Are Racial Outlanders Dangerous?


Indigenous Populations Everywhere, Rise!


"We often give our enemies the

means of our own destruction."

~ Aesop ~


Are Racial Outlanders Dangerous?

American Case History

This is the testimony of a man of European ancestry living in the United States. He will remain anonymous and withhold location information in order to preserve future options:

"When I was young, I had very liberal viewpoints, liked Jack Kennedy, and believed that all that government assistance would inspire the recipients to pull themselves up and become productive members of society, because that is how I would respond in their circumstances. This was very innocent of me, because I didn't understand the basic differences between people. Today I use the N Word, but in this context I prefer the term Negro, so as not to distract all the boot-licking Socialists from the content.

1962 Massachusetts

I'm walking along having a normal conversation with a Malato student near campus dormitories, when he suddenly jumps me. We wrestle, but he gets the better of me with a choke hold. I say 'Okay, I give,' but that isn't enough. He tightens his grip until I'm strangling. It's almost impossible to talk, but I manage to tell him to let go, or I'll have to report him to the school administration. He reminds me that nobody is around, that he could kill me and nobody would know, then he chokes me for another ten minutes. This is a very bleak and frightening experience. Finally he lets go. and I tell him I have to head home. In the future I avoid him.

1964 Boston

My mother returns from shopping to her car. Before she can lock the passenger door, a Negro jumps in and tries to rape her. She manages to open the driver door and yells for help, The Negro panics, jumps out, and runs away.

1968 San Francisco

A girlfriend of mine moves to San Francisco. Within two weeks she is raped by a Negro.

1972 Boston

A friend of mine is returning home when a Negro pulls a knife on him and demands his money. He complies, and later talks to a girl who has been robbed this way fifteen times in the past two years, always by Negroes.

1995 Northern California

I am diagnosed with a fatal tumor and referred to a neurosurgeon. When I phone the office, the surgeon's Mexican secretary can barely speak English. I express dismay at this. She becomes sullen, angry, and uncooperative. Finally she says she will put my file on his desk. I call periodically about getting my appointment. Three months pass, my condition becomes much worse. I will die soon, and become so frightened that I seek administrative remedy outside the surgical unit to bypass the secretary. When I finally get my appointment, the surgeon apologizes. It turns out that the secretary kept shifting my case folder to the bottom of the pile on his desk. Although this is clearly attempted murder, I don't pursue the matter at the time. To do so would have reset the entire process and waiting period. At last I get my surgery, but nearly die from complications resulting from the delay. Later I look for the secretary, and find out that she no longer works for the surgeon. After a follow-up exam, I'm told that I will need a second operation in 1997, so I decide to delay taking action. There is no way to find out who she is without giving away my intention.

1999 Northern California

In a traffic jam quick-stop, a white kid in a pickup truck smashes into the back my car at about 60 mph, He is listening to dirty mouth Negro rap music with a subwoofer, and doesn't hear the noise of screeching tires ahead of him. He doesn't see all the stopped cars, because he is looking in his rearview mirror to see if the white family behind him are properly impressed with his rebellious demeanor. After an examination and a cat-scan at the hospital, I'm told that I have a skull fracture and a herniated lower lumbar vertebra. I am partially paralyzed in my right leg to this day. In a good country, the installation of subwoofers in vehicles would not be legal. They are generally used by Negroes and Mexicans to make unjust encroachment on white people.

2002 Nevada

I'm living in an apartment house with no other residence options at the time. There is a very loud Mexican in the next room. He never sleeps, and yells all night, every night. The manager, also a Mexican, keeps telling me he will move the loudmouth to another room the next time his rent comes due, but it never happens. The typical excuse is that when the yeller comes down to pay the rent, the girl on the desk doesn't know the situation, and simply renews him for another two months. This continues for six months. I am getting only two hours sleep every night, because the Mexican doesn't stop until 4:00 A.M. Finally my resistance becomes so low I become deathly ill with pneumonia, This persists for six months, I become anemic, my muscles atrophy, and I am going to die. The hospital keeps me on an antibiotic intravenous for two weeks. When I get out, the loud Mexican is still there. He's half my age and twice my size, but I threaten to kill him, so he moves out.

2005 Nevada - Winter

I overhear a conversation between two Negroes at a bus stop, 'Yo, I got Brown Recluse. Carry in saltshaker.  Put in Motherfucker's bed. That fix Motherfucker's ass.". How this works out I don't know. Naturally I'm curious, but feel that it might be impolite, or politically incorrect, to ask.

2005 Nevada - Spring

Am talking with a friend outdoors when a Negro, acting like an ostrich for some reason, comes up and grabs me. I shove him away. The Negro addresses two passing security officers, 'Did you see that? How he put his hands on me?' One of the officers replied, 'Yes, but I also saw what you did first.' The Negro looks disappointed and continues up the street as an ostrich.

One night, around 2:00 AM, in a public dormitory, on the lower bunk, I am awakened by my blanket being pulled off by a yelling Mexican on the upper bunk. I start to sit up. With a broad swipe, he claws me with his fingernails, drawing blood from my forehead about an inch above my right eye. He's raving incoherently, saying that I must leave the city immediately. I tell the security officer, who knows who the fellow is and says. "Oh, Jesus!" then goes over to calm him down. The Mexican now pretends to be asleep, so the security officer shines a flashlight in his face and awakens him to see if he's okay.

2005 Nevada - Summer

In the same dormitory, am awakened about 1:00 AM by the conversation of security officers as they carry three stationary men, one at a time, out of the dormitory. Next day in a breakfast line, a friend tells me that he heard that three dead white guys were removed from the dormitory  the previous night. I never learn anything more about this, so who knows what happened? I do remember, before I fell asleep, seeing a Negro man prowling around in the dark like he was studying possibilities.

One morning I'm waiting for a bus, and a mad-dog Negro with no shirt, comes raging down the street shouting and throwing stones at everyone and everything. I see him and hide bend the bus kiosk. Too late, he sees me and starts throwing at me. Then he crosses the street and opens a big water main that starts flooding the area. In late afternoon the water is still flooding as previously.

Another day, out front of a convenience store, a Negro asks for money. When I refuse, he threatens that I will be hung by his neighborhood friends. Then he walks a safe distance away, and starts throwing stones at me. When the bus arrives, he runs up and heaves a big cup full of ice inside, hitting me, the driver, and two other passengers.

2005 Nevada Autumn

I'm eating a nice chicken dinner at city social club, and get talking with a friend at the table. He tells me that he became an alcoholic because he could not get over the murder of his fifteen year old daughter a few years earlier. He tried to warn her, but a fast talking Negro boy managed to get her alone. After he and a friend raped her, they cut her throat, and left her to die behind a restaurant. A few years later, the father got a call from his mother saying that two Negroes were trying to break into her apartment. He arrived in time, and shot them both in the head. In court he said, 'Two of these people murdered my daughter. What was I supposed to do, let them kill my mother too?' He was acquitted.

2008 Nevada

I need a follow-up MRI scan to check for recurrence of the tumor. My doctor refers me to a Negro "neurologist" who talks more like a gruff railroad worker. He says he will schedule me for an MRI. Call to check at normal intervals and always get the 'It takes time, Sir' routine from the Mexican secretaries. Finally at five and a half months, I insist that the secretary check the status of my scheduling, and am told that nobody ever ordered the MRI.

2009 Nevada

I'm on the way to a film premiere on a double decker bus when, from behind, a Negro pushes me into the stair well. Somehow I keep my orientation so that I land on my feet, but am badly lamed in both legs. Nobody sees it. I'm in too much pain to beat up the Negro, besides this, it would be on the security camera. I proceed, limping, to the premiere, and the left leg still hurts me to this day.

For each of these events I have endured at least a hundred arbitrary insults or threats, mostly from Negroes. As a race I consider them the second foulest living things on Earth. Yes, today I use the N Word. I say No to savages in America, and I'll call them any goddamned thing I want. It's the prejudice of experience. I've never had any problem with Asians or Caucasians. I know that there are some nice black people, but the benefit derived from them is massively outweighed by the danger from the hordes of bad ones, and the relative number is increasing. Tje honeymoon is over. Integration has failed, Racial outlanders are dangerous.

In my lifetime I have watched my country slowly turned into a quagmire of filth by the Globalist Shadow Government. What we need is a fleet of ships sailing to Africa, not obese welfare mammies mass-producing Negroes, like turds, at the public expense. Let’s do it now, because If an inspired leader like Adolf Hitler comes to power in the United States, all good European Americans are going to follow him to Hell and back to purge our country of this subhuman pestilence."

December 21, 2015
9:57 A.M.
Indigenous Populations Everywhere, Rise!

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