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Evolutionary Spirituality

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In this context 'spirituality' is differentiated from 'religion' because it represents something much larger. It includes all of a person's values as these are reflected by actual conduct over the course of a lifetime, rather than by the mere parroting of religious doctrine with partial adherence. A person's spirituality comprises everything in life. This may include religious activity or no religion at all.

A truly viable spirituality must have perfect integrity between three basic components:

~ an intellectual premise consistent with all known science and which grows along with science 

~ a moral premise reflecting absolute Libertarian reciprocity. This means no unjust encroachment against any individual or the environment to the detriment of any living thing. It also means no tolerance of such encroachment from others.

~ a source, not of belief, but of archetypal inspiration, grounded in one's own ancestral mythology, for the deep sense of cultural rootedness this will confer.

Evolutionary spirituality is based upon evolutionary principles. It will evolve as society grows in understanding. It will transform the world by inspiring people, first  to cast off the chains which bind them individually, then to democratically throw down unjust governments everywhere. This is inevitable, but will happen only very slowly through ongoing education about what works and what does not.

Those who claim that human salvation can only be attained through obeisance to some popular savior or another are lying, although they usually believe they are not. The confusion and divisiveness these spiritual monopolists create with their bigoted power-hungry scheming is the one of the most destructive forces on Earth.

Salvation comes though living in accordance with truth and though the practice of righteous Libertarian principles. Simple human decency is what will save the world, not mindless belief in tepid, limp-wristed mythologies.

Popular religions more or less advocate a morality based upon non encroachment against others. This is a good start, but he reason these religions have not saved the world is because they mix this moral truth with mythological falsehood and insist upon absolute literal belief. People see through much of the falsehood and then wrongly reject much of the moral truth along with the falsehood. 

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