The Inner Chamber

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Founding + Bylaws



Liber Sangrealis (12)


N   OYN  


 February 2, 1983  


Royalston, Massachusetts







     "Further, let it be Proclaimed among the Wise


This day of February 12, 1983


That all Knights and Ladies here signing have organized

themselves into a purposeful body, now formed as:


The Order of Yggdrasil


the esoteric inner circle of


The World Libertarion Order


Both deriving their just and rightful authority through the members by: their careful observation of the continuing lessons of history, their profound understanding and mastery of the great Liber Mundi, their arduous study and initiation into the Ancient Mysteries and their direct and absolute knowledge of Universal Will. The World Tree Yggdrasil herein symbolizes an unimpeded future for the Evolutionary Expression of all living things.


Towards fulfillment of the purpose of this Order, it's Knights do, in the Great Name of Yggdrasil, pledge themselves:


(The Names)


To perpetually strive towards undefiled wisdom and to continually bring to the attention of their fellow Knights and Ladies any and all information which could reasonably be construed as having the potential for increasing individual Liberty, Earthly happiness, or personal spiritual development.


To, among the profane, dedicate themselves to the promoting of knowledge, truth, and Light through the initiation of such action as will reflect a careful consideration of the relative development of the individuals in question.


To give their lives and arms in service to the Quest, Liberty Triumphant and Eternal, in unfailing vigilance under Sun and Moon and Stars to the end of days.



Love is the Law. Love Under Will.


Hail Yggdrasil ! " 





Bylaws of The Order of Yggdrasil 


Liber Fides 


All but one of the original bylaws of the Order of Yggdrasil were written in a way which pertained only to a small group of warrior-magicians and their ladies, all known to each other and meeting on the mornings of sabbat days prior to the rituals and festivities at various places of pilgrimage throughout the world.


As the Order is now constituted, all but one of the original bylaws have become irrelevant and have been amended. That one original bylaw appears first below while those that follow are of slightly more recent origin and together constitute a skeleton of current operating procedure to be used by knights throughout the world. The Oath of Allegiance appears at the end of this section.



Eric F. Magnuson


February 11, 1990

Castle on the Green

Lyndonville, Vermont




The Bylaws:


1. Standards and arms of the Order are in existence and are described elsewhere. Eric Fenris Magnuson is founder and Grandmaster of the Order and will appoint his successor. The duties of Grandmaster involve only the dissemination of material designed to educate the individual and to sustain a spiritual unity animating leaderless resistance to collectivist tyranny.


2. It is understood that the principles of the Order are outlined at length in the book known as "World Libertarian Revolution" by Eric Fenris Magnuson and that after diligent study of this material the candidate will, for purpose of self examination, write an essay summarizing the problems which have beset the continuing Evolutionary Expression of life on Earth and what can be done in his own case to help solve these problems. The candidate should keep this essay and append new material as he grows in understanding.


3. All members of the Order of Yggdrasil should think of themselves as Libertarian in terms of political ideology but as considerably more activist than usual in terms of creative methodology for the implementation of Libertarian solutions.


4. Individual Knights or groups of Knights are to be completely autonomous and are empowered to self initiate as herein described and to act creatively in establishing procedure for the conduct of meetings and of all activities pertaining to the Quest, so long as all such activities are in all ways totally consistent with the principles of the Order (13).


5. It is expected of the individual Knight that in his personal affairs, as well as in all matters pertaining to the Quest, he will at all times conduct himself honorably and with courtesie and as a gentleperson - this principle prevailing even among the most dreadful of enemies (14).


6. The Legion of Ragnarok is an appendage of the Order of Yggdrasil dedicated, for the present, specifically to dealing with problems associated with personal insult or injury to members of the Order of Yggdrasil. In most instances this would pertain to slanderous media elements or anyone else treating any OY Knight unjustly. LR Knights are also empowered to self initiate and act autonomously. The esoteric inner circle here is the Sentinels of Thor.


7. Founded Autumn Sabbat, September 22, 1985, on the southwest shore of Surry Lake in NH, a special corps of highly trained atavistic Berserkers are designated WLO Werewolves, also completely autonomous. Martial prowess here must include attainment of the higher belts in any effective hand to hand system, plus high proficiency with all commonly used weapons. This attainment must precede self initiation.


8. Military rank will exactly parallel those of the armed forces in one's own country and will use the same insignias in the same positioning. Criteria for promotion and demotion will also be parallel. Rank is carried over from former service and is recognized herein. Both LR and Werewolves will follow same procedures as Army in this regard. 


9. For all WLO Knights, also founded September 22, 1985, are Special Orders for Valor with appropriate decorations. These are arranged from highest to lowest on left pocket of uniform:


Legion of Ragnarok

Air Force



Extreme Valor



Sea Serpent


Great Valor





Invaluable Service





Unusual Service







10. There will be signs for all branches of service in appropriate Tatva shapes and colors, to use only where insignia would be excessive or unduly extravagant. Standard international symbols will be used within the Tatva signs whenever possible.


11. The Oath of Knighthood should be read and contemplated first. Here the choice is made as to one's branch of military service. The Oath is performed as part of the Grand Ritual of Initiation ahead. Then with sword hand on the book "World Libertarian Revolution" and the other hand raised in a fist denoting Thor's Hammer, the candidate must declare his Allegiance to the Order. Dubbing with sword, dagger, or Athame is done with sword hand, first right, then left shoulder. LR or WW initiation will simply substitute appropriate designation here.

12. This ritual with appropriate modifications will be used to found all other Orders within the TRS.
13. The ideal attitude if one survives, even in a World decimated, is illustrated by the author's projected reaction (June 19, 1983) to emerging from a fallout shelter after a nuclear war, knowing at least that most who caused the war are now dead, "And when the smoke has cleared, Sir Fenris will stand triumphant in the Sun, the pommel of his sword glistening. And from his lips will softly emerge the exultant adoration "This too is God."
14.  Inspirational tokens such as scalps, ears, fingers, penises, or testicles should never be taken, even from those who practice such barbarities themselves. Remember the Golden Rule.