Eric F. Magnuson Short Biography

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"Live in the Past
       Work in the Present
      Think in the Future"

February 1947
Born on Cape Cod MA
Parents corporate business people 

Summer 1949
Move to Natick MA

Winter 1953
First trip to Florida

Summer 1953
Move to Dover MA. Genteel people.
Good childhood in excellent schools

Summer 1962
Restore house 22 Eliot Street South Natick MA.
Move in prior to completion

January 1963
First Alpine Skiing at Black Mountain in NH

January 1964
Hit ninety miles per hour at Black Mountain

April 1964
Legendary parties at 22 Eliot Street next thirty two months

August 1964
Occasional guitar and vocals with Mirkwood Trolls next eight years

September 1964
One trimester at Northeastern University

November 1964
Research of Neolithic Artifacts next twenty one years

September 1965
Enter evening division at Northeastern

November 1965
Begin amateur astronomy
Design and cast personal talisman of mixed metals

Summer 1966
Raise and train timber wolf cub
Learn dog show techniques from Jack Cowley at Nether Lair Kennels

September 1966
Transfer to Suffolk University as Psychology Major
Study Karate briefly with Master Van Kanna

October 1967
Get first Porsche, a gray 1962 356S Coupe with red leather.
Use huge drill to mount amber Corello Jod fog lights on front
bumper. Very gran tourissmo looking and effective too

Spring 1969
Meet Victor Frankl at tea party in his honor after lecture at Suffolk Univesity

June 1970
Antique business next thirty five years
Historic house restorations next twenty one years

Summer 1973
Buy Ravenhurst in Royalston MA. Begin restorations

December 1973
Date women I meet out and about in Boston next nineteen years

November 1974
Move into Ravenhurst
Date Witches from Salem MA next nineteen years

January 1975
At Four Leaf Window in New Salem MA:
Talk with drummer of the Boomtown Rats.
Guys in the Iron Butterfly save my life by
giving me ride to Quabbin Gateway when
wind chill factor is sixty eight below zero

Spring 1975
Hire neighbor to plow and harrow.
Plant fields with corn and vegetables.
Start vitamins and minerals in large potencies

Winter 1977
Join Rosicrucian Order
Begin sixty categories of study

Summer 1977
Start work under Massachusetts R E Broker License

January 1978
Date strippers from Boston next nine years

February 1978
Start writing career

May 1978
Climb Tully Mountain. First of many mountain adventures

September 1979
Study Benvenuto Cellini on metal casting. Develop paperweights

March 1980
First big real estate listing. Fifteen million dollars. Within a
year have three billion dollars worth of listings on major office
buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities, oil refineries.
During this period nobody anywhere has more such properties listed.
Examples of business during this period:

Oil Refinery Close Call
Bankrupt. Price $850 million. Have three possible buyers. Trustee in Chicago
returns my call. Says he already has a sales agreement, but wants back-up.
Agrees to all my terms including 6% Loehmann Formula commission, and
will get back to me if deal doesn't go through. Unfortunately, it does

Crude Oil Contracts
My Arab source, Dr. Mohammed Ghani is small, but gets three contracts yearly
from Petromin. We have good arrangement. He'll supply oil contracts to enhance
my refinery deals and keep entire oil commission for himself. I'll get paid very
handsomely on the real estate end

Unfortunately freelance agents cannot get exclusive-right-to-sell.
No way to collect commissions. In 1983 begin getting out of this

Summer 1981
Finish writing "Traditional Arcane Teachings"

Samhain 1981
Serve as Dionysian Altar for Salem Witch coven

March 1982
Nice conversation with Dave Van Ronk after concert at Smith College

October 30 1982
Unofficial founding Order of the Ten Rayed Star in Salem MA

January 1983
Write "Arcane Fraternal Orders"  

February 12 1983 in Plymouth MA
Founding of the Order of Yggdrasil
Founding of the World Libertarian Order      

March 17 1983
Mount Wachusett. Dirk and Heidi Lokison initiate me
into the 9th Degree Ordo Sangrealis Baphometis.

Summer 1983
Write three books:
"Evolutionary Psychology"
"World Libertarian Revolution"
"Libertarian Survival"

December 23 1983
9th Degree Ordo Templi Orientis

February 16 1984
9th Degree Rosicrucian Order

October 1984
Visit Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa

April 1985
Move to Keene NH

August 1986
Move to Lyndonville VT. Castle on the Green. Begin restorations
Begin work under Massachusetts Nonresidents R E Broker License

January 1987
Begin seven year local Tour du Ski.
First do Bretton Woods at twenty degrees below zero.
Too cold. Mainly March and April from this point on

February 9 1988
11th Degree Order of Yggdrasil in the North

May 1988
Visit Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa

Spring 1989
Economy in Northern New England has completely collapsed. Try
to save 350 jobs by finding buyer for a foreclosed airplane factory.
Bank auctions the machinery. Buyer can't afford new machinery.
Decide to offer Castle on the Green for sale while I still can.
$1200 ad in Unique Homes gets me inquiries from movie people:
Marcy Walker, Steven Collins, David Garris, Sharron Louallen.
Bass player for Boston, Frank Sheehan, visits with pretty girl

November 1991
Move to Easton NH. Elfinhaus

March 1992
Buy computer with printer. Teach myself to use it and to type
Begin Genealogy

January 1993
Bad skiing accident on easy mountain. My first ambulance ride

March 21 1993
Children of Odin founding at Echo Lake NH

August 1993
Cross USA in Eagle Talon Turbo. Average 100 MPH after Lincoln NB.
Move to Lake Wildwood CA. Witch House. Twenty six deer grazing golf
course first evening. Ultimately deer and turkeys eaten by mountain lions

September 1993
Drive biggest Ryder Diesel across the USA with most of my stuff.
At truck stop in Laramie amphetamine nutcase trucker wants to fight.
Ignore him, but after I get fuel he tries to rush me in the men's room.
Leave him disabled, whimpering on the floor, and depart immediately.
Start down switchback at top of Sierras. Brakes fail on truck. Keep
brakes alive by pumping. They seize up only as I enter driveway. This
after 3000 miles. Odin works very well with true Norsemen like me.
Transcription of books and new writing for the next five years.
Spend much time in the orchard country and in Paradise CA

December 1995
Begin writing "Mythology of the North"

January 1996
Start "Adventures of Eric F Magnuson" from journal

March 1996
Nearly die because of attempted murder in Sacramento. One result
is excess central visual field loss due to optic nerve necrosis

January 1998
Visit Columbia River Gorge

August 1998
Move to Grass Valley CA

March 1999
Begin work under California R E Salesman License

June 1999
Bad car accident in Alta Sierra.
With partial vision and now a bad back I will be good for
very little from here on. These injuries, however, do not
effect my writing which I can do at my own pace

January 2000
Live for awhile in Cedar Ridge with Jennifer who designs computer
programs for business. Cold and rainy for weeks. Use much firewood.
We enjoy many fine meals and fruit smoothies with protein powder

February 2000
Move to Reno NV

July 2000
Begin work under Nevada OPC License

March 2001
Build WLO Website at UNR

May 18 2002
Invitation from World Civil Society Forum to seminars in Geneva.
No money to travel. Complete questionnaire in lieu of participation

October 2002
Nearly die of pneumonia in Reno flophouse which I call the
"Low Hell Hotel" where many check in but few check out.
Seventeen deaths per year. Mostly suicide. Occasional murder.
Hospital quarantines me because they think I have tuberculosis

January 2 2003
Move to Las Vegas

February 2003
Drive through Oregon to Washington State. Look at houses.
Fried oysters overlooking the Straights of Juan de Fuca.
Decide to live in Las Vegas and head back after two weeks

April 2003
Write World War II novel at UNLV

May 1 2003
Act as Priapic Celebrant Founding CW at MGM Grand. Put this
together with natural, but not necessarily Pagan, Witches

July 2003
Build websites to showcase all previous writings

March 2 2004
Hollywood-Vegas Mixer at the Palms Hotel. Meet film producers

March 7 2004
Work in first independent film

March 10 2004
Begin selling timeshares under Nevada TSA License

November 2004
Leave new position as editor-in-chief of a certain slick Las Vegas lifestyle
magazine. Dynamite job, but publisher is utterly without integrity. If you
lay down with pigs you will eventually end up with the smell of garbage

December 4 2004
Move out of Blue Harbor Club. Put entire contents of household into storage room
to remove within thirty days. Manager steels it all just before he quits his job.

May 2005
Work in first major studio movie

September 17 2005
Begin film acting preliminaries at the Actors' Gym

February 2006
Begin writing book on paranormal

March 2006
Start writing science fiction novel about exponential social change

June 2006
Retire from business. Only writing and acting from now on

September 2 2006
Begin college acting studies

June 2007
Create website for nineteenth century stories about sexual captivity

August 30 2007
Begin studies in filmmaking

June 17 2008
Begin writing film reviews

October 3-5 2008
Work in first studio comedy

November 2008
Screen twenty four films as judge for 2009 LVI Film Festival

Jan 15 2010
Finish writing second feature-length screenplay.

June 2010
End my twenty-four semester hours of acting, film studies, and fiction workshops at CSN with a 3.57 GPA.

August 2010
Begin acting and film studues at UNLV.

November 2010
Make two short movies working with students from the UNLV film department. Results are very good. I look so bad on camera, however, that I'll be ephasizing film studies from here on. I'm good at acting, but one has to have the right look, after all. I can do small roles or quick cameos in my own projects later.

January 2011
Register two feature length screenplays with the WGA.

April 2011
Do background in big comedy feature

January 2012
At request of agent send script to consultant in Hollywood.

Novrmber 11 2012 Move to Montreal. Colder than a teacher's wit, but the food...

June 21 2014 11:58 AM Stansbury Bay, Great Salt Lake, Utah. As Ne~ 2 OYN, with eagle head pommel Grand Athame, perform founding for TRS 4, Order of Suna.

July 2014 Receive invitation from the Union of International Associations to participate in a roundtable group in Dublin, Ireland. Write to see if I can send proxy essay instead, but director says they have no topics set in advance. Suggests I join them in Brussels next year.

August 2 2014 11:58 AM. Hood River Oregon. Somehow in the vinelands again. With Mt. Hood in full view, and Sword Wartooth, perform founding for TRS 5, Legion of Ragnorok.

September 21 11:58 AM. Glacier National Park Montana. With skull pommel ST Dagger as Athame, perform founding for TRS 6, Sentinnels of Thor.

October 31 11:58 AM. Crater Lake Oregon. With good view of Wizard Island and Grand Athame, perform founding for Order of the Ten Rayed Star.
December 21 11:58 AM. America's Stonehenge Washington. With Odin Dagger, perform founding for TRS 9, Order of the Runemasters.
February 12 2015 Liberty Day 11:58 AM. Mt. Lassen California. With sword Wartooth, perform founding for TRS 10, Order of Yggdrasil in the East.
July 2015 UIA invitation to Bankok this time.

Aug 11 2015 Finally move WLO Headquarters to Seattle.