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1977  Ne~  CW  Atrium 2

October 30. Beth visits with two other Witches. This also preceded by a month of celibacy for me. Lunch served by me. Stark and solemn precession on the Elvin Road. I am naked. The eighteen year old blonde Britt with her smooth ultra white skin is naked walking ahead of me swishing her exquisite shapely buttocks unmercifully to tease me. She looks back occasionally with a deliciously wicked smile. Beth and Rachel are robed in blue-green. Naked activity in the pine grove. Eve. Dinner. Fire ritual with many hours of naked activity. Hearty breakfast next morning. They leave c. Noon. I am exhausted and rest for two days. Later come to think of this episode affectionately as the HBTT Working- Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - because of the Three Witches involved. Years later when the movie Witches of Eastwick comes out I am reminded of this, especially by the three hair colors involved, which I requested of Beth. Perhaps there is some ancient precedent here which I am merely fulfilling.


XXX Rated. Should not be read by the sqeamish!

On this occasion I swallow so much pussy juice that I can identify nuances of all Three Witches in my perspiration the next day. Episode keeps me singing to myself like a happy little boy for three weeks despite bad residual soreness.


1981  Ne~  CW  Atrium 3


Samhain. Salem. One of the most intense experiences of my life. One month celibacy precedes this. Spend all day without relief in close attendance to Beth. This to increase my libidinous energy for later. c Midnight serve as "Dionysian Altar" in Samhain Ritual performed by her with twelve other Witches ranging from seriously cute to ultra beautiful. At first only I am naked, but long before the climax all the women are too. Feel very privileged to be selected for this and want to do it every year from here on. [Hope to host this event in the pine grove with sleep-over on shag rugs in my kitchen. Turns out unfortunately to be the first and last time. In November Beth tells me simply "All men once before any man twice". [Like what I said to Valerie Sherman about climbing mountains].



The particulars:




Ne~ CW Atrium 3
Salem Massachusetts
Samhain Ritual 1981
Thirteen Naked Witches
Twelve in a Circle
Zabeth Officiating
Myself as Dionysian Altar
Excellent training for later events....
"In Salem the real excitement is just beginning!"

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