United States Future Doctrine


Essential points have been raised in discussions among Libertarian Nationalists about things that must be changed to ensure a viable future for the United States. We would all like to see these changes made democratically, as they would be by an informed populace, but it must be noted that these changes will ultimately be made by any means necessary. The body of doctrine developed from this is as follows:

1. Media Monopoly

Legislation will be enacted, and enforced, to ensure that information media ownership by special interest groups not exceed the percent of these groups in the national population. Information media are about teaching, and render the entire nation a classroom. Those who insist on representative percentages in the schools, cannot logically object to having the same principle applied to the country as a whole.

2. Central Banks

The right to issue and regulate currency will be a function of the people through their government, not of privately owned corporations driven only by the profit motive. We will nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank and repudiate the national debt. The Internal Revenue Act will be repealed without upset, since the income tax today pays only interest on the national debt. We will demand reparation for all the money swindled from the American people since the subverted politicians sold out their country in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. We will return to a currency backed by durable commodity of intrinsic value, such as gold or a mixed store of precious metals, the value of which will be determined in the world marketplace.

3. World Trade

We will correct destructive trade policies enacted by globalist lackeys. Consumers worldwide will have total product choice, but all goods offered in the world market will be produced solely within any given country by the citizens of that country, with no foreign ownership of business anywhere. This includes the stipulation that banks lend money only within their own countries. Foreign monetary debt is foreign business ownership.

4. Israel

The point has been made that, since so many United States problems have their origin with the Jews, therefore Americans are called upon to deal with the Jews generically as a people. Examples include:

 - Almost all national media in the United States and world is anti Caucasian, globalist, and controlled by Jews.

 - The United States money supply, and that of most other nations, is controlled by a cartel of Jewish owned banking corporations.

 - Every war and ruined economy for the past two handed years has been a product of Jewish globalist planning. This is commonly conceded by all reputable historians.

 - Jews now control most of the human trafficking in captive European women, especially from Russia and the Ukraine.

One guest speaker suggested that to insure the safety and liberty of people everywhere, every Jew on Earth should be killed. We object to this because of the good Jews that would die unjustly. This point, however, will not be used as an excuse to do nothing. There is a correct solution. What is said here about the United States also applies generally to every other country on Earth.

 - Jews everywhere will return to Israel.

 - Non-Jews residing in Israel will return to their native homelands to make room for the returning Jews.

 - For their national safety, Israel will not be demilitarized, but since the Jews have for centuries shown themselves to be hell-bent on world domination, Israel will be devoid of nuclear weapons for the safety of all other nations.

 - The United States will assist in all of these matters, but there will be no further aid to Israel. The Jews are very capable people and don't need help from anyone. These policies will get rid of all United States military problems with nations who are at odds with Israel.

5. Racial Displacement

European immigrants are the indigenous population of America. This especially includes the original people who came across the land bridge fourteen thousand years ago, most often called "Native Americans." They, along with post-Columbian European immigrants, are the only people who belong in the United States.

In all of history there has never been a multi-racial society that did not implode because of the forced unnatural mixing. Behind it has always been the Money Masters, who lend to the governments who must deal with all the resulting problems. Competing mono-racial societies is what works. It preserves human diversity in life and in the world marketplace.

In the United States, those who will return home are all people whose origin is from Africa, the Near East, Middle East, Asia. and all non-Caucasians from wherever else they may have come. This will eliminate most increase in human non-viability through undeserved subsidy, and will take a giant bite out crime. When these displaced people are back home prospering in their native lands, we will happily welcome them to visit us as tourists, and will feel honored to vacation in their countries as well.
6. Criminal Purge
Every person with any history of unjustly robing others of life or liberty will be hung publicly, all at the same time, all in the same place, with worldwide television coverage. This spectacular event will be followed by three days of Bacchanalian feasting and merrymaking.

This doctrine is an appendage of "Libertarian Nationalist Revolution" linked below.

People of European Ancestry in America, Rise!

Liberty or Death!

Dig Your Graves!.
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