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Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution

Proposed Amendments to the
Constitution of the United States of America


The American Revolution began primarily because of a tax without representation on tea, which if we adjust for inflation, amounts to about one dollar per individual per year. There should be no question in the mind of any liberty loving American that the people of the United States today have infinitely more just grievance against the subverted collectivists and servants of international finance who run our country than the Founding Fathers ever did against the British.

America is today little more than a Socialist slave state, with consent occurring primarily because of apathetic reaction to false information. Members of the two evil parties like to quote the Founding Fathers, especially if the party name is the same. The problem is that the party platforms are not the same. Libertarians are getting a bit tired of hearing Socialists quote, as ideological allies, individuals who by today's standards, are Libertarians.

There are many now who would scrap the Constitution of the United States and write an completely new document. This particular patriot would never agree to such a thing, being much too sentimental about the history of America. Besides, a new Constitution isn't necessary. The original is almost completely a Libertarian document, even though the principles were not at the time, equally applied to all people.

The existing Constitution remains a living testimony to the growth of a great nation, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of it's people. In it we can see many of our mistakes, and in some cases, our recognition and admission of these mistakes. It should be preserved for the children and be continually amended as we grow in understanding as a people.

What follows are proposed amendments to the Constitution in order to help bring this venerable document to it's highest potential as an instrument of Libertarian action. These ideas are offered to help establish a direction for enlightened discussion among those genuinely concerned about the future of America.
The timing for any particular change, of course, must be such as to minimize any potential short term bad effect upon individuals or the economy.

The suggestions are formatted as substitute paragraphs or changes to existing paragraphs in the Constitution. They correspond numerically to the original. Additionally there is a separate amendment pertaining to the Federal Reserve Bank. In reading these proposals, most would want to have a copy of the Constitution at hand for purposes of comparison. See link below. 

Article I

Section 8

1. To establish user fees to pay for government services in direct proportion to specific value received by the payer, or to establish lotteries of specific purpose, and relative to the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

2. To borrow money through the sale of internal treasury securities to be held only by citizens of the United States of America and only in that total amount equivalent to the usual expenditures incurred by government during a period of one year. Such reserve would also serve in case of national emergency.

3. Delete entire paragraph (no restrictions on trade).

5. To establish currency as a body of warehouse receipts representing a fixed amount of scarce and durable commodity, and backed by a one hundred percent reserve thereof, the value of which to be determined in a free world market.

7. The United States Post Office to be privatized.

14. (add pertaining to the military) ... service in which will, at all times, be on a voluntary basis.

Section 10

2. Delete entire paragraph (no duties on anything).

3. Delete the words - "lay any duty of tonage."

Amendments to the Constitution

Article 2. Add the words - Nor shall the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the protection of life and property, hunting, or recreational purposes be infringed.

Article 16 is hereby repealed and the Federal Reserve Bank
nationalized and all just disbursements made.

Explanation of changes to
Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 1 and 2

Foreign military ventures would be paid for only by those supporting them, in direct proportion to that support, using lotteries of specifically designated purpose.


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