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Banking and Trade

In every country, nationalize privately owned central banks, like the US Federal Reserve, repudiate the debt, and demand reparations for the amount already swindled by the creditors as a civil alternative to being put on trial for engineering every war and ruined economy over the past two hundred years, or being the beneficiary heirs thereto, all of which is easily provable from existing historical records. Return to currencies backed by durable commodity of intrinsic value, like gold or a mixed store of precious metals.
Consumers worldwide will have total product choice. Goods offered in the free world market will be produced solely within each country by the citizens of that country, with no foreign ownership of business anywhere. Banks will lend only within their own countries. Once all nations are prospering, few will think it good practice to invest away from home, and imbalances will subside. Simultaneously, phase out all subsidies and unjust regulation of business, trade, financial transfers, and banks.
For any bank, including the central bank, to maintain less than a one hundred percent reserve at all times is simply dishonest. The new policies will correct things easily with mandatory disclosure to depositors about actual amounts held in reserve, plus clear information about what it all means.