Mythology of the North

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Hail Valhalla!




Hail Valhalla!



Magick Lamp above my head,

Shines as a beacon bright.

North - Yggdrasil is at my back,

East - Athame forged in Light.


Lamen hangs upon my chest,

Gandr - South - Fire is the test.

Sun rides high in azure sky,

Mead Horn in the West.


Our swords are honed for battle,

Loins girded with bright mail.

The Winds of Thor will guide our ships,

And fill our painted sails.


Ravens aloft, Wolves at my side,

I'll hue and flail and brand.

Berserker till the end of days,

Then rest my blood stained hand.


Diamond Stars will light the way,

Moon silver from afar.

Sun shine someday on golden shore,

Of cold bright Valhalla.




Winter 1988

Castle on the Green

Lyndonville, Vermont


Note: Adapted from "Ode to Aethemera".
See Arcane Fraternal Orders.