Knowledge and Belief
Preliminary Principles:

1. An actuality is a pure state of existence apart from the perception of it by any living organism.

2. A reality is the accurate perception of an actuality by any healthy living organism. This will be qualified to some extent by previous experience and by the perceptual apparatus of the organism.

3. A fact is the conceptual representative of a reality.

4. Facts are the building blocks of correct thinking.

5. Logic is the process of correct thinking, the natural method used to arrange the building blocks provided by facts.

6. Knowledge is the correct natural correlation of facts by means of logic, the finished structure.

7. Truth is the broad and meaningful apprehension of knowledge.

8. Wisdom is the loving and just reaction to truth.

9. A belief, in the pure sense, is an attempt to extrapolate beyond what is known.

10. The amount and strength of an individual's beliefs is inversely proportional to the amount of his knowledge.

11. Philosophy is used to create a feeling of personal integrity and wholeness by attempting to extrapolate beyond available facts. Correct reactions are based upon facts, not upon philosophy.

12. Most philosophy is merely the "explanation" that people lacking facts offer to justify their own particular emotional reaction to their environment. The only worthwhile philosophy is a comprehensive overview of all available factual data fused by love, heroic idealism, good moral character, and courage. This involves an eclectic approach to the attainment of wisdom, not a slavish adherence to "isms" of any kind, including the fashionable zeitgeist of well entrenched science.

Viable Spirituality
In this context, spirituality is differentiated from religion, because it represents something much larger. It includes all of a person's values as these are reflected by actual conduct over the course of a lifetime, rather than by the mere parroting of religious doctrine, often with partial adherence. A person's spirituality comprises everything in life. This may include religious activity or no religion at all.
A truly viable spirituality must have perfect integrity between three basic components:

~ an intellectual premise consistent with all known science and which grows along with science

~ a moral premise reflecting absolute Libertarian reciprocity. This means no unjust encroachment against any creature or the environment to the detriment of any living thing. This also means absolutely no tolerance of such encroachment from others.

~ a source, not of dogmatic belief, but of archetypal inspiration, grounded in one's own ancestral mythology.

Absolute separation of church and state is impossible because what the people are spiritually determines the type of government they will create or condone. Wherever we find the institutionalized lassitude of cowardly religion, we also find Socialism or some other unworkable form of collectivist government. We can't expect an inferior prevailing spirituality to result in a superior way of running society.

Evolutionary Spirituality

This is spirituality based upon evolutionary principles. It will evolve as society grows in understanding. It will transform the world by inspiring people, first  to cast off the chains which bind them individually, then to democratically throw down unjust governments everywhere. This is inevitable, but will happen only very slowly through ongoing education about what works and what does not.

Those who claim that human salvation can only be attained through obeisance to some popular savior or another are lying, although they usually believe they are not. The confusion and divisiveness these spiritual monopolists create with their bigoted power-hungry scheming is the one of the most destructive forces on Earth.

Salvation comes though living in accordance with truth and though the practice of righteous Libertarian principles. Simple human decency is what will save the world, not mindless belief in tepid, limp-wristed mythologies.

Popular religions more or less advocate a morality based upon non encroachment against others. This is a good start, but he reason these religions have not saved the world is because they mix this moral truth with mythological falsehood and insist upon absolute literal belief. People see through much of the falsehood and then wrongly reject much of the moral truth along with the falsehood.

 Personal Obstacles to World Liberty

There are many falsehoods that seem to give fulfillment in the short term, but which deliver absolutely nothing in the long term. They are only fantasy, and a complete waste of time. Dealing with reality is far more exciting, and produces constructive change, because attention isn't diverted away from things that really matter. The main problem areas are:
1. False Beliefs
One need not embrace ancient fairy tales as literal truth in order to live a moral life. This is not to say that good principles cannot be illustrated with traditional stories and allegories. We simply need to sort out what is real.
2. Non-Libertarian Economics and Politics
Collectivist systems simply do not work. All fully educated people know this. False systems include Communism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, Democracy not constituted upon Libertarian principles, Fascism, Populism, Theocracy, etc.
3. Popular Media
Most easy-to-get information is controlled by those in service to globalist bankers and their subverted government lackeys, re-elected decade after decade by an ignorant apathetic majority. One must seek further for hard knowledge upon which to make important decisions.
4. Drug Induced Euphoria
If you don't like environmental circumstances, change them with action, not merely your experience of them by ingesting chemicals. Alcohol is used to suppress the cerebral cortex in order to liberate the reptilian complex. It gives timid people false courage in business and romance. One need only affect a reconciliation between Jekyll and Hyde in this regard. Psychedelic drugs seem interesting because they give the user a strange mental life. Since all human societies are based almost entirely upon lies, reading books and learning truth will give a far stranger mental life without the bad side effects.
5. Spectator Sports
Ball games are just arbitrary simian competitiveness, a wishy-washy substitute for those afraid to get involved in things that actually matter.
6. Virtual Reality
Millions today resemble those poor souls who freebase cocaine, sitting all day addicted to their own brain chemicals, playing video games which give false feelings of heroism in seeming to defat enemies that do not exist. Wake up! There are real enemies to defat.
7. Excess Entertainment
Novels, movies, and music are great, especially when they inspire heroic Libertarian ideals and action. The amount need only be in balance with the other demands of real life.
8. Unproductive Friendships
This involves not wasting time with fools who suffer from any of the above delusions. Friendship should be casual and light hearted, centered around the mutual love of causes, professions, or hobbies. Meddlesome busy-bodies who encourage validation of life strategies through consensus should be avoided. It is always best to keep one's own council in order to develop inner resources. If you need advice, seek what the greatest minds in history have said, not some doped-up joker you knew in high school. Remember what George Washington said, "Have no intimacy with worthless men."


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