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World Libertarian Revolution

Liberty or Death!


Indigenous peoples in free sovereign nations, competing in a free world market, has a natural workability superior to any form of world government and can be less easily subverted to predatory collectivism.


This volume stresses the necessary natural sequence for peace on Earth: Liberty leads to prosperity, which leads to peace. Explains how this, and every other problem facing mankind, can be solved without injustice to anyone. Libertarian solutions are not theoretical. They simply need to be implemented without bipartisan undermining.


Worldwide Liberty without Globalist Monopoly

Liberty Triumphant and Eternal !
Copyright 1983, 1996. 2008, 2012
Eric F. Magnuson
All Rights Reserved 
A Brighter Future

The Clear Light of Day

Liberty > Prosperity > Peace

Paperback under Two Titles:



Libertarian Basics

Essential Facts

Seek and Destroy

Part I  Liberation of Society

Evolutionary Principles


1. Liberty and Natural Order

2. Lending and Spending

3. Economics and Power

4. History and Propaganda

5. Evolution and Devolution

6. Charity and Welfare

7. Society and Apathy

8. Government and Collectivism

9. Opponents and Strategies

10. Solutions and Implementation

11. Revolution

Part II  Liberation of the World

1. New Look at Western Civilization

2. World Power Through Misdirection

3. The New World Order

4. Superior Options Ahead

5. Declaration of World Independence

6. Liberty Works Best Everywhere

7. Worldwide Racial Displacement

8. Are Racial Outlanders Dangerous?

9. Challenge of Street Terrorism

10. Objective View of Political Terrorism

11. Libertarian Nationalist Revolution

Part III  In the United States

Globalism and the Federal Resave

Additions to US Constitution

Invasion of the United States

United States Future Doctrine

Survival in North America


Part IV  Past, Present, Future

History of the New World Order

World War II and Causes

Twelve Things You Were Not Told

How Hitler Defied the Bankers

Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

World Future Doctrine

European Future Doctrine

State of the World 2034

Part V  Quotations

For World Liberty

For Good Living

Part VI  The WLO




United Nations



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