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Nationalist Revolution Series 

When the main threats to individual liberty center around the impending loss of national sovereignty and the destruction of indigenous races and culture, then nationalism, by any means necessary, including war, becomes the first principle. 


The world is under siege by the minions of Globalism, supported by populations of guilt ridden, self-hating lemmings, who have been so twisted by subverted media, schools, and churches, that they elect to public office the very agents of their own destruction.


Stone Age Africans and Mid-Eastern religious fanatics are being forced by the millions into civilized countries worldwide. This is being done by the United Nations and European Union to destroy all races and cultures, so that people lacking any sense of ethnic identity will accept one world government, giving IMF bankers total finance monopoly. If people speak openly about this, they are accused of “hate speech” and "racism."

The goal of the Nationalist Revolution series is to inspire total worldwide resistance to globalization. It would be wonderful if we could end world tyranny democratically, but that isn't going to happen. If we don't fight, the next step after bank-debit chip implants, will be behavior modification implants. Free indigenous peoples and cultures will never be safe until the Globalists are just a dreary memory.

All of the warrior heroes in the Nationalist Revolution Series wield both pen and sword. They strive to educate good people about Libertarian alternatives to the Globalist goals of oppression, poverty, and war, while joyfully eliminating mankind's irredeemable enemies, just as one would eliminate rats carrying bubonic plague.

Sequence of novels is by first date of story narrative. Each cover picture links to the novel free online, with Kindle and quality paperback available at bargain prices. From a story standpoint, the Warlock of Albany books are part of the Nationalist Revolution Series, but much of the content was written ten years earlier and contains plot giveaways. See our Amazon page. Film Industry, visit Heroic Destiny Productions.




Nationalist Revolution Series Prologue The Children of Avarice The Werebear  The Channel

A Thousand Burning Devils Wehrwolves, Rise! The Beer Meister Sacre Bleu!

Maple Leaf Express  Bones in the Outback Werewolf Moon  The Pillow Master

The Border  The Student Activist  The Defeat of Globalism  The Trees

Reparations  The Parasites  Wacken 2028  The Triumph of Liberty

Reaper Close at Hand  All Hallows All Hallows II After Ragnarok

 Nationalist Revolution Series  Liberation of the Higher Self


Warlock of Albany Series

Warlock of Albany  The Future: Liberty or Death?  New World Order: The Final Solution


World War II  5x8

 Of Heroic Destiny: The Journal  Of Heroic Destiny: Pictorial Archive  Of Heroic Destiny: The Novel


World War II  6x9

 Volume I  Volume II  Volume III




   With Two Girlfriends  Wraith Mistress




       Strange Phenomena   Strange Phenomena Book II




   Roy C. Peterson Movie Reviews




Rattlesnake Pete  Territory of Pete

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