Ritual für den Tod


"Rise those who despise the weak

 Spare none and ride proudly

 on the winds of death"

                                                               ~ Immortal ~

The following is a spur for the preservation of the Nordic Race, a declaration of war against sub-humanity everywhere and against racial outlanders who invade Nordic territories. Ritually it can be inserted as the "Statement of Purpose" within any format used by Nordic kindreds or communities.


Portent of Victory


"We shall ride triumphantly

through the streets in bright armor,

upon white horses, the corpses of these

impotent weakling slaves of darkness

lining the walkways at each side,

their blood running out and

filling the gutters at our feet!


"Then shall begin their conversion

into ash for our fields,

and the recasting by fire

of their holy chalices and idols,

of gold under Sun,

of silver under Moon,

from icons of shame and meekness

into gleaming images of Truth.


"And we shall fashion their holy places

into strongholds of voluptuousness,

their skulls will adorn the rafters

and gaze down upon us

as we enjoy our naked women

upon their holy altars."

1. Nordic Race: of European ancestry, Caucasian, White.
2, "Portent of Victory" written long ago by Elof II.