Roy C. Peterson Industry Quotes




Basis of Reality
"Seek only facts. Opinions will find you".

"In the universe there are only natural phenomena. There are three kinds. Those known to everyday science and therefore to the populace at large, those known only to resourceful individuals or groups, and those known to no man."
Enjoying Movies

"In movies of the past the characters never stammer or search for words. They always speak the way we all wish we could speak in real life. From the self-effacing plea to the scathing diatribe, the movie character shows unfaltering eloquence. We have tolerated this particular lack of realism in movies until recently because it has given us archetypal ideals to which we may aspire."

"We love actors and musicians best because they allow us to step out of our daily routines to laugh or weep, then quickly return without getting too involved. The price they pay is that they involve themselves in too much emotion. This, combined with the illusion of invulnerability which comes from great success, is what so often leads them to self destructive lifestyles".
Making Movies
"We study films because we want to make ever-better ones. In the beginning, creative people make common sense decisions about to how to shoot a scene. Later there is intellectualizing and deconstruction to explain how it was done. This may at times prove irksome to creative innovators, but it's necessary so that there will be a vocabulary to teach filmmaking to new generations of creative people."

"The auteur theory of filmmaking asks us to believe that if a film director produces ten brilliant films in a row, each of which is among the best of it's genre, but shows no common viewpoint or earmark trait across the body of this work, then he is only a metier en scene, a mere mechanic. Could all this exclusionary theorizing by certain critics planning to become directors, perhaps have had more to do with ensuring their own future preeminence than with any genuine concern about good filmmaking? Why not just let theatergoers decide who is an auteur and who is not?"
"There is a movement afoot in the film industry that wants to convince us that every new thing we learn about filmmaking has to cancel out everything we have learned in the past. We are now being told that back-story, character development, and voice-over narration are no longer acceptable. All this nonsense is coming from individuals who have had one or two successful projects, and now expect to dictate to everybody else that we must do it their way or be looked upon as hopelessly cliche. The rigidity of fashion is for haute coutuirre, not fimmaking. What people learn in any area of endeavor should be cumulative and increase the options for making good product, not diminish them."
"When you work in a motion picture, it is well to give those around you room to flourish creatively. If you do your job the right way you can influence and inspire their vision, and may be very surprised at the wonderful embellishments they come up with. A movie is like a revolution. It comes down in many ways."
A Less Serious Note:
Not a Roy C. Peterson quote, but relevant here anyway. Back in the 1930's if a young girl was perceived to be "stuck on herself" because she never dated, then her reputed posture towards movie going was ~
"I love me.
I think I'm grand!
When I go to the show,
I hold my hand!"
The Peace Corps

Roy C. Peterson was evaluating the Peace Corps with the idea of making application. The lady at headquarters asked,
"Why to you want to join the Peace Corps?"
Roy replied sadly,
"Because the French Foreign Legion won't have me!"
Covenant of Foulness
"In January 2016, the Hollywood tribe promotes three false ideas, but to disagree is considered hate speech.
1. That homosexuality is an equal alternative lifestyle, not a mistake in the learning process, as Sigmund Freud taught.
2. That less highly evolved races are really the same as more highly evolved races, and that to eliminate one's own race through genetic intermixing, is the height of moral sophistication.
3. That nobody, such as nihilistic internationalists with too much media control, and friendly to parasitic NWO bankers, are jealously trying to destroy European civilization, and that the American people are not a bunch of sheep to allow it.
Hollywood. enjoy it while you can. Winter is coming."

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