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The first petition is to end the media monopoly, then there is one petition each for the Ten Steps to Libertarian Nationalist Revolution. At the end, there is one petition too long to read, all Ten Steps in one. Someone who has signed the ten short petitions individually will, of course, know the full contents of the long one, and should sign it also to demonstrate that there are a growing number who understand the complete picture. ~ EFM 1:10 PM, 1/31/16

Alternative to Globalist Tyranny

Most of the big problems on Earth are caused by parasitic international bankers who, via central banks, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so that they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs.
The Shadow Government / New World Order agenda, called Globalization, is merely Totalitarian Socialism with One World Government, giving absolute monopoly to predatory bankers. Any reputable economist will tell you that what the World Libertarian Order proposes will result in ongoing liberty, prosperity, and peace for all people on Earth.
Saving the world is a big job, but it's the best, and involves the making right of all past mistakes, not mere adaptation to the aftermath. No single group, governmental body, or army is expected to affect this entire program. Those who like the future vision depicted, should simply do whatever they can towards the desired end.
Without the Globalists, we will have a future for the entire world, free of economic upheaval, war, and pollution, with no encroachment on any living thing, indigenous peoples enjoying strict population control, race and culture preservation, absolute individual liberty, prosperity, and peace as separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market.
First we liberate the media. The remaining petitions in this section constitute a ten point program, which must be implemented to liberate societies so that natural order can prevail. The best approach will vary from one country to another because of what has occurred in the past, but the variations involve only short term emphasis and sequence, not policy or principles. The time frame for phasing in any particular policy must be of sufficient duration for smooth transition tp minimize any short term bad effects upon individuals or economies.
Each page in this site reproduces the petition text followed by a link to the actual petition at The text for each potion should be self-explanatory, but here is a link for anyone wanting backup information.