The Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny

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"The Ten Steps to Libertarian Nationalist Revolution" is clarified by Chapters One-Ten using content from "World Libertarian Revolution." This volume is a superior reorganization of the latter.
In "The Future" the reader experiences how it would feel to be living in 2034 after the essential changes have already been made. It's the "Ten Steps" reformatted to be after the fact.
For the connection to evolution, here are two root definitions from "Evolutionary Psychology."
1. Evolutionary destiny is the imperative for the unimpeded, ever more varied and complex expression of universal intelligence through evolving organisms.
2. Liberty is the inalienable birthright of every living organism in the universe to manifest justly as a participant in evolutionary destiny. This manifestation, to be both Libertarian and just, must not unnecessarily interfere with the evolutionary expression of any other living organism.
Eric F. Magnuson 

August 27, 2015
10:29 AM

World Libertarian Revolution