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Alternative to IMF Banks

One thing can give us worldwide liberty, prosperity, and peace, quickly eliminating the imagined need for Globalism, Socialism, and Communism. That is to get counties everywhere to pull out of the IMF, and nationalize their central banks. General education is the first step. People who speak openly about this will need to wear bullet proof vests, but once the truth is well known, implementation will follow. The material below explains the entire business with succinctness and clarity:


“Most of the big problems on Earth are caused by International Monetary Fund (IMF) bankers who, via privately owned member central banks, like the US Federal Reserve, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs. Globalism, the New World Order, is simply the one world government that will allow the IMF banks to have total finance monopoly.


Countries do not need to borrow from IMF banks, but can have their own central bank, and control their own currency. Populations are kept from the knowledge of this by cooperating mainstream media, and by subverted politicians who keep IMF control in place by voting for it in legislatures. All that is necessary to have enduring liberty, prosperity, and peace on Earth is to get counties to leave the IMF, set up their own central banks, and tie the amount and value of currency to receipted hours of work. This will eliminate national debt and income tax.


War and terrorism are a complex study, but the purpose of most war today is to generate 'refugees' aided by the EU and UN to invade countries to destroy indigenous race and culture, so that people lacking identity will except globalization. Terrorism is supported by deep state funding, open borders, and police stand-downs, to make daily life seem so dangerous that we will gladly surrender guns and liberty just to feel safe. Good people need to become proactive about building a better future. We will be rid of these problems only when the Globalists and their invading hordes are just a dreary memory.”

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We have just received two comments from France:

“It is succinct. All we need with this, are the addresses of those who readers must petition to produce these wonderful changes. It’s really a wonder that such massive public fraud could have on for so long in plain view.” ~ Brett Manteaux

“We must urge people not to vote for any politician who will not take a direct stand against further involvement with the IMF.” ~ Emile Bonvuar



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