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EMP via Solar Flare

Authorize funding to insulate the entire United States power grid from Electro Magnetic Pulse. This should include public education about how individuals and organizations can protect their own electrical equipment, homes, and vehicles.

Some relevant facts:

A one megaton bomb detonated fifty miles above the center of the US would generate an electro magnetic pulse sufficient to take out the entire US electric power grid.

A large solar flare would do the same thing.

The Carrington event of 1859 ruined the entire US telegraph system and even melted some railroad track

The odds of a big solar flare occurring between now and 2020 are one in eight .

If a big solar flare occurs, so dependent are we on electricity, that ninety percent of our population are likely to be dead within six months.

THe cost of fixing the US power grid would be about the same as one corporate bailout, twelve billion dollars.

Strong Solar Flares: NASA

2012 Solar Flare

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