sameness. The globalist bankers want to destroy race and culture. They know that one world government, giving global finance monopoly, will be more acceptable to people with no racial or ethnic identity.
- A common falsehood perpetrated by politicians in service to big business seeking cheap labor has been that ongoing immigration is necessary to keep industry alive. In actuality, business simply expands to accommodate any available work force. With worldwide liberty and prosperity, people will not flee their ancestral homelands.
- Note that third-world people usually favor globalization because it will allow them to prosper via social programs paid for by productive host populations. The predatory bankers know that countries with hordes of immigrant third-worlders, if the globalization question come to a ballot referendum, will be far more likely to relinquish sovereignty.
- Close borders everywhere to immigrants of non-indigenous race. Anybody can leave, and a great many will begin to return home. Request voluntary sterilization of all who choose to remain in host countries, with special retirement programs for those who cooperate and adoption priorities for qualified couples within this category. No restrictions on travel. Tourists from now on will be able to enjoy the full undiluted potency of indigenous cultures everywhere.
- There will be new technology for determining constitutional psychopathy, even in the prenatal state, along with intrauterine diagnosis of fetal deformity, mental retardation, and genetic predisposition to sexual perversion. This will lead to the elimination of human non-viability everywhere on earth.
- Implement an equitable solution for the problems caused by a century of Socialism in unnaturally increasing the quantity, while undermining the quality, of people everywhere. There will be new foolproof brain-scan methods for determining intelligence. Use it to assess IQ in populations worldwide. Request voluntary sterilization of all those having an IQ of 94 or less, also with special retirement benefits and adoption priorities. Because higher moral conceptualization is a function of the cerebral cortex, these IQ adjustments, along with the elimination of constitutional psychopathy, will effectively spell an end to commonplace moral stupidity on this planet.