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The Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny



Most big problems on Earth are caused by parasitic international bankers who, via central banks, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so that they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs.

Shadow Government / Deep State / New World Order, aka Globalism, is merely Totalitarian Socialism under One World Government, giving finance monopoly to predatory IMF bankers.

This volume explains how we can have a future for the entire world, free of economic upheaval, war, and pollution, with no unjust encroachment on any living thing. Indigenous peoples enjoying strict population control, race and culture preservation, with absolute liberty, as separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market, will lead to ongoing prosperity and peace.

Samuel Adams 


Liberty > Prosperity > Peace
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Eric F. Magnuson
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Seek and Destroy

Ten Steps

1. Revolution

2. Banking

3. Taxation

4. War

5. Socialism

6. Crime

7. Protectionism

8. Eductaion

9. Adjustments

10. Population

The Future


World Libertarian Order

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