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Sites linked here read well in the sequence presented, but stand on their own. They are useful to any who work for worldwide liberty, central bank nationalization, common sense population control, indigenous peoples, race and culture preservation, and the prosperity with peace that follows from natural order. Feel free to link these sites in destinations that hold to any of these principles.


Lambert Norris Valdison

Gothenburg, Sweden

  4/5/16  6:49 P.M.



   Odin with Friends


Dig Your Graves!



Links for the Future



Libertarian Basics


Essential Facts for World Liberty


Libertarian Nationalist Revolution


None Dare Call It Conspiracy


Globalism and the Federal Reserve


Dumbing Down of Populations


Delusion of Multiculturalism


Right to Bear Arms


Defense of Borders


Islamic Conquest


Liberty and Terrorism


Globalism Defeated


World Future Doctrine


European Future Doctrine


United States Future Doctrine


Survival in North America


Ritual für den Tod


Globalism: Logical Fallacies


Illegal Surveillance


Secret Experimentation


Mind Control


Human Trafficking


Elite Pedophilia


History of the New World Order


World War II and Causes


Holocaust Denial


How Hitler Defied the Bankers


Twelve Things You Were Not Told


Intellectuals and Race


Worldwide Racial Displacement


Are Racial Outlanders Dangerous?


World 2034


Quotations for World Liberty


Quotations for Good Living


Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny


Nationalist Revolution Novels


Subverted Media



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