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Nationalist Revolution Series

The unifying theme of these books is leaderless paramilitary resistance to Globalist tyranny everywhere for the purpose of permanent worldwide liberty, prosperity, and peace without the destruction of indigenous race and culture. Stories are set in the near future with plausible fictional technology.


Most of the big problems on Earth are caused by IMF bankers who, via privately owned member central banks like the US Federal Reserve, manipulate currencies, and with the

help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs. The New World Order, Globalism, is simply the totalitarian Socialist one world government that

will allow the IMF banks to have total finance monopoly.

Countries do not need to borrow from IMF banks, but can have their own central bank,

issue, and control their own currency. Populations are kept from the knowledge of this by subverted mainstream media, and paid-for politicians who keep IMF control in place with legislation.


All that is necessary to have enduring liberty, prosperity, and peace on Earth is to get counties to leave the IMF, set up their own central banks, and tie the amount and value of currency to receipted hours of work, or a mixed store of scarce and durable commodity, the value of which is determined in free world markets.


In the U.S. these changes will eliminate the unnecessary federal income tax, which pays only the interest on the unnecessary national debt. All fiscal expenditures are paid for by excise, user, and property taxes at federal, state, county, and municipal levels.

War and terrorism are a complex study, but the purpose of most war today is to generate "refugees" aided by the E.U. and U.N. to invade countries to destroy indigenous race and culture, so that people lacking identity will except globalization. Terrorism is supported by Globalist funding, open borders, and paid police stand-downs, to make daily life seem

so dangerous that we will surrender guns and liberty just to feel safe. We will be rid of

these problems only when people everywhere know the truth.


The goal of the Nationalist Revolution series is to inspire total worldwide resistance to globalization. It would be wonderful if we could end world tyranny democratically, but that isn't going to happen. If we don't fight, the next step after bank-debit chip implants, will be behavior modification implants. Free indigenous peoples and cultures will never be safe until the Globalists are just a dreary memory.

All of the warrior heroes in the Nationalist Revolution Series wield both pen and sword. They strive to educate good people about Libertarian alternatives to the Globalist goals of oppression, poverty, and war, while joyfully eliminating mankind's irredeemable enemies,

just as one would eliminate rats carrying bubonic plague.


Certain questions that may arise in the Nationalist Revolution Series will be answered in the Witch Warrior Series. All the books on this page are connected as part of one epic human struggle for liberty, except for the three nonfiction books at the bottom about paranormal phenomena and film. The first cover picture links to detailed descriptions of all the titles, the rest link to the individual Amazon page for Kindle and luxury paperback editions of each book at bargain prices. Filmmakers, see Heroic Destiny Productions.





Nationalist Revolution Series Prologue The Children of Avarice The Werebear Around Hollywood

In School Snow and Ice The Channel A Thousand Burning Devils

 Wehrwolves, Rise! The Beer Meister Sacre Bleu! Maple Leaf Express

 Bones in the Outback Werewolf Moon The Pillow Master The Border

The Valkyrie The Student Activist The Defeat of Globalism The Trees

Reparations The Parasites The Hellrotters Wacken 2028

The Triumph of Liberty Reaper Close at Hand The Subhumans False Entitlement

The Cleansing After Ragnarok Liberation of the Higher Self Nationalist Revolution Series


All Hallows

All Hallows All Hallows II All Hallows III All Hallows IV


Witch Warriors

The Lyndon Witches The Burklyn Vampires Olympics of Death The Undertakers


Warlock of Albany

Warlock of Albany The Future: Liberty or Death? New World Order: The Final Solution


World War II Journalist Exposť

Wellesley and the War


Of Heroic Destiny  5x8

 Of Heroic Destiny: The Journal Of Heroic Destiny: Pictorial Archive Of Heroic Destiny: The Novel


Of Heroic Destiny  6x9

 Volume I Volume II Volume III



With Two Girlfriends Wraith Mistress



   Strange Phenomena Strange Phenomena Book II



Roy C. Peterson Movie Reviews



Rattlesnake Pete Territory of Pete

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