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This website links to three books on magickal tradition which should be of interest to all seekers of arcane wisdom including people of Pagan and Heathen spirituality.

"Traditional Arcane Teachings" presents complete tables of correspondences for the occult tradition of  the West. Includes Planets, Zodiac, Alchemy, Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, Elements. Extends the work of Cornelius Agrippa, Aleister Crowley, and Israel Regardie.

"Mythology of the North" has complete tables of correspondences for the pantheons of four Nordic cultures: Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse. Includes Planets, Zodiac, Divinations, Gems. Also a special section on Eldar Futhark Runes.

"Arcane Fraternal Orders" explains magickal progress in general and two systems of attainment based upon evolutionary principles. It also describes revolution magick in a section called called "The Inner Chamber".
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Eric F. Magnuson
December 6,  2005

Witch Magick