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 "Unthinking individuals will make synonymous things that are not. Country, government, and 'the people' are not the same thing. Country is a geographically defined area within which exists the potential for absolute individual liberty. Government is that group of subverted collectivist manipulators in the service of international finance who prevent this liberty from occurring. The 'people' are that majority of naive and severely deluded individuals who aid and abet government in doing this." 


"When an enemy and it's aims are clearly defined, a war against such enemy can be fought and won by individuals and small groups unknown to each other, and without any central organized coordination of activity. Individual clandestine activity actually confers the advantage since it makes mass retaliation impossible, and completely eliminates any capacity for infiltration. There must however, be a strong spiritual unity based on clearly defined goals and principles."







The Greatest of All Quests


The Order of Yggdrasil is open only to those who have attained 9th degree in any spiritual system  effectively comprehending the principles of evolutionary dualism. Differences in terminology for this are unimportant (1). 


The Quest is that the evolutionary expression of all life forms on Earth be allowed to flourish unimpeded. The task consists in eliminating, through education,  of all devolutionary forces on Earth. This means worldwide actualization of absolute individual liberty currently lying dormant everywhere. The inevitable attainment of this ideal is here symbolized as humanity finally standing up totally free in the bright pure Light of Day. This concept is refereed to poetically as "Aethemera" (2).


This is not to suggest that someday there should be one country or even a confederation of countries. Separate sovereign Libertarian republics can be less easily subverted back to collectivism than one nation. This, instead, should simply be thought of as a symbolic principle underlying Libertarian action, as the higher potential initially for one's own country.


The Quest then is the establishment of a completely free world consisting of separate Libertarian republics, not all at once but eventually, time frames here being determined by the degree of understanding and will to liberty of individual peoples throughout the world.


The Quest is the longest and grimmest that can be undertaken. It requires unlimited personal strength, a completely unfailing and uncompromising will, plus a tremendous spiritual courage in the face of always overwhelming odds.


Formal entry into the Order of Yggdrasil requires total commitment to the principles of absolute individual Liberty. Self initiation is performed in the field, this being augmented by an in absentia ceremony performed at headquarters.


Such should not be entered into hurriedly or for selfish reasons. There is no room in any of this for personal obstacles of a lower nature. Absolute self-mastery is necessary and must be achieved as a prerequisite to knighthood. There will be pleasure and glory enough of the kind that matters when mankind is well on the way to finally standing in the clear Light of Day.




Hail Yggdrasil ! 



Eric Fenris Magnuson


10:04 AM, July 2, 1983

Ravenhurst in the mountains
During a lightening storm and downpour





 What follows here shows much about the early years of the Order of Yggdrasil.







Dirk A. Lokison (3)


10   OYN 


Freyfaxi 1983 








 Liber Aethemerae" (4) is the text of the original document read by Sir Fenris of Ravenhurst (5) putting forth the heroic concept of Aethemera at the founding ceremony on Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts on February 12, 1983. It is refered to, but not reproduced, here.


"Liber Sangrealis" is the original text founding both the WLO and the Order of Yggdrasil (6). This outlines to some extent, methods to be used in the accomplishment of the Quest. It is required however, that original creative genius be diligently applied in this area in accordance with one's own abilities and courage. Names appearing originally as signatures, were "consigned to flame" as part of the ceremony and have been omitted from this text for reasons of personal privacy.


"Liber Fides" constitutes the Bylaws of the Order.


"Liber Heraldicae," in keeping with ancient tradition, has given us colors and arms for the Order.


It is appropriate that the Oath of Knighthood be taken as Part V of "Ritualis Grandis Initiatii" on the morning of the first Sabbat subsequent to the qualified initiate's decision to enter the Order (7). An even better time, if it causes little delay, is on the morning of Founding Day (8) with the Oath immediately following Part IV of "Commemoration" which is performed at Solar Noon every February 12.


Also here is "Liber Historiae Occasi," a chart which chronicles certain events, some undoubtedly mythical, most verifiable, and all of special interest to initiates.

"Liber Eventorum" is a list of the very recent main events connected with the founding of the Order and Magnuson's defining of the Quest.



Dirk the Sun Warrior ~


Having sojourned recently in the vicinity of the Nile







 Membership in the Order of Yggdrasil: 


Exactly as in the WLO, members are encouraged to act creatively. It must be stressed that there is never physical contact between headquarters and members in the field, nor are we seeking any dialogue or pen-pal relationship with members. We are lone-wolf Libertarians, not fraternizers. Individuals can be united in action, even without specific knowledge of each other, if they are first united in spirit.


Members desiring social fellowship are authorized to create their own chapters locally and to recruit others. New members are required to pay life membership. All members or subgroups act autonomously and all activities must be in keeping with the principals of Evolutionary Libertarianism as outlined in the second book linked in the Fimbul Winter Books site.



Destroy the Enemy

1. Explained in "Evolutionary Psychology" by the current author. Until people become truly free within themselves, there will be little impetus to change society. The personal liberation of large numbers of people on an individual basis is a necessary prerequisite to world Libertarianism, because only a consensus majority of free thinking individuals will rise to effect the emancipation of entire countries.
2.  From the Greek: Aether, meaning Light; and Hemera, meaning Day. Members of Norse ancestry may prefer the Swedish word for this, which is "Dagsljus."
3.  He, his wife, and parents were murdered in Canada by radical Socialists in 1985.
See "The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson".
4.  "A Further Declaration of Independence" is within the OY, known as Liber Aethemerae.
5.  Eric Fenris Magnuson. Knights are called "Sir" or "Lady" because of traditional values connected with chivalry. This is not to suggest any secular rank among the peerage of Europe.
6.  In essence, the OY should be thought of as simply the esoteric appendage of the WLO.
6.  Material from here forward will be most easily comprehended by those familiar with "Traditional Arcane Teachings" by E. F. Magnuson, wherein are outlined many things, including useful ritual procedures.
8.  Will be called Liberty Day among the general population.