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A Word About Religion

The Goal is a Better World
We actually spend very little time discussing religion in this volume, but must apologize in advance if anyone feels insulted by what we do say. All our observations are presented in very general fashion only to make a better world. Nothing is intended personally.
We consider the history of the twentieth century to have been an absolute disgrace - nothing but ongoing economic upheaval interrupted by war. This presents us with a question. If the prevailing spirituality operational in the world during this period were doing what it should do, then why did we have all this trouble?
We feel that any person who truly believes in and practices the Golden Rule will agree with us that it is not enough for individuals to practice simple moral decency - governments must do so as well. Do spiritually developed people condone ongoing immoral government activity? Evil is not rendered into goodness just because it the result of collective human action.
Please approach this material in the spirit in which it is intended. We are trying here to help establish Liberty, prosperity, and peace on Earth. If we have to rock the boat a little by asking people to think a bit, then that's what we will do.
Eric F. Magnuson
April 4, 2004
12:34 PM