Worldwide Racial Displacement



 Intelligent Humanity is an Endangered Species

Evolutionary destiny is the imperative for the unimpeded, ever-more varied and complex expression of intelligence. The mechanism for this is natural selection, the principle that organisms manifesting traits having negative survival value, will reproduce at a lesser rate because they will not live long enough to do so. This will ultimately cause the trait to die out in that species, unless those manifesting the traits are given unnatural sustenance to prolong their lives and periods of reproduction.
When non self-sustaining organisms are sustained artificially and end up reproducing when they would otherwise have not, evolution stops and devolution begins. Devolution is the reverse of evolution. The damage to evolutionary destiny is even worse if the evolutionary expression of self-sustaining organisms is encroached upon in the process. These principles apply to all life forms, including humanity.
Evolution will not continue, and ultimately intelligent mankind will not survive, if societies continue to act as subsidized breeding farms for human non-self-sustainability. Recognition of this does not mean that anybody needs to go hungry or starve. In a Libertarian Republic all people can live long happy lives. Ongoing sustenance of chronically unemployable people can be provided efficiently without dragging down human excellence using coercive government wealth redistribution. It is also possible with education about birth control to help people to curb the encroachment they make by having more than two children in a world that passed the ideal population of 320 million people in the year 900 A.D..

Race Preservation is Not Injustice
It's perfectly normal to feel more comfortable and at ease among one's own kind. This is an instinctive trait which comes from tens of thousands of years of fierce tribal competition for food and shelter. Nobody should ever allow themselves to be put on the defensive about having these normal feelings. Sometimes normalcy in this regard is mitigated by other things: spirituality, education, fashion, brainwashing, fear, lust, insanity, greed, naivety, social masochism, self-hatred, stupidity, or any combination of these.
It's safe to say that a person's feelings are always based upon the total of what they have experienced. Most so called prejudice is just a normal human reaction to what an individual has experienced. Since we all have different experiences, we all have different reactions.
A stereotype is the random generalization that an individual member of an identifiable group, for better or for worse, possesses a particular characteristic, which may or may not be more common among members of that group, this without any substantive knowledge of the person as an individual. Stereotypes are usually based upon race, nationality, sex, age, and creed.
There is a double standard about constructive racial pride. If a member of a less highly evolved race shows it, he is praised for cultural consciousness, If a member of a more highly evolved race shows it, he is scorned for divisiveness or bigotry.
Dictionary definition: "Racism is the belief that race is the sole determinant of character in the individual". There are very few people who believe anything like this. Everyday experience contradicts it. When people speak the deeper truth about race, however, it's usually shouted down with catcalls about hatred and bigotry. What this tells us is that if we want to be thought of as being loving and open-minded, we have to go along with social lies.
Ideological falsehood about group member potential is always reinforced using induction, that is, reasoning backwards from exceptional particular instances to a false general premise. Individuals must be judged individually. That doesn't mean, however, that we have to be deaf, dumb, and blind as to what is true about groups, or the adverse effect that one group can have upon another when it is wrongfully displaced from its rightful ancestral homeland. What hurts a group, hurts individuals.

Evolved Intelligence is being Lost Forever
Probably the best definition of a race traitor is "one who will throw down everything that has been gained through four and a half billion years of evolution to be fashionably liberal minded sounding at cocktail parties". The differences between racial groups are based on far more than mere physical appearance. More importantly, there are significant differences in intelligence. This has many consequences.
Science shows that the seat of higher moral deliberation is the cerebral cortex. The ability to conceptualize morally is tied to overall intelligence. Less highly evolved races not only have a lower average IQ, but also a lower average moral IQ. This leads to poor relations with other groups. All one needs to do is to search "crime by race" on the Internet. Statistics show these things very clearly. Ivory tower wishful thinkers will, of course, deny, or twist, every nuance of truth in this area.
The interbreeding of a more highly evolved race with one less highly evolved, results in a new race somewhere between the two original races, in humans, usually closer in manifestation to the lower. Once racial interbreeding gets started in any society, devolution and downfall has begun.
It's usually the lower members of the more highly evolved race who interbreed with the upper members of the less highly evolved race. As time passes, more and more intelligence disappears overall, and group differences become increasingly blurred. Those of mixed race usually identify with the lower half of their ancestry out of a need for self-justification, and are usually not accepted by members of the higher race. The most noble thing such a person can do for evolutionary destiny in general, is to identify the higher race, abstain from the gene pool, and adopt children.
The Role of Politics
Ambitious representatives of less highly evolved races will always champion the genetic intermixing of their people with the more highly evolved race. Why wouldn't they? They have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Interracial marriage advocates are trying to obliterate race by making all people intp one race. Dominant genetic traits are those which win out over long periods of interbreeding. Examples are brown eyes and black hair. Recessive genetic traits are the ones that lose out. These include light eye colors, such as green, blue, and hazel. Also gone forever will be light hair colors, such as blond, ash, auburn, and red.
If one race possesses mostly recessive genetic traits, then that race will be destroyed by race mixing. Self-respecting members of such a race will quite properly perceive all the breed-up-quick philosophy as a threat to the continued existence of their own race. They will feel that interracial dating websites are not examples of open-mindedness or cultural progress, but only of ignorance and societal decay, something effectively akin to an epidemic of fatal disease. The real issue is racial preservation, diversity rather than sameness, variety rather than monoculture.
International finance manipulates politicians and always promotes any massive government spending program that will allow them to lend money. This includes ongoing programs that implement unworkable Socialist policies. They escape the cultural impact, because they can afford to live or vacation anywhere on Earth. People have the natural right to grow up in a society among their own racial kinsmen and should not accept being coerced at gunpoint by cruel socialist slave masters into intermixing with sullen, angry racial outlanders, who have an in-your-face attitude and speak with a tone of blaming.
It's important to know that third-world people usually favor globalization, because it will allow them to prosper from social programs paid for by productive host populations. Globalist bankers know that countries with multitudes of immigrant third-worlders, if globalization comes to a ballot referendum, will be far more likely to relinquish sovereignty. This is the reason for all the new indigent faces in productive countries.

Solution: Make the Whole World Free
Science teaches that when two groups compete for the same ecological niche, the stronger will destroy the weaker. Distance between the groups, of course, eliminates the competition. A good non-human example is timber wolves and coyotes. Both are canis lupus, but they are also natural enemies. Both survive very nicely if they are at a distance from each other. Coyotes like to travel around a good deal, but the smart ones have learned not go within seventy five miles of timber wolves.
Those who would rob you of your liberty, or threaten the existence or evolutionary destiny of your race, are your mortal enemies. There are two ways to deal with them. You can either have them at a distance or eliminate them completely, at very least by stopping their further reproduction. Which you choose should be determined only by your perception of possibility and cost.
It's normal for the people of a more highly evolved race to take up arms against those who seek to destroy their race, and with it the evolutionary destiny of mankind. There are, however, more peaceful solutions.
Populations displaced by coercion have the natural right to return to their ancestral homelands. This option can be made legal through the cooperation of governments everywhere. Worldwide liberty and capitalism will produce worldwide prosperity. This will allow populations who have been unjustly displaced to return to their ancestral homelands, because the newly prospering nations will be able to easily accommodate their return.
Displaced people of reproducing age who are realistic, responsible, and mature will want to participate in this great adventure. They can entrust their property to older friends and relatives who choose to remain in the host counties. Their property can then be sold at a time advantageous from the standpoint of market.
There is no substitute for the splendid integrity of living in a place where you are wanted, and where you don't have to blame, or thank, anyone but yourself, for how well you do. 


Eric F. Magnuson

October 15, 2008

Late Morning



The following is an adaptation of a essay written by Dirk Aubrey Lokison in 1983 about racial displacement problems particular to the United States. In the original version, specific ethnic and racial groups were identified. The WLO's goal is not to hurt anyone's feelings, just to make a better world, so I took these specific references out. The who-does-it is gone, but the what-they-do remains. See if you can ID the various groups. I also made editorial changes for easy readability, but not for meaning or content. Those of European heritage will think of many culturally displaced individuals who they like or love. Personal affiliations, however, must not interfere with more important matters such as race preservation and evolutionary destiny. Goals must be prioritized. We can visit our friends overseas when they are happy and prospering back in their ancestral homelands. - EFM 


Displaced Racial Populations in America

People of European ancestry are the founders of America as it is now constituted, and must not be hindered in the establishment of a totally free society by antithetical groups who never belonged here in the first place. There are many specific problems in the USA which accrue to the presence of displaced populations. There is, of course, in every group a percentage of decent people. In the groups that are hurting the United States however:
- Many are significantly less intelligent. Those who question the accuracy of intelligence tests need only look at the long record of almost total non-achievement by certain groups in both America and in their countries of origin. They are often loud, belligerent, and foul-mouthed. Their presence in America spoils the quality of life for people of European heritage.
- Many have out-bred their ability to feed themselves at home. Americans should not have to put up with vast throngs of third-worlders  coming into our country to do the same thing here. Most of the invaders are tedious and uninspired, addicted to indiscriminate reproduction and cowardly medieval religion.
- Many are cruel, fanatical, and given to terrorism. The dangerous ones exist in sufficient percentage so that we shouldn't have to worry about which are which.
- Many are conniving monoculturalists who are openly aggressive towards the host populations of European ancestry. This parasitic element sponsored and now exploits the Socialism that is destroying America. We shouldn't have to put up with the vile dispiriting nihilism of these wandering internationalist blood suckers.
- Many are intelligent, quiet, polite, and hard working. There are, however, enough of them in their homelands. In the interest of our own preservation, we should not welcome vast numbers of them here with their cheerless similarity of appearance. It's simply a bad move genetically from the standpoint of human aesthetics and variety.
Social lies are always used by collectivist governments to justify non-viable policies. There are two big lies guiding American social policy. One pertains to who did what. Virtually all black people in the USA are descended from those who were brought to America as slaves. Most white people in America, however, are not descended from greedy southern plantation owners, and have inherited no culpability in any of this. The presence of black people in America is, for most white people, simply an unjust cultural and genetic encroachment. The other big lie is that all free people were unjustly enriched by the institution of slavery. The truth is that the only people who gained from slavery were the plantation owners. Everybody else was hurt because of what it did to the price of commodities and the labor market.
The slavery lies are used to promote so called "social justice" via socialist wealth redistribution. Affirmative Action programs deny education to more qualified people of higher intelligence. Colleges in the United States have been invaded by loud, motor-mouth jokers who disrupt the study of serious students. When anyone asks them to please quiet down, they often respond defiantly with name calling and threats of violence. This is especially true first semester, before many of them flunk out. Anybody who doubts any of this need only sit for a while in any college library of computer lab and listen to what goes on, and then see for themselves who is responsible. Try riding a city bus over time and then ask yourself why ninety nine percent of the trouble consistently comes from twelve percent of the people.

Non-Coercive Solutions
Large percentages within all displaced population groups are antagonistic to the interests of liberty loving Americans of European descent. Only small percentages have demonstrated any real comprehension of free-enterprise principles. Their continued insistence on the injustice of Affirmative Action and unnecessary social programs is the most concrete expression of this.
Admitting the truth of all these things does not mean that anyone should condone cruelty, injustice, or disrespectful behavior towards anyone else. Nor should it be used to refute the great accomplishments of exceptional individuals within any displaced group.
On the average, however, people of European ancestry have everything to lose and nothing to gain through further association with displaced populations. The terrible injustices of history cannot be rectified by the further injustice of perpetuating Socialism in America. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Our greatness as a nation can now only be realized by doing what is clearly most workable. It is in our interest to help displaced people get back home to whatever country they came from. Mass influx should be stopped immediately. Incompatible groups already in the United States must be allowed to return to their countries of origin.
So called "Native" Americans are actually first wave European immigrants who came here via the Alaskan Land Bridge fourteen thousand years ago. They are the only people who truly deserve to be in America, but there are not enough of them left to defend the borders of a country this size. Most of them are gone because of diseases brought by later European settlers. As Americans we owe the survivors a great deal.
We should give Native Americans back good tracts of government land to inhabit, plus all of the National Parks and Forests, to be run by them for the use of all Americans. Their religion is much like the original spirituality of Europeans. Whenever possible they should be given the autonomy of a separate nation, while at the same time, remaining our military allies relative to any invasion from outside America. 

Dirk Aubrey Lokison





Updated Commentary

In all of human history, there is no example of any multi cultural society having survived. It has always led to the downfall of the society, because only those who create a great culture are capable of sustaining it. What works are indigenous peoples. enjoying race and culture preservation in absolute liberty as separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market. Only this, can lead to world peace and prosperity. We are tired of being victimized. and of explaining the facts to militant sleepwalkers. Revolution is at hand! Good people will. by any means necessary. make natural order prevail on this planet. Those who oppose us, dig your graves. Winter is coming. 
Eric F. Magnuson
February 23, 2016
11:05 A.M.

Indigenous Populations Everywhere, Rise!

Liberty or Death!


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